Homemade Movies!

From the Detroit Metro area in the lavish little cubbyhole office of my mobile home comes 100% pure amateur quality movies that will Dazzle you with unknown and unheard of Biblical information on everything paranormal and supernatural! No talking head monologs but not a history channel documentary either I think you will enjoy these videos. You Tube found some inappropriate and banned some. i may soon be removed from their server for the controversy. So here they are in their entirety until censorship hits the inter net too. Enjoy them while you can.

A Hollow Earth


Hells Plan for the future: The 5 I will's of Satan


New Age Nazi Lies.


The Locust Invasion


The Clouds of Heaven


The Wrath of God


Is It OK to Believe in Aliens? The Vatican says Yes!


UFOs ans Aliens in End Time Prophecy (Speaking in Stephenville, Texas)


Hidden History of America and the 3 Frogs of Revelation