The 60th Anniversary UFO festival in Roswell had a completely different face on it this year and was unlike anything that had happened before. Sine 2006, the various groups putting on the annual event had broken into separate factions. One group had their festivities in a nearby city the week before with little fanfare. Another group headed up by the UFO Museum had their own convention at their own facility for the second year running. This year the city put on it's own celebration. Guy Malone of Alien Resistance was chosen by the city of Roswell to coordinate the Cities own convention. With the success of the Ancient of days Conventions held in the last four years it was a position easily filled and successfully achieved. Guy and I have had our differences in the past but I have to give credit where credit is due. He was able to invite several very good Christian speakers to present the Biblical views and rounded out the speaking venue with a great balance. I was originally invited to speak on Man Made UFOs but I knew I had to do this parting meeting for the believers in Roswell. I didn't think it would be fair to try and do both. I was committed to obeying the Lord and having this meeting so it had to come first, so I  had to turn down the offer. Tom Horn filled the empty spot so no one lost out in the deal. I even changed the day and time of my meeting so as to fit in with the rest of the events. Dave and Joe and I had a table at the cities convention so I was looking foreword to sharing with the public like we do at other meetings.

July 3rd

We left Detroit Metro airport at 6:30 am as scheduled. Our flight path to Roswell was changed at the last moment and Debbie and I just  accepted this in stride. Our path took us to Atlanta Georgia where we had just enough time to grab breakfast and our plane going to  Salt Lake City Utah!


What! It was crazy enough that we went to the south east in Georgia before heading west but then to go beyond New Mexico to the North west didn't make much sense to either of us. But we had never been to that part of the country so even from the air it might be an adventure to see the salt flats and the great Salt lake so what the heck, the rate was cheaper and we had the time so let's just go with it. It did add three more hours to our travel time but we allowed plenty of extra time anyway.  Once in Sault Lake City we had a two hour delay because of a broken window in the cockpit of the plane.

When we finally got to El Paso Texas we got our rented car and headed to Roswell it was around 6:00pm and originally we would have been there at about 11:00am. It had been a  long day but was about to get even longer. We were supposed to hook up with Debbie's friend , Joyce along the way.  Joyce, took a short cut through white sands military base as her son was with her and was stationed  there. He had access through the base which served as a short cut which should have saved them an hour of travel time. When they got to the gate at the end of their route, it was closed with no guard posted. Time off for the holiday I guess. So they phoned us and said they had to back track around.

We waited in a small town on an other wise deserted desert highway in the middle of nowhere. Being the holiday week-end, everything was closed up  with nothing open, not even a convenient store.  When Joyce finally met up with us, it was just getting dark. Debbie left with her friend to Alamogordo for a couple of days where she would meet up with me  again in Roswell. By the time I hit civilization again it was so late that everything was closed, even Mc Donald's. When I got into Roswell it was well after 10:00 pm and Alsup's was open (a gas station/convenience chain store common in the west) . I dined on their fine cuisine of a dried over cooked hot dog on a stale bun with a bottled water.  I reached Mike and Jackie's house where Dave Ruffino was already there waiting for us. It was almost 11:00 and way past my bed time.  All in all, this was a typical traveling experience for us. I always expect some kind of resistance from the enemy when we are about to do engage ourselves in spiritual warfare.  So this was almost expected without mention.                                      

July 4th - 6th

I was up at around 4:00am with a heavy burden to go outside on the porch and pray. I was on Mike's couch in the living room so it was rather easy to navigate through the house without waking anyone else. My mourning was planned to pass out flyers and approach the media about our meeting. Joe Jordan and Dave Ruffino planned to go to the crash site with members of "Alien Resistance". Then they planned on going to the convention center to set up for activities which started the next day.  I was asked to go to the crash site with them but originally declined. They planned on getting back in enough time for me to still do what I had planned so I decided to tag along.

We tried to take a short cut to the site determined by our colleague Dave Flynn's calculations. After many miles of desert back roads we reached a sign that concluded our trip. We didn't know it at the time but we were within seeing distance of the location we just could not get to it from the "short cut" we took.




I spent the rest of the day passing out and posting flyers where I could in downtown Roswell. I then went to the Roswell Community Center to our booth set up that Joe. Dave and I had for A.A.C.C.O.A. This was my element and I spent the rest of the next two days there talking to many people and sharing my faith and reliance on Jesus and not Aliens with most anyone who would listen. The good thing was that there were many who were open to hear another way of looking at these things. The days spent at the booth reminded me how much I missed having my store open with all the opportunities to share with others.

The Newspaper add in the Roswell Daily Record came out and looked good located in the midst of all the other adds for the week-ends activities. we were as ready as we could be for tomorrow.


July 7th                                                                               

I got up  early  spent some time in prayer and reviewed my notes while insuring that all of my transparencies were in proper order for the overhead projector.  Mike and Jacky met up with Debbie and I at the Motel Conference room where we began to set up for the meeting. We had seating for about 55 people and really did not know what kind of turnout we would have. Preparations had been made to move into a much larger room if we needed it so we at least felt confident that either way we were going to be OK.  My friend John Donahue a local Roswell resident and member of the same church I used to attend when I lived there, volunteered his professional talents in video production. He came to set up his camera and sound equipment so a DVD could be made of the meeting.

Unlike other conferences, we started our meeting in a prayer and then entered into a short time of praise and worship singing a few hymns before we got started. The room was filled to over capacity but not too badly crowded. There was only one complaint about the singing as most were pleased to have this kind of introduction.

The music ministry was very effective in bringing the presence of the Lord in our midst. Dave Ruffino opened with a short introduction and then I came up to take over. Much to my dismay all of my transparencies had been dropped and shuffled out of sync. I used the first few that were in order and made the dramatic intro that I had desired but the rest was so messed up I discarded the whole thing and improvised the rest of the presentation. I guess it must have been OK as no one noticed. I have by now, memorized most of the information , scriptures, names and dates and was able to make the presentation as seamless as possible. There were a few things I forgot to cover as I had abandoned my notes and outline and only I was disappointed in that fact.

There was a special surprise as one of our attendees was the President of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) who was invited by Joe Jordan. I was disappointed as not one local Pastor from any of the Churches in Roswell were present. Most of the people however were local residents and concerned Christians who desired to know more about what their community was promoting from a Biblical perspective.

There are many I suppose who would say that this meeting was a flop that produced no effective results. Others might be more graceful and allow for some hopeful results. For myself, I tried not to have any expectations but remained faithful to do what the Lord desired me to do. I provided the opportunity for people to come and hear and see and I spoke. That is all I could do and I felt very comfortable with my obedience to that. I always have the hope that this was not in vain but accomplished what the Lord wanted. In retrospect there could have been improvements and if I ever have another meeting like this I have learned from this first step.

After the meeting was over there was an extended time of question and answers. There was enough interest by many who wanted to have a more private talk with me so I stayed to answer questions.  Dave and Joe had to leave to get ready for Joe's presentation at the official UFO conference just down the street.

One particular person was of special interest to me as he became a "second witness" to the theme of my talk based on the Zechariah 5th chapter and Roswell. This had been received by everyone with much skepticism and subtly shunned even by those I considered my colleagues.

A Pastor from Ft. Worth Texas came up to me and told me how he came here looking for me. He continued to tell me that he was an assistant Pastor of a small church and a little nervous coming to Roswell in the midst of all of this UFO and Alien stuff. He assured me that the Lord had told him to come here and was the only reason he would come to something like this. He said the Lord told him he would find answers to his questions. He began telling me his story. His wife was the daughter of an Air force pilot who had a UFO encounter which led to his discharge and a mental breakdown. She had an experience with a UFO sighting and encounter with an insectoid type alien entity later in life herself. Being a fully mature and seasoned Christian involved with deliverances and other supernatural gifts from God's Holy Spirit, she knew what to do and in the name of Jesus made the intruding entity "go away. They desired to know more about what happened from a Biblical perspective if there was one. While Rev Ray Andrews prayed about this he got an answer from Zechariah 5th chapter. He told me that the Lord told him this text of scripture and the woman in the basket, had something to do with the Roswell crash of 1947. The Lord told him to go to Roswell during the convention and there he would meet other Christians who knew more about this.  With a steadfast determination, he left for Roswell and first encountered Guy Malone of Alien Resistance who was coordinating  the 2007 events for the city of Roswell. He then sat in on Dr. Mike Heiser's speech and afterward met Tom Horn. Tom Horn was originally going to help me with my meeting but changed his mind when he had an opportunity to speak at the Official UFO convention. Tom was fully aware of my material as I had shared all of it with him months before this July event.

 I think this was a unique series of events as these were colleagues that all had a part in being very skeptical of what I was doing. I certainly do not blame them as if the roles were reversed I am sure I would be equally skeptical of such a claim.  Rev. Ray had pretty much told all of them the same story he told me and Tom Horn was the one who steered him to me. Pastor Ray's story was a tremendous encouragement for me as I realized in a very obvious but small way God was saying, " see I got your back covered, I am confirming my Word in you in the same way I always have."

It wasn't until after I got back home I realized something else that was rather funny and very typical of the Lord's sense of humor. When news of the  Roswell crash was first released, it was General Ramey from a higher chain of command stationed at Ft Worth Texas that tried to kill the captured saucer story and debunk it as a crashed weather balloon. Now sixty years later the Biblical truth presented in Roswell on 7-7-07 and pretty much rejected by all,  was confirmed by another follower and servant of Christ from gee... Ft Worth Texas. I just had to laugh to myself at the irony of it all. I just love the way my whole life has been filled by these kind of  "coincidences"

I stayed at the Motel until the last person left, then it was time to join Dave in support of Joe's presentation. He gave a very daring talk that both challenged the new agers and the official UFO community to consider the Biblical perspective. A few people got upset enough to walk out and others  rolled their eyes in disgust when truth presented was just too much for them. In all however, the crowd was respectful and listened. Like it or not some good hard truths were spoken that needed to be spoken. Afterward I stayed at our table and talked to the crowd.














We found this in the McDonald's parking lot in Roswell the day of the main main events.? a Nazi UFO? A German Nautilus Spacefishcraft? was



             Fun with No Alien stickers.

 I wonder if she will remember these stickers if someday she may have to chose between Aliens or God?



July 8th

We enjoyed the rest of the trip visiting and meeting some of our friends we left in Roswell. I am not sure when we will get back this way so the short time was treasured on both sides. One couple who had been some of our best supporters during our time in Roswell was moving to Oregon. They were supposed to leave before we came in but they had some problems and were delayed. In that we were able to say our good-byes to each other. 

In the mourning it was time to leave and said out final goodbye to our dear friends Mike and Jackie. I was pleased that we did what we had to do. I had wished that things would have been bigger, better in turn out with clergy and active Christians ready to stand in the gap and perhaps someday that can still happen. But for now, they continue to reject the opportunities offered to them. I did not feel like literally wiping the dust off my feet to Roswell but then in a sense I felt that was what I was doing. Until another day....