ROSWELL 1947     

The Crash Story
The Roswell story of a crashed UFO has been one of much controversy and very difficult to sort out. Some of the problems creating this unclear picture are embellished stories, details with no conclusive evidence, deliberate false information proclaimed for personal gain by unscrupulous researchers and individuals seeking
fame and fortune, and a large amount of disinformation distributed by our own government. To add to this, over fifty years have now gone by with most first hand witnesses deceased. De-bunkers and the news media make the whole subject something on the lunatic fringe.

Yet in spite of these difficulties there does remain enough evidence that something out of the ordinary
happened near Roswell in 1947. In this account, I have stuck to details and the very basic elements that have
survived most of the controversy and included some details that are debatable for your awareness. My personal
thanks goes to the aid of Dr .Stanton Freedman himself who offers the best evidence to this whole event.

Wednesday, July 2nd 1947 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmut sighted an oval shaped UFO flying overhead near Roswell New Mexico. Later that day William Woody and his father spotted a bright object with a red trail northwest of Roswell. At the same time of the Woody-sighting Mac Brazel, a rancher near Roswell New Mexico heard a loud explosion occurring out on his ranch. On July 3rd Brazel discovered the debris of an unusual wreckage on his ranch. Motivated by a reward for physical evidence verifying the existence of flying saucers, Brazel delivered some of the wreckage to Chaves County sheriff George Wilcox. Wilcox immediately contacted the Intelligence Office at Roswell RAAF.  Major Jesse Marcel, Intelligence Officer of the 509 Bombardment Group of the Army Air Corps (the only Atomic bomber wing in the US, based in Roswell), was sent with CIC agent Cavett by the base commander  Colonel Blanchard to check out the rancher's story on July 6.

The Roswell Daily Record quoted Public Relations Officer Lt. Walter Haut, at Roswell RAAF:

"... the Intelligence Office was fortunate enough to gain possession of a                      a disc thru the cooperation of one of the local ranchers and the sheriffs
                     office of Chaves County"

July 7th Jessie Marcel brings back debris from the crash site and stops home to show his wife and 11 year old son the strange remains. The debris ends up stored at  RAAF in Hanger 84, by the military.  Following the announcement of the discovery the official account takes a sudden turn with the military going into full damage control to discount the story.




July 8th The next highest chain of command to the local military authority in Roswell was General Ramey of Ft. Worth Texas the commanding officer of the entire 8 Army Air Core. He put an abrupt stop to the Flying Saucer story. Major Marcel is sent to Ft Worth and brought out before the press to reveal broken pieces of a weather balloon as Gen. Ramey explains away the original Headline story of the flying saucer as that of a "weather balloon". A retraction was also printed in the Roswell Daily Record on the 8th. In addition to the retraction, many eyewitnesses who collaborate Marcel's story were now silenced with intimidating threats.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Staged wreckage Ramey, Marcel

Captain Oliver "Pappy" W. Henderson was co-pilot on a B29 which was the first flight to Ft. Worth Texas transporting Maj. Marcell and debris for public interview explaining away the saucer crash story. Shortly afterward however, he also flew a C-54 cargo transport with boxes and crates to Wright-Patterson Airfield. This is the base that functions in back engineering enemy and foreign retrieved aircraft and technologies. This highly suggests the cover up and retrieval of something more than Mogul or weather balloon.




It wasn’t until almost thirty years later Major Marcel, decided to end his silence. Major Marcel granted an interview with Physicist/UFO investigator Stanton Friedman, whereupon Major Marcel stuck to the original story. Now the word is out and the public is aware that something indeed happened at Roswell in 1947. Other Roswell residents and military personnel also come forth, offering their accounts of the Roswell crashes.  Eyewitnesses describe the wrecked flying vehicles shaped similar to our modern day SR-71 as well as seeing the remains of small gray bodies found at the sites. The local mortician in Roswell, Glenn Dennis, tells of a request by the Army base for child-sized coffins. Enlisted men recall transporting many large crates to Wright  Patterson AAB. Pieced together, the collaborating eyewitness accounts add up to a story truly out of the ordinary. Years later, Retired General Thomas Deboise, second in command to Gen. Ramey,  admits the weather balloon story was a cover and that the Roswell incident was given an above Top Secret classification. Despite the wide variety of theories that have evolved, the only thing for certain is that there was a cover up of an extraordinary event.                                                     

   Many others come forward describing threats and intimidations made by the government to remain silent. There is quite a list and another local resident and researcher in Roswell has done a good job in detailing these accounts click here for more information