Suggested Movies


Below are suggested movies that have moral character and good entertainment value. Some are secular some Christian but all are worth viewing.




RED PLANET MARS (1952) Don't let the old B&W format prevent you from seeing this wonderful old movie.

 A husband-and-wife scientist team (Peter Graves, Andrea King) are experimenting with a "hydrogen tube" invention (which he got from a missing German scientist, lost in the collapse of the Reich), when they get signals back from what appears to be Mars. The culture-shock of that event is serious enough, and the couple and their family are suddenly thrust into the spotlight. But then they begin to translate the increasingly complex messages (which started out as mathematical equations) that they receive back, and find that Mars is a perfect world, a true Utopia, and that the messages are quoting Scripture -- and the inevitable conclusion is that God is speaking from Mars. Soon a religious revival starts to spread across the globe. What they don't realize is that the messages are a very calculated fraud, being engineered by a Communist operative (Marvin Miller) and carried out by the ex-Nazi scientist (Herbert Berghof) who invented the hydrogen tube, and who now has an even more sinister agenda of his own.

Starring: Peter Graves. Andrea King
Personal comment: A secular movie made in 1952 before the ACLU and political correctness. This movie is the closest thing to a Gospel movie that has an amazing ending that could not be made by today's standard of political correctness and the "separation of church and state" lies. (BTW for you liberals, that is not in our Constitution!)



A cloud Ten movie well worth seeing.



COMING SOON!!! (With your support)





I cannot over emphasize the importance of this movie series being made for TV. Here are the movie trailers that explains the series. I have talked personally with the producer who is a wonderful man of God who is on a sent mission to do make this all happen. I am convinced that he is the right guy at the right time to make this series. This series will entice and create an audience that will take the red pill and follow the rabbit hole to a reality that is Beyond science fiction. He has made all the connections and connected the dots and will put the realities of the Nephilim into an action packed Sci-Fi series.  This promises to be the atomic bomb against the enemy. Enough of my rant look for yourselves.





A Computer animation trailer for the real movie series example.