A Brief History of Man - Made UFOs                                          

In order to understand the complete story of the creation of man made UFOís, we have to go all the way back to the flood.

As it was in the Days of Noah...

Gen 6:1-4 "Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they choseÖ There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown." (NKJ)

Within this text in Genesis 6th Chapter, we are told that the "sons of god" (fallen angels) inter-bred with the human race. Their objective was to undermine the first prophecy in the Bible. This prophecy stated that from the seed of a woman would come one who would crush the head of the serpent. This was the foretelling of Jesus, the Son of God and God the Son, who would become incarnate through the human linage to redeem mankind. (Gen 3:15) By contaminating the human bloodline these "sons of god" tried to stop God's plan. They were only eight people away from success. For the sake of continuity we will assume this as fact. There are many debates over this text of scripture. In the appendix I will present the debate and give supportive evidence of facts that will resolve the controversy. I would suggest reading Alien Encounters by Chuck Missler and The Omega Conspiracy by IDE Thomas. Both of these books cover the Genesis 6 account extensively.

The Fallen Angels that interbred with the human race before the flood were further mentioned in the Book of Enoch.

Enoch 63:1 and 64:6, "These are the angels who have descended from heaven to earth, and have revealed secrets to the sons of men, and have seduced the sons of men to the commission of sin...A commandment has gone forth from the Lord against those who dwell on the earth., that their end may be; for they know every secret of the angels."

It would stand to reason, that if fallen angels came down and dwelt among humans, they would certainly want their cake and eat it too. Fallen Angels are not too concerned about rule breaking. They would provide themselves with the conveniences of their home while here on earth. This would mean that the pre-flood society was technologically more advanced than what we assume. Skeptics might cry out, "Where is the proof of an advanced civilization!" The proof when found is not understood because the Old World is not understood.

A highly advanced Pre-flood World?                

It is true we have never found a highly developed mechanized society in fossil records or Ancient ruins. There is a very simple reason for this. First, this advanced civilization was not based on petroleum, the internal combustion engine and machinery, as we know of it today. Neither could it have been a petroleum based technological society. I am reminded of a lecture/debate I attended in 1975 at the University of Michigan featuring Dr. Duane T. Gish. He stated that fossils needed very specific conditions to be produced. Yet, we have an abundant amount of them worldwide. These findings indicate that the earth had to be hundreds of billions of years old, which it is not. The only other alternative situation would have been a global catastrophe. Such a single event could have created the ideal conditions to produce the fossil evidence that we do find. The Bible records this one time event as the great flood. With confidence the claim can be made that the vast amount of fossils we find, corresponds to what the Bible declares. There is a layer of silt covering the entire earth that would indicate a flood of world proportions. From the Mt St. Helenís explosion we discovered that the fossilization process once thought to take thousands of years took only a decade to produce. Also discovered was the illusion of evolutionary layers of life. As the silt covered all living organisms, larger animals would bloat and float to the top strata or layers that would form. Trees and plants would stay in the middle with small life forms staying at the bottom, giving the illusion of a progression of life at different levels. In actual truth everything was buried at the same time! If you could believe the Bibleís account of the flood, gas and oil are the end result and final resting-place of all life before the flood. In that sense there were no vast oil fields or huge pockets of natural gasses to be used. We burn and use up the old civilization in our tanks. The old civilization used another means of power. If you really think about it most all machinery is used to form things that will produce objects that move from one place to another based upon the internal combustion engine and the oil it runs on. In this way, maybe you can visualize the reality of the pre-flood world. If you harness the use of gravity you donít need the machinery to form or produce parts to manufacture machines that move people and objects. What you might find is a rather simple society, with complicated structures and wonders that seem to defy normal constructional means (being based on anti-gravity methods). This sophisticated society could not have been based on engines and machinery but rather alternate forms of energy. It is known that crystals can store vast amounts of energy and electronically coded information. Light amplified through crystals can create sources of power, i.e. Laser. Harmonics is another emerging form of power with a physics that can be applied without identifiable machinery. When these crystalline objects are found, they are perceived as "religious" objects rather than pieces of technology. In this misidentification, an advanced civilization is not recognized for what it really is and can be easily suppressed. The evidence is not so much in finding machinery and technology defined by our standards, but rather the end resulting "wonders" that cannot be duplicated even by our own technology today. Here are just a very few examples of such items.

Ancient Sumeria

Amongst ruins in an ancient Sumerian city (1st settlement after the flood) was found what Archeologists claimed was a "fertility relic". This was a sculpture "model" that resembled a double helix coil of the Human DNA! Zecharia Sitchin deciphered Sumerian cuneiform tablets describing a twelve-planet solar system. It depicted Neptune as a blue green planet of frozen gasses. After publishing his findings, two months later Voyger2 sent back information confirming his findings based upon these Ancient Sumerian tablets!

Gaza Pyramids

It has long been assumed that a slave labor force built the Gaza Pyramids. They allegedly used logs as rollers or mile long ramps made of packed dirt, which rose up to the heights of the pyramids which enabled them to place the two to ten ton blocks of solid granite in place.

In 1996 NBC aired a documentary titled: The Mysterious Origins of Man. Geologists Dr. Robert Schock, French Archeologists Mr Boval, Civil Engineer Mr. West and Researcher/ Journalists Graham Hancock author of Fingerprints of the Gods challenged this traditional view. Each in their field of expertise explained how illogical, impractical and impossible the traditional explanations really are! . The ramp would take as long to build in the allotted 20-year time span declared by Egyptologists as the pyramid itself. It would take more than the entire population of the world to build it in that time span. Having no hard wood trees natural to the area, it would take a system of logistics unheard of, even in modern times to import such a vast amount. These pyramids are built to near perfection. From the very center of the top in relation to the area of the base, it is off center by less than 1/4 of an inch! This is including the thousands of years of settling. Man today with all of his technology and machinery cannot reproduce anything near this. Even if we could, why would we want to? It would be economically impractical! The Four Corners of the Large Gaza pyramid is less than one degree off from pointing to the four true magnetic points of the compass! It is the most near perfect object built on this earth. It is more incredible to attempt an explanation in natural terms, than it is to realize and explore alternative means. As technology has advanced enough to gain understanding of other methods, such as anti-gravity with supportive evidence to this, it is quickly debunked as impossible because this technology is understood only in a theoretical sense and not a functional part of our society as a known technology. Based upon that, those in power refuse to accept that a technologically advanced society ever existed in our past. Egyptologists and other traditional scientists are a hierarchy unto themselves. They cling to ideas originated a hundred years ago, which was the best attempt anyone had to explain the unexplainable then. Our knowledge has increased to the point of considering alternative answers that make more sense than these outdated assumptions. However they are an established institution that will not be easily changed. Entire careers are based upon certain traditional ideas that if now incorrect, would appear to be disastrous. For them, it is a matter of survival.

Ruins of Tiahuanacu

In Tiahuanacu, Bolivia, there are ancient ruins which local legends claim were built and occupied by the Viracocha (white masters from the skies). Included in the ruins are conduit systems going throughout the buildings. Traditional Archeologists have explained these as possible aqueducts for distributing water. The problem is that these conduits run up along walls with 90-degree bends over ceilings. They have been said to look more like electrical conduits to house wire or cable not water. The cities buildings and walls are constructed with huge blocks weighing tons. They are carved out with laser precision with seams so tight that they didnít even need mortar. Legends recorded by Spanish explorers state that the Viracocha built the city in one night by placing the blocks together magically by the sound of a trumpet. An ancient Sufi text of magic from the mid-east describes the floating of objects with the use of a magic flute. Could these be trace memories of a lost technology, perhaps a form of sonic technology recently tagged as harmonics? This type of fringe science does not require machinery, as we would identify it. The structures like Stonehenge, point to a knowledge of Celestial Mechanics that are out of context for that time, or so assumed. And just what time is this in? Reliefs on the walls at Tiahuanacu depict mammals that were supposed to have been extinct long before mankind was even around!

Off the wall Egyptian Style

Zecharia Sitchin built a working electrical light bulb from inscriptions on an ancient Egyptian wall relief. Crude forms of batteries have also been found that when refilled produced a charge. Some identifiable technology is found, but again explained away.

Piri Reis Map

The Piri Reis map has been scrutinized and determined to be authentic. This map was made in Constantinople in 1513 based on older maps. The dating has been tested to be true. The map showed the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America and the northern coast of Antarctica. In 1513 no one knew there was an Antarctica! It was not even discovered until 1818! The map also shows an ice-free coast of Queen Maud Land (Later named Neu-Schwabenland by the Naziís). Geological evidence states that the Antarctic has not been ice-free for at least 4000years BC, just about the time before the flood! So where did the map come from? Professor Hapsgood had the map checked out by the U.S. Air Force in 1960. Comparing the Swedish British seismic mapping done in 1949 the Air Force agreed with the accuracy of the map. Recent satellite photos using an infrared method have also agreed with the accuracy of the map.

These few anomalies alone proclaim that we have a very different past than what is declared by conventional science. When the great flood came upon the earth, it destroyed the entire world along with most of these secrets. Well...at least the ability to apply the technology was lost. The theories probably were not. And we will see that the Tower of Babylon was made for that purpose.

Babel wasnít just a tower.

In the time of the next great act of rebellion of God, about 560 years after the flood another event happened: The Tower of Babel. Even with such a long period of time, people were still living to a ripe old age of about 600 years. The Babel event would have been only one generation from the remembrance of the pre-flood era. Babel was not about trying to climb up to pull God down from heaven. It was not a space program as Zecharia Sitchin claims. It was about preserving what was remembered of the secrets of heaven, including how to travel it.

Genesis 10:8-10, 11:1-9

"And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the lord: Wherefore it was said, even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord. And the beginning of his kingdom was Babal, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh in the land of Shinar...And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech. And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there. And they said to one another, go to; let us make brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar. And they said, Go to let us build us a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the earth. And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men built. And the Lord said, Behold the people is one, and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down and there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth."

The Old Tradition is challenged:

Shortly after mankindís preservation from the great flood, we are introduced to a fierce leader Nimrod. The families of Japeth, Shem and Ham, (Noahís sons) were told to populate the earth. Instead, Nimrod bands the people together and unites them as one, migrating into the plain of Shinar. This was the Sumerian culture that gave rise to the Babylonian Empire, with strong influences to the Assyrian and Egyptian Empires.

The story of the Tower of Babel has been conveyed through the ages as a rather childish fairy tale. That is not to demean any one from the past or present. The full meaning could never have been understood until our cosmology and technology "caught up" to some of the descriptions contained within a few key words of this story. Traditionally this has always been the text to exemplify the thought of teamwork. I have heard some very good sermons, in the sense of unity and the accomplishments that can result. Unity isnít the total picture to this story, neither is building a tower. We have to see past the tower to question why it was being built. The objective of this tower, as traditionally taught, was for the builders to climb into heaven. As this was an act of rebellion to God, why did they try to climb into heaven? As primitives did they think they could pull God down? If they were trying to literally climb into heaven why did they build the tower in a valley? Our understanding of this story has for centuries taken on this rather child like image. In the past, there was no other evidence to conclude anything else. Back then; it would not have been an important issue. There was nothing else that challenged or threatened our faith by these thoughts. Most would accept this matter as one of the "mysteries of the Bible" and let it go.

That was then, this is now!

In our present time it is very important to have a clear understanding of just what took place. Now we have very well thought out ideas being presented that challenge the very foundation of our faith in a personal God. Author, Hebrew scholar and Ancient Historian Zecharia Sitchin claims that the tower of Babel was manís imitating the "gods" to produce their own space program. Sitchen claims that the plural use of God is describing the Annaunki, Sumerian gods that came from heaven to assist mankind. The Elohim (another group of extra-terrestrials) created man to be a slave labor force to mine the planet. As absurd as this might sound to some, many colleagues do not take him lightly. Sitchenís credibility has been based on his deciphering of ancient Sumerian texts that described a 12-planet solar system with accurate descriptions of Neptune and Uranusís frozen gaseous condition. Months after his paper was published, spectrographic results from Voyager confirmed these exact conditions. Within the UFO community he has become an icon for melding Ancient myth with science .He denies the idea of a personal God and butchers the Bible to prove his point. Any Christian attending a Bible believing church has learned the plural use of God is simply acknowledging the triune nature of the one God. Many other Christian and Hebrew Scholars have pointed out a Jewish cultural tradition made up in their word use and language. The plural is used at times to emphasize an emotion as well as importance to a word use. This kind of use was only typical of the Hebrew culture. Either case certainly does not indicate some amazing new truth. It only indicates gross negligence to established truth. These are established truths that a self proclaimed Hebrew scholar like Sitchen should already know. Dr Mike Heiser, a real Hebrew scholar has challanged Sitchen's use or abuse of his interpretations without a response.  Sitchen has rewritten Genesis to make the creator of mankind nothing more than a bunch of self-centered Aliens. Others like William Bramley Jordan Maxwell, have taken Sitchen's lead and further miss-represented the scriptures with very compelling arguments to a public not knowing or understanding proper Biblical interpratations.. For those of little or no faith in a personal God, it is very convincing. In light of these recent challenges, we need to get a fresh look at exactly what happened in the plains of Shinar around 5,000 years ago!

Lost but not forgotten: The real Tower of Babel           

You can see there is more to this story with just a simple look at the surface of this scripture,

The first clue to the seriousness of this story is in Godís response.: "...and this they begin to do: and now NOTHING will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do." Gen 11:6

This is a pretty awesome statement coming from God! He is saying that they will be able to do anything they imagine to do! Such a power would have to be more than the construction of a tower to climb into heaven. An act of such futility would only be laughed at. They would climb so high they would pass out from oxygen depletion, if they could even get that high.

Remember that these are not primitive simple people. They were only one generation away from parents who lived in a world filled with amazing accomplishments. It was their parents that shared a society with the fallen angels and their offspring of Human/Angelic hybrids. These people developed more than a climbing program, or even Sitchenís space program. This was something that would enable them to do anything they imagined. There is only one idea that comes to my mind on this. Time Travel! Imagine if you could arrange or re-arrange anything, the way you want it. This kind of power would give you the false belief that you could be all present, all knowing and all-powerful. The most incredible thing is when you take a deeper look at a few words used in this text. They confirm this very thought!

"This they begin to do." The Hebrew word Chalal is used here. It means to bore or pry open like a wedge in the sense of this being an act of polluting. There is no other way to look at this. They are actually trying to bore into or pry an opening into heaven!

As we have already let the Bible conclude for us, Heaven and earth represent eternal and linear time. They are separated from each other as a result of the fall or sin. But the actual physical separation is one of time - Linear verses Eternal. It stands to reason that the travel they are trying to accomplish here is inter-dimensional. The language here would confirm this. To pry or wedge is to open a portal into the eternal realm.

"Nothing will be restrained from them." The Hebrew word "Batsar" means secrets, mysteries or inaccessible things will no longer be restrained. This can only mean a breach in the space/time continuum. Zamam is used for imagined and means to plot or devise in a negative sense. Tower has a figurative meaning as anything high or lofty. In all Bibles the word reached unto is italicized. This is because there are no original words to represent them. This is only an assumption by the translators. Equally acceptable in this context is the fact that instead of " reaching unto" it could be " likening unto." The tower of Babel was actually the pinnacle of occult knowledge. Occult simply means secret knowledge. The tower represents the attempt to reassemble and maintain this "secret" knowledge which we now can understand as the physics and technology used before the flood. They were not able to apply this for themselves but by their active participation in preserving what they knew, a future generation and person would restore and apply this technology. Further evidence of this is indicated by their contingency plan.

A Contingency Plan:

The Babel builders had a generalized knowledge of the future, from their knowledge of the stars. They probably did not know the particulars. That is why they developed the contingency plan. This plan is indicated by the phrase, "let us make a name". The etymology (cultural+ historical use of words) of the Hebrew word "shem" for name, says volumes to us. According to Vineís notes on Strongís numbers, it is a memorial but it has the meaning also as something continual, with fame. Adding a slant that the root words give, it includes: "to set something in a conspicuous place, but to hint with a style of expression, marked by obscurity, a lofty or skyward sign. When you place this altogether you get an accurate picture of the meaning behind the mystery places all around the world!

The Giza Pyramids, Stonehenge, The Gateway to the sun, Easter Island, all of these places and many more, are these memorials spoken of in the scriptures. They are the contingency plan.

Many "fringe" scientists and researchers, like Como, Hancock, West and Bouval have recently begun to understand and explain this skyward connection. They have pointed out a consistent pattern of a "sacred geometry" incorporated into the measurements and construction. There are also representations to the heavens representing a time before the great flood. Their anticipated scattering did happen and we see these resulting memorials scattered around the world today.

Judgment from God - Separation and Confusion of Language:

One Language One Continent

Godís response to this dangerous act of rebellion is one that is not commonly understood. When God said he would scatter them abroad, he said in the Hebrew, that he would disperse and break in pieces in a miraculous way. We know the languages were suddenly changed at that time. However, did you realize that the continents were probably pulled apart from one big landmass? The people were not left with any choice but to scatter.

In Genesis 11:1, the statement is made, "the whole earth was of one language and of one speech."

Now this would appear to be a rather redundant statement at first glance. The Hebrew word saphah is translated in Gen11: 1 as language. This is the literal meaning, however in this narrative contextual use, a figurative meaning in the sense of a lip as a natural shoreline is constant elsewhere! (Shoreline Gen 22:7, a riverbank Gen41: 3 and the edge of a material Exod 26:4). This would mean that they are of one shoreline meaning only one huge continent! It survived one flood and now is about to be ripped apart! Could this be the memory of Atlantis? The lost continent never found because it actually consisted of all the continents together as one? This one scripture and word alone would not be enough evidence to make such a claim. We have another curious verse of scripture rather obscure, but mentioning this same event. In Genesis 10:25 the lineage of Noahís three sons are given. From this lineage, 510 years after the flood and during the Babel account Peleg is born.

"And unto Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg; for in his days was the EARTH DIVIDED."

The Hebrew word for Peleg means earthquake. The word for divided is Palag derived from the same root as peleg, which means to be ripped or torn apart. The earth had one common shoreline as one continent and suddenly it was ripped apart into the present arrangement. How you might wonder could life survive such a catastrophe? Remember that the word for scattered abroad in Genesis 11:8 was in the sense of an act of something miraculous.


The fossil records support this idea of a sudden displacement of landmasses.

In Siberia, mammoths have been found perfectly preserved, frozen with undigested tropical vegetation intact in their stomachs. This can only mean that these mammoths lived in a tropical environment and quickly froze to death by a sudden placement in an arctic climate. A Professor Hapsgood proposed a theory that the continents were actually "floating" on a thick molten mantel, something like a roller bearing. He believed that an imbalance of ice at the poles caused a shifting of the earthís crusts some 2,000 miles in the past approximately 12,000 years ago. This shifting would cause an instant displacement of landmasses. Einstein was one of the few scientists that encouraged Hapsgoodís findings. Although this theory does not appear to concur with the Bibleís account, it does at least allow that some modern scientists can accept the idea of a rapid displacement of landmasses with the survival of life.

As God divided peoples and places, it is only logical to realize he did it by their portion of understood occult knowledge. As the people broke off from building the tower, they formed into groups based on understanding each other by language. Then, a further act of physical removal from each other became the second part of the judgment. These two acts insured that they no longer had one speech or a common border. In this action every newly developed culture and geographic location would hold their own piece of the puzzle. They would soon develop special places to maintain and practice their portion of understanding in worship form. In this they would hope for or already knew that at some specific time in the future everything would come back together again. By their active involvement they would have hopes of being apart of this future event. Secret societies and "Mystery schools" developed within, would maintain this knowledge with levels of initiation to both preserve and protect itís content.

There assurance would be that someday someone would gather together these pieces. They will have the ability to extract the Physics and regain the applied knowledge to form new technology. This will be presented in a package as a promise to give mankind an "A New Age" of enlightenment. But always with the occult you will get more than you bargained for and never what you hoped for.

Whoís Top may reach into Heaven?

As I have stated earlier, the builders of Babel were only trying to compile and contain the knowledge for future use.

To illustrate, Letís say that Ií m a Television engineer. I become stranded on an island, suddenly removed from all technology, I would know how to set up an operating television system, but I could not actually build one from scratch to aid in getting off the island. To extract the raw material and hand make all of the equipment, would be an almost impossible act. All I could do is record the theoretical process of how it is done without actually being able to do it myself. In the same way, the memories of the pre-flood world could only be recorded not achieved.

It is indicated in the Babel story that their head (Satan) would try to reach into heaven at the right time and eternalize this dimension. When we go back to the verse "Whose top may reach into heaven," it is reminiscent of the expressed desire of Lucifer, "I will ascend into heaven" Isaiah 14:13. The word for top also means leader or head. The scripture in Ezekiel 28:13 describes something about Lucifer. "Thy pipes were prepared in him" The word for pipes means bezel.

That is the upper facet to hold a gemstone. It could also be in that sense a capstone or the pinnacle of any building, i.e. the top or head. You only have to look at the reverse side of an American One-dollar bill to see who would like to be the Capstone. That is not God's eye on the capstone. It is the symbol of the Illuminati. The eye is that of the Alight bearer which is the meaning of the name Lucifer. With this in mind it gives a whole new meaning to the scripture in Psalms 118:22 and Matt 21:42, " The stone the builders rejected is become the head of the corner."

The cornerstone is the one used to set lines and dimensions for the entire building. It is the first and foundational piece. That of course is prophetically speaking of Jesus. The builders rejected God and want to put their own god on top to reach heaven. These builders of Babel are bricklayers, which we call Masons today. Is it just a coincidence that we have a secret society called by that same name? This is an organization that boasts of an ancient origin. Other symbols speak out the same desire of Satan. We have a popular occult symbol of the serpent formed into a circle with his own tail in his mouth. This signifies the desire to create an eternal state for himself. He wants to be the Alpha and Omega of his own eternal realm. The Pentagram signifies the strategic five-point plan quoted in Isaiah 14 as to just how he will do this. To ascend into heaven, means to travel through the barrier between the eternal and linear dimension. Time is that barrier; the cloud of heaven is the vehicle. The understanding how (the physics) was supposed to be maintained in the tower of Babel. The contingency plan was to separately hold the pieces in the memorials. These are the mystery spots that we are all familiar with. One man will understand this mystery, he will be allowed by God for a short time to bring it all together again. But just for a short time...

Rebuilding the Tower and the City in the Last Days

Antichrist will have the key

There is an anti-God who will come. In his first of two appearances he will determine to do many things differently.

Daniel 8:23 And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.

"Understanding dark sentences," means not only to comprehend but also to be able to utilize a puzzle or secret knowledge. He will realize what the occult really is. Unlike any predecessor before, he will assemble the scattered pieces of legends and myths from these mystery places back into a whole picture. In doing this he will extract the physics and re-develop the power used before the flood.

It is said of God by Daniel, "Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: He changes the times and the seasons:.." Dan 2:20-21.

He alters, changes or makes diverse the years and fixed appointed times. In context the original language does imply the changing of the seasons but it also includes a description of fixed or appointed times. This states that it is God who governs linear time and itís arrangement. I think we can agree that this is not in reference to holidays. Yet these same Aramaic words are used in another text in reference with the Antichrist and have commonly been accepted as meaning holidays.

Here is the text in Dan 7:25."And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and a dividing of time."

Speaking great words against God is elaborating in detail something against God. This would be like the elaborate lies of Aliens instead of God as our creator and provider.

The "wearing out of the saints" is in the sense of a mental fatigue or harassment. Many of the New Age revelations of the "fringe sciences" are gradually being accepted by mainstream society. This is because many of them are truth sandwiched between a false premise and wrong conclusion. People who hold to traditional beliefs of a personal God are ridiculed. They become the image of ignorant, superstitious, non-inclusive and non-progressive people. They are accused of being fearful and jealous of the promising changes that this "New Age" offers.

"He will think" means he has a hopeful expectation to accomplish something. We are certainly not speaking about the mere changing of holidays and social laws through administrative action. If you are such a powerful leader, you can make laws and holidays easily to your desire, even in a democratic government. What is described here is much more serious than that. The same Aramaic word describing Godís sovereignty of linear time is the same word used here for times. Exactly what the Antichrist hopes to change. The law he hopes to break is the improbable task of breaking the natural laws that govern time and space! He wants to alter appointed and fixed occasions of linear time by traveling through it, to have the power to control it! This is the power of heaven that is shaken, the wings of the wind, and the pathways of the angels as described by Enoch as Gravity! This kind of travel is made possible by some means dealing with gravity!

Notice that it is Godís power that becomes displaced. It is God who shakes the heavens as well as the earth this time. He allows this power to be used as part of His overall plan. Mankindís use of this technology given by Satan is not unrestrained. He allows this seemingly uncontrollable act to happen. He is giving their vain rebellious hearts just enough rope to hang themselves with. By their own actions they will be judged.

"Bending space" Gravity is the key

Gravity would be the one object of resistance to accelerated speed. Imagine a number line with zero being the speed of light. That point is at equilibrium with time itself. This would be the entry point to an eternal realm. A way to overcome gravity would be needed. Einsteinís theory of relativity states that an object approaching near the speed of light would experience a slowing down of time in relation to the rest of the universe. In this sense the occupants of a vehicle would appear to jump into the future as they slowed back down to a stop from a near light speed travel. This ratio would increase nearer to the actual speed of light. The negative coefficient of this would be to travel beyond the speed of light. This would bring about the opposite results of reversing back into time. Fringe scientists who recognize "worm hole" and "black hole" theories declare that these speeds may not be necessary to travel backward, as a bending or looping of space may result in light speed entries of these phenomenon. In any case, if these theories hold true, the necessary barrier to overcome would be gravity. An anti-gravity vehicle would be needed. The vehicle would need to create itís own electro-magnetic gravitational field. Enoch1:18 describes gravity and the pathways of the angels. In verse 2 it also mentions a "stone", as holding the Four Corners of the earth. This may give us a further clue to this method of travel. This could be the lodestone of occult alchemical myths. In conventional terms this would be a magnetic core creating an electro-magnetic gravitational field. This is what we find as the basis to penetrate this barrier.

An electro-magnetic anti-gravity system would create itís own gravity separate from the rest of the cosmos. This would produce the effect of speed without any resistance.

As a bar of soap would shoot out of your wet hands because you would not be able to hold or even touch it, so would a vehicle operating on this principle. Sudden accelerations or changes in direction would not affect occupants within the vehicle because they are within their own gravity field. They are separate from the surrounding gravity of the universe. In a sense they would be in-between time or dimensions while traveling at accelerated speeds.

There are several mentions in the Bible of looping and bending space. In context, one reveals the mechanics of how God rides upon the cherub, as mentioned before. The other in context tells us what evil the Antichrist and False prophet will achieve during the last days, in a period known as the Great Tribulation.

He bowed the heavens also, and came down: and darkness was under his feet. Ps 18:9(KJV)

Here is the same scripture in context, with my own rendering.

9. He BENT the heavens to come down: the thick (obscure) cloud was below his path." (Cf/w Ezk 10:20)

10. And he rode upon a cherub, and did fly: yea, he did fly upon the wings of the wind.

11. He appointed obscurity as a temporary dwelling for his enclosure as a binding together of transition, a covering of a cloud." Ps 18:9-11

As we have already seen, this describes the cloud as the vehicle and the method of travel as the wings of the wind, which is gravity. To add to the whole process, we have the idea of "bending heaven," as a Biblical fact! This is a concept that we are now only beginning to understand. Now weíll look at a couple of scriptures in which the imitator does the same thing!

Dan 8:9-12 "And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land. And it waxed great, even to the host of heaven; and it cast down some of the host and of the stars to the ground, and stamped upon them. Yea, he magnified himself even to the prince of the host, and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away, and the place of his sanctuary was cast down. And an host was given him against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression, and it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practiced, and prospered."

Here is a text that could be so misidentified that it would appear to be something totally different. One of several keys is the italicized word "sacrifice". There is no word in the original language for sacrifice. It was added because of the assumption that the word for "daily" meant the sacrifice at the temple that was performed on a regular basis. You see the word for daily means, that which is done continual or continuum, a constant! In context it was interpreted as all being related to the Temple and itís various servants and priests symbolized by the term stars. Proper symbolism used everywhere else means angels. This understanding would have been unimaginable to the Bible translators of 1648 or even 1900! To consider this as heavenly angels is to also imply that someone from a mortal linear plane has just breached the eternal one and taken prisoners!

Even today traditionally trained people are aghast to even consider such a thing. I believe the Bible says what it means and means what it says. To further exploit this possible understanding, the word for "magnify" used here several times in text, has a wide variety of meanings.

It can mean to develop and mature in a growing, learning process. However, another meaning is to twist or festoon. To festoon means to wreath or form a loop! This double meaning may be more than an interesting coincidence! Only in our time, understanding these concepts could any of this be understood from the original language. Just as God told Daniel, that much of prophecy would be "shut up and sealed" until knowledge increased and people would travel to and fro! This text could be telling us that the little horn, (the antichrist) will develop an ability to breach the space/time continuum. He will take heavenly truths from their secure places in the heavens and apply them here on earth. He is given an army to assist him. Notice too that God himself gives this to him for a time, a dividing of times and times. He is not running ramped and loose with this. God is allowing man and Satan to go this far! It will ultimately serve to His desired will and Satanís total destruction. This text has always been cross-referenced with another event in Rev 12:3-4

Rev 12:3-4 "And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: ..."

This is the supposed description of a pre-Adamic battle between Godís angels and Satanís rebellion. This is the Book of Revelation. It is describing future events not reflecting on past events. Nowhere else does this book reflect back on the past. There is no indication that this is a description of any pre-Adamic anything! Even the original language does not bear this out. The "dragon" is not compelling this heavenly host to follow him. In the Greek, he has seized and captured them as prisoners! This dragon is symbolically representing the entire rebellion. A part of this structure includes seven rulers, seven prior kingdoms and ten earthly helpers described as crowns, heads etcetera. The tail does the drawing or catching. In Isaiah we may find a scripture that defines what the tail is. Used in symbolism the tail refers to a Prophet that speaks lies. Isa 9:15 "The ancient and honorable, he is the head; and the prophet that teaches lies, he is the tail."

In Rev 13: 13-14, we are told of the False Prophet that brings fire down from heaven in the sight of men. "And he does great wonders, so that he makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, And deceives them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of men." The purpose of this event is to deceive the entire world. The word for fire has a dual meaning of judgment! Again something heavenly is being brought down to the earth to be trampled upon and abused by mankind. Perhaps a false judgment created by the breaching of space/time continuum!

Mystery Babylon: Return of the Technology and the False Religion it fosters!

As the Antichrist proceeds to rebuild Babylon he is not re-constructing a city and a tower in the plains of Shinar again. This time he will collect from all over the world every piece of artifact, written legend and myth. By compiling all of this in one place he can have his scientists-priests extract the physics to apply in technology. New super weapons can be developed to rule and lead the world into a new order. To any history buff this should sound familiar because this has already happened over fifty years ago!

Days of Future Past: The unknown history of Man Made UFOís

Whereís the proof?

Just before the flood the world was deceived on a global level by fallen angels. We are fast coming to another deception on a global scale as prophesied in the Bible (Rev13:14) This is the gathering together of the entire peoples of the World as One government, One Religion and One Leader. (Rev 17:8-12) This will be conspired and controlled by ten powerful people who have the same goals and desires. They will give allegiance and their resources to the coming one, The Antichrist.

"The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast". Rev 17:12-13 (NKJ)

This New World Order does not just happen. A carefully orchestrated and conspired deception will become necessary and successful. As a catalyst, UFOís and Aliens with man in the middle of an inter-galactic struggle of good alien angels and bad alien demons, will force the world to rethink itís world view and unite us as one. This unity will unfortunately leave a belief in a personal God behind. An earthbound technology will be suppressed and kept secret so as to stage this whole scenario.

It stands to reason that such a conspiracy will not be known or believed until it has been able to accomplish itís goals. Understanding this as a Biblical fact you perhaps can realize that there will never be any conclusive or tangible proof. Whatever proof will be given will not be believed by the majority of people. The best we can hope for are rumors and alleged events without proof. The lack of proof however can be off set by the suspicious attempts to cover- up any such people, events, or possible proofs. These suspicious actions of others whether individuals or entire governments can be enough of a "smoking gun" to allow any skeptic to see that there is something more behind the many wild rumors and claims. The prophetic warnings in the Bible will be the only source that can sift through these claims and give you discernment to reveal any truth.

The Undisclosed Occult Agenda of Hitler and the Nazis:                                                               The search for the Vril Power!

This is a story of extreme unorthodox beliefs and practices that engulfed an entire Continent. This did not begin with a bunch of uneducated kooks or a radical outcast few. This was a movement that encompassed some of the richest, most influential people of Europe, as well as some of the most educated brilliant minds. A small-dedicated core of them overturned an entire world that to this day has had lasting changes.

The Nazi Parties unknown other half:

When describing the rise of Nazism, conventional history only mentions the German Workers Party later named the National Socialists German workers party and their enforcement arm of power, the "Brown Shirts". This part of the movement grew from the lower and middle class beer hall crowd. The SS are included as the military elite and successors of the Brown shirts, but their origin and backers are never mentioned. These groups were made the scapegoats for the atrocities at the wars end and took the blame.

The real brains and spirit of the movement were never brought to trial and rarely mentioned in history. These were the intellectuals and the rich Aristocratic elite. They were globalistís with international connections who financed the Third Reich and also members of occult secret society groups. Their occult beliefs provided the philosophy and motivation behind the Nazi movement. They were the invisible other half of the Nazi movement. Two of the most prominent groups were the Thule and Vril societies. The Thule Society was the largest and most influential group of them all. They based their Occult beliefs on a book, "The Secret Doctrines" by Helena P. Blavatski the founder of Theosophy. The Thule Society embraced Theosophy as their total ideals. They even copied the theosophical symbol of the Swastika as their own. Theosophy was a mixture of Hinduism and Buddhists beliefs, including an origin from a hollow earth. The Aryan was seen as the chosen "master race" created by the ancient gods to rule mankind. Evolution of both man and earth were brought about by cycles of catastrophes and rebirth. Contact and guidance by invisible forces was encouraged. Vegetarianism, Reincarnation and Karma melded into the Volkish beliefs of this Germanic order. Madame Blavatski claimed an exclusive authority on the basis of her occult knowledge or gnosis. She also claimed her initiation into the doctrines came from two exalted mahatmas or masters called Morya and Hoot Hoomi. These dwelt in a remote and secret vastness of the Himalayas. She wrote the Secret Doctrine based on the Stanzas of Dzyan, which she claimed to have seen in a subterranean Himalayan monastery. The claim has been made that this text was of a pre-flood origin, describing a very different world than that of today. Much of this part of her life is in dispute and claims of plagiarism and of being a charlatan have followed until today. It really doesnít matter, the end result is still the same; this one book has done much to influence the course of human history.                                                                          Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The other Society was based on a Science Fiction Book written in 1871! . "The Coming Race" by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton. He was known worldwide for his book, "The last days of Pompeii". He was a member of the neo-pagan English social order the "Golden Dawn", a higher ranking Freemason and a Rosicrucian. His book told the story of an encounter with an advanced subterranean civilization. The Vril-Ya was the name of a mystical power utilized by this inner earth society. These were described as large Caucasian people with the strength to control a strap on device of wings that enabled them to fly. (An allusion to angels?) The Vril power was developed through their minds and transferred into a crystalline staff that each member carried. They viewed mankind on the level of pets and had a lifespan lasting for centuries. They would someday rise from the earth to reclaim the surface. Occultists never received this book as fiction but rather truth veiled in the guise of fiction. The final result was the Nazis believed and acted upon these strange ideas as their agenda.

In todayís terms it would be as absurd as the Masonís and the official Star Trek fan club merging to form a powerful political organization. The strangest thing is it actually happened and they went searching for these "truths" and apparently found some.

There were two reasons why this other side of Nazism was never made public. At the end of the war, Winston Churchill was concerned that if these specific beliefs were released to the public, the Nazis could get off with a plea of insanity at the Nuremberg trials. Now with so many decades after the fact, people have forgotten and are too removed from those times to really care. The information is easily available to anyone interested and now is only a side note of history. The other reason is the fact that the very same international elite owns the media used to proclaim events involved in the support of the Nazi agenda! History is always written by those in control. It is the "golden Rule" He who has the gold makes the rules.                                   Vril Society

The SS AHNENERBE: Turning Myths Into Realties of Technology

Heinrich Himmler had a special division of the Schutzstaffel, which in English are the Storm Troopers commonly known as the SS. This division was called The Occult Bureau, a part of the Ancestral Heritage Society known as the Ahnenerbe, sort of a Nazi Academy of Sciences for the SS. The Ahnenerbe can be described as a Humanities think tank with guns. They had an unlimited budget. They could work on any project, to pursue any theory, using any resources available. This included using humans, without fear of accountability. In other words, they had a license to kill. But they had to produce results. Failure to do so could mean loss of their position and profession, imprisonment, and even death.

A founding member of the Thule Society, Guido Von List, influenced much of the Ahnenerbe's perceptions. He was a self- styled Aristocrat and Occult scholar. He coined the term Wotanism for his studies of Nordic mythology and ruins. He assigned mystical and ceremonial values behind the Runic language. Today many in the New Age movement follow this system. Later, with Karl Hausehoferís geo-political ideas of Lieberstorm or living space, the official claim was made that in whatever land where ruins or the Swastika was found, Germany had a legal right to reclaim that territory. The Swastika use was so wide spread that it was assumed the Aryan had global dominance during a pre-flood Golden age. Therefore, world dominance was justified, in their reasoning. This concept also inspired the Eugenics program of mercy killings of the disabled and retarded, ending in the Final solution.

The Ahnenerbe spanned the globe accumulating every artifact, written myths and legends from all over the entire world. The activities included everything from archeological digs to looting museums in occupied lands. They visited all of these "mystery spots" to compile information for their scientists/ priests. Of special interest were any cultures using the Runic languages or the Swastika. Which the Nazis believed to be evidence of an ancient Aryan presence.

The SS Ahnenerbe made a trip to Iceland and studied the ancient ruins and the Nordic Edda with a fine-tooth comb. The purpose was to discover the entrance to "Thule" (Mythical Aryan capital of the inner earth). This led them to an expedition to Tibet led by Dr. Ernst Schafer in 1934-36 and again in 1936-39. The Buddhist Monks received the Naziís with great joy. They saw the Nazis as a prophetic fulfillment of the ones possessing the Shamballa power to complete the Dharma or cycle of the fifth root race, The Aryan. The monks accommodated them in every way. They gave the Nazi expedition a 108 volume sacred text and allowed entrance into the cavernous systems sealed off from the rest of civilization for ages. This produced scientific studies in earth magnetism, and other geophysical experiments, as well as ethnological studies. In their zeal to help fulfill the Nazi destiny over 200 monks were made SS officers and assigned to Himmlerís staff as advisors at the Wewelsburg Castle. This was Himmlerís occult center and think tank. This was acceptable to Nazi ideology as they viewed the Hindu Indians and Tibetan Asians to be "spiritual Aryans". They believed that both groups were a connecting link to their own Aryan bloodline and descendants of the subterranean supermen. Their religions of Hinduism and Buddhism were a reflection of the religion of the Subterranean culture.

Of special interest to Hitler was an Aztec legend of Quetzalcoatl. As he departed the ancient Aztecs, it is recorded that Quetzalcoatl told them he was going back home to Tulla or Tullan. This was a place, according to their belief, that was once " a country of the sun", but now, "where ice reigned and the sun had disappeared". In 1938 Nazi newspapers and propaganda literature announced that one of the high Lamas knew the opening to Agharti, the inner Earth realm according to Author/Researcher Alec Maclellan. In his book The Lost World of Agharti Souvenier Press 1982. This Lama was only know as the man with the green cloves. In the same year, the expedition and partitioning of an area of the Antarctic was claimed by the Naziís and renamed Neu-Schwabenland. Throughout the war submarines continued bringing equipment, supplies and men to this area. German submarines that were captured in southern areas, possibly in route to the Antarctic, were reported to have as many as 50 people in them. A full crew consisted of 8-10 people in a normal situation. Researchers Renato Vesco and David Hatcher Childress in their book, Man Made UFO's, Adventures Unlimited Press 1994, have speculated that an underground complex was built. From operation Redoubt, the tunneling and placement of a huge underground complex in the Swiss Alps, we know the technology was there. This appears to be the end of the globetrotting trail that the SS Ahnenerbe completed on their Occult mission. There is also evidence they actually might have discovered a thing or two in their bizarre quest.

Mercury; an Example of Technology Extracted from a Myth

One such example of extracting science from myth would be Mercury, the legendary hero, the symbol and the element. Mercury in Roman and Hermes in Greek mythology was the swift messenger of the gods, as well as the god of commerce and travel. The symbol of Hermes staff shows a disk on either end of a central shaft, with two inter-twined serpents, with wings of flight above their heads. The intertwining could indicate the vortex principles understood by Victor Schauberger. The dual disks on the shaft representing the electro-magnetic energy generated from the mercury vortex, with the result being flight as represented by the wings. Although you might think this weird, this is the very technology the Nazis claimed to obtain. This is only one small example of how the Nazis approached legends and myths and attempted to extract physics from them.

The Reality of Nazi UFOís

Traces of the Unorthodox

While Allied pilots were seeing "Foo fighters" in the sky above, below, the German people were experiencing the same electro-magnetic effects that many in the US would begin to experience in the 50's during UFO sightings. Automobile engines would die, radioís would receive only static near several locations of Top Secret bases. These bases included a series of towers that at times produced these effects. This power of the Vril, searched for by several controlling secret societies within the Reich, may have been in research and development at these bases. The similar patterns are too consistent to dismiss as coincidence.

Known evidence of this development, is that of Schaubergerís work in Vortex implosion turbines and Hans Kohlerís converter device, the Kohler tachyon magneto-gravitic drive, also called the Thule tachyonator. These combined technologies were used in alternate methods of flight. The Nazis may also have constructed Mercury plasma gyros. This system used an electrified Mercury vapor. Further evidence of an unusual use of Mercury was discovered in April of 1944. The ill-fated submarine U-859 left Germany and was sunk off the straits of Malacca in Indonesia. This sub had a cargo of 33 tons of Mercury! This was strange cargo in such a huge amount and as an important military cargo! In 1944 Mercury was used for thermometers and switches, with no military purpose. Some sort of unconventional use can only explain this strange cargo. It has been speculated by Childress and Vesco that the ship was headed for a base in the Antarctic, as one of many that headed in that region all during the late 30ís and 40ís. Another curious note was the death of Jack Parsons. He was the American Rocket scientist who invented solid rocket fuel. He died in a fire while working with Mercury. And yes, he was also involved with occult societies that had Nazi connections during the war. There does seem to be more to Mercury than just switches, thermometers and mythology!

Unorthodox Scientist Captured: Viktor Schauberger  

One of the key scientists working for the Naziís was Viktor Schauberger. He was not a Nazi but a scientist with connections within occult societies. He has been described as a rather timid man who enjoyed nature. From his observations of nature and water he developed a natural means of energy and power. Schauberger produced Electrical power from a unique suction turbine by implosion principles, and later was pressured into developing a propulsion system using the same principles applied to air. Schauberger developed a low-pressure zone on the atomic level with a prototype, which whirled air or water radically and axially at a falling temperature. Schauberger referred to the resulting force as, "diamagnetic levitation power." He stressed that nature had already successfully used this direct or reactionary suction force within weather generation and solar fusion stability. It has been said that all throughout the war effort he doggedly worked on ordered projects. It was only at the wars end that he actually achieved a working prototype of a flying saucer. Schauberger was given a team of scientists to help him with his work. After their research headquarters were bombed, they were all transferred to Leon Stein. There they perfected the "flying disc", powered by Schauberger's turbine. Schauberger's prototype was developed into a vehicle that could speed 1,200mph in three minutes and fly in any direction at Mach 3! However, he had not perfected the ability to control its flight, as all the discs eventually crashed. In what is now eerily reminiscent of current reports of "alien spacecraft" crashes. Other more recent UFO observations include the "slicing" through of clouds leaving a void pathway where the saucer flew through. Over oceans and lakes UFOs have been observed to suck up water. Refueling perhaps? Could this be evidence of Schauberger technology?

At the end of the war, American Military officers seized everything in the laboratory and seeing Schauberger as a Nazi collaborator put him into protective custody for six months. The Munich publication, Da Neue Zeitalter, wrote in 1956 that, "Viktor Schauberger was the inventor and discoverer of the new motive power, implosion, which, with the use of only air and water, generated light, heat and motion".

The publication noted that the first unmanned flying disc was tested in 1945 near Prague, that it could hover motionless in the air, and could fly as fast backwards as forwards. This flying disc was reported to have a diameter of 50 meters. Schauberger was called to America. He was persuaded to provide a team of scientists, military and government officials with a record of everything he knew, and to sign some contracts. But eventually he became worried that some of his projects seemed to have been left sitting on the shelf and that no further research was being done. He then discovered that in actual fact he had signed the rights to his work away. It has been said that he and his son worked for the US government on top-secret projects. His technology was incorporated in the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program known as the H.A.A.R.P. program located in Alaska.

Others Captured:

Within Nazi Germany many others were also working on disk- type aircraft, and alternate propulsion methods. A significant problem was that many projects were working independent from one another. The Vril Society had their own program, developing disk technology, and employed many other unconventional researchers, scientists, and engineers. The SS order of the Black Sun also had its own program. Dr. Miethe, Rudolf Schriever, Dr. Habermohl, and Mr. Bellonzo being some of the more prominent developers of these crafts, working for various factions and interests within the Reich. Some of these men were captured, and made to or allowed to continue their work for the Allies after the war in England, the United States, and Russia. It is true we do not have an actual, fully functional Nazi UFO that we can produce as proof. What we do have is evidence that Nazi research and technology was headed in that direction, indicated by what was actually recovered during allied occupation. The following photos are of captured aircraft, and drawings seized by the Allies after the war, at the Peenemune launching site of V1 and 2 rockets, and the complex at Nordhausen. Nordhausen was the huge underground research and development factory located deep within the Harts Mountains and the sister complex, Kahla in Thuringen. The triangular "stealth" jet fighter and a smaller swept wing jet fighter were only months away from production. Cruise type missiles, a tow guided missile, even a TV guided missile were operational at the wars end! Awaiting its maiden voyage was the Amerika Bomber. This was a flying wing similar to our recent Stealth B1. Tested and built, it awaited the German Atomic bomb development. It was scheduled to fly over New York! Even more eerie than that was the alleged documents and rough prints indicating an alternate source electro-magnetic, anti-gravity powered disk. Whatever the Allies gleaned from the fall of Nazi Germany, it was probably the leftovers. It may be that most of the actual projects were probably transferred safely to Neu-Schwabenland in the Antarctic. What is known is that Nazi technology was taking a radical turn toward circular and triangular aircraft with alternate propulsion sources.

Officials Make Comments:

In a very generalized manner, a couple of quotes allude to confirming some of the afore-mentioned findings. Great Britainís chief of the technical mission to Germany for Aircraft Production in 1945 said, "I have seen enough of their designs and production plans to realize that if they (the Germans) had managed to prolong the war some months longer, we would have been confronted with a set of entirely new and deadly developments in air warfare."Captain Edward J. Ruppert, Chief of the U.S. Air force Project Bluebook stated in 1956, "When World War II ended, the Germans had several radical types of aircraft and guided missiles under development. The majority were in the most preliminary stages, but they were the only known craft that could even approach the performance of objects reported to UFO observersÖ"

Why Didnít They Win the War?

It is only logical to consider that if Nazi Germany developed such a vehicle, why didnít they win the war? The problem is one that really doesnít take a physicist to understand. These craft are flying or slipping through the Earthís gravity by creating their own gravitational field separate from the Earth. With this understanding, you realize that you are not going to be able to send a projectile of any type through one field into another. Guns or Cannons mounted on this craft could do nothing to shoot an enemy down. This would mean that this craft could not be used as an offensive weapon. Anyone who understands Hitler knows that if a weapon was not offensive it was not a top priority. The ME 262, was a Jet fighter that was copied by the US and Britain after the war. It was on the design boards as early as 1932. It was not seen as an offensive weapon and therefore delayed in development until much too late to be effective in the war. Had he built an Air force with this weapon early on, there wouldnít have been any great air war called the Battle of Britain, it would have been the slaughter of Britain. This was the thinking of Hitler and the reason other weapons were also delayed in development. All he had at that time was a fast- moving, shiny craft that looked good but could do nothing to "shoot" an enemy plane or even ram another aircraft. The only thing possible is just what Allied bomber pilots flying missions in 1945 had reported, "Foo Fighters." Shiny globes or disks were seen flying close to bombers having an effect on their electronics and navigational equipment. The technology was developed too late to effectively accomplish anything for the war effort. The side effect of being able to travel so fast unhindered by resistance has been rumored to be a "looping" or bending of space/time and supposedly was accidentally achieved. However, these are only rumors and cannot be verified. Rumors are interesting enough in light of what the Bible alludes to. If I am right about the breaching of space and time, rumors are all we will ever know of. But rumors may be enough to indicate that this part of scripture is in the process of being fulfilled.

Gleaned Activity in the US

Even as the Germans were conducting their "alternate" energy source programs, we may have stumbled upon some of this technology by accident, with very bad results.

Nicola Tesla was a genius and held over one thousand patented inventions. It has been alleged that in his latter years, Tesla claimed he received information from "aliens". It has been said that he first had the understandings of electro-magnetic levitating devices in the early 1890's! His last project was a government experiment using his famous Tesla Coils in project Rainbow. Rainbow was an attempt to make a ship invisible to radar by producing an electro-magnetic envelope around the ship. What happened we may never fully know. Wild rumors and unproved claims indicate that the ship used, the USS Eldridge, disappeared from the harbor in Philadelphia in 1943. When it reappeared many crewman were burned with radioactive burns, disappeared or were imbedded into the very hull of the ship. A Science fiction movie was made according to these rumors called The Philadelphia Experiment produced by John Carpenter in 1984 distributed by Columbia Pictures. It was also claimed that the ship actually slipped into a time warp and linked up with another experiment performed in 1984 at Montauk, New York by one of the remaining projectís scientist, John Von Newman and former Nazi scientists. What we do know is that Tesla was involved with this top-secret project. He had become concerned with the dangers of the project and became confrontational, resulting in his dismissal. Shortly thereafter, Tesla died in his apartment of "natural means." Being elderly, it may have been so. However, the fact that upon his death in 1943, the Department of Alien Acquisitions confiscated all of his inventions and locked them up in a United States (U.S.) Government vault without explanation. This was a highly suspicious act, as Tesla had become a citizen of the U.S. making this seizure illegal. Teslaís patents however are a matter of public record. Through the Freedom of Information Act, we know of his research and development in the areas of Electro-magnetic, Anti-gravity devices. His claim of receiving this knowledge from "Aliens" adds to a consistent pattern of occult connections to those developing this kind of technology.

Wilhelm Reich, another fringe scientist with occult connections was . He was also a part of the Rainbow project. His understanding of what he called "Orgone" was a free energy source of electro-magnetic power, which like a grid over the earth could be "tapped into" and utilized. As a part of his somewhat eccentric beliefs, some of his ideas included Hindu Tantric sexual practices. This got him into trouble, and jail. These troubles seemed to appear only after the government obtained their needed understanding of his theories. In jail he committed suicide. Upon his death, the U.S. government seized his lab, notes, experiments, and inventions. The recent project, H.A.A.R.P. is a product of some of Reichís and Teslaís theories, along with the late Viktor Schauberger with his son allegedly assisting. Other than denial, there is no official position by the government about project Rainbow. Government officials lately have offered a suggestion that the USS Eldridge was in the Philadelphia Harbor for a routine de-glossing process. This is the de-magnetizing of the ships metal hull making it harder for magnetic mines to lock on as a target. During WWII this was a rather routine and regular practice. This certainly would not require a "Project Rainbow" with a staff, including such top scientists like Tesla and Reich. These two combined on any project would tell you something out of the ordinary was taking place. The governmentís seizure of personal property, denial, or lame excuses when confronted, scream of a cover-up.

Most recently, Unsolved Mysteries featured the disappearance of a former rock band member of Iron Butterfly turned scientist. He graduated with honors and became a pioneer in communications for the government. It is claimed he created a mathematical formula to project radio waves faster than light speed. Before he disappeared, he phoned family and friends in what appeared to be a last good-bye. In less than a year from the airing of the show his body was found in his crumpled up van in the bottom of a ravine. His death was declared a suicide. This may be a coincidence or it may be a very familiar pattern. This pattern existed within the early history of UFO investigations. Dr. James E. McDonald and Morris K. Jessup are among others who made a connection to Nazis and/ or dimensional time travel with UFOs and then " committed suicide". Their specific findings never released to the public. There is a paper trail of many deaths related to what many believe is this suppressed technology.

Why You Probably Have Not Heard This Before:

The Nazi connection, for the most part is laughed at and rejected by most researchers and investigators of UFOs today.  Probably the greatest reason for this is because it takes away the hopeful expectation of help from the stars. Most of the UFO community does not believe in a personal God and subtly expresses their disdain for the traditional Western worldview. In a greater or lesser degree, most adhere to Theosophical concepts. Their hopes and narrow perspective is focused on an Extra-terrestrial origin, in spite of a far greater amount of evidence to an "inner- earth" Nazi connection. They not only reject this but also ridicule it. In this manner the General public is never presented with all of the facts. The News media, books, and videos depict only what their agenda dictates. In a consistent pattern, most of the major UFO investigators have impeccable credentials. They are achievers with a Masters or Doctorate in related fields of study. Most have also been former agents of the various military intelligence and National Security agencies. Personally, I believe most are still on the governmentís payroll, to insure that the right information is given out and conflicting information is suppressed. Because of this suppression, the general public accepts information that has been processed and programmed for them. As unconscious supporters they follow the lead of initiated members to the desired view.

UFO Sightings and Crashes; Some Common Sense Thoughts:

Why are there so many UFO crashes? We started getting reports shortly after WWII beginning in 1947 at Roswell through the mid 60ís, with Kecksburg being one of the last. Are we to believe that these craft come light years across the span of space to our little planet, only to crash in a desert? Are these crashes from a disruption of simple radar, as one writer reported, or not paying attention to the terrain and pounding into a dirt mound as reported by another? Stan Deyo, author of The Cosmic Conspiracy, points out that UFOs from the nineteen-fifties look like the styles of the fifties, while flying saucers of the nineteen-eighties look like the style of the eighties. I might add the latest, greatest being the new triangle type of the nineties. Are we to believe that "Aliens" are defining their technologies to the present cultural styles of earth? And every decade they continue to develop? Does not the evidence strongly suggest that these are Earthbound craft in a progressive research and development process in keeping with other developed craft, with occasional crashes? Rumors of underground bases jointly manned by "Aliens" and humans working on Genetic and Anti-gravity craft may not be unfounded. Now if "Aliens" have fully developed craft able to skip across the universe, why donít they just give us a blueprint, some material or formulas and let us have at it. There would be no development necessary, as the technology is already there, is it not? No, based on circumstantial evidence there is a development of technology being performed.

So Why Do We Have Rockets?

The final thing to ask is, if they are developing such craft, why have rockets and a space program as we now have? Two reasons perhaps. One, it would be a good way to have a smoke screen. The other is that now Satan and his Angels are cast down to this planet. This grid makes for a fast time traveling, dazzling, performing object in this earthly sphere. But it might be locked into this atmosphere. That could be why the Bible says he is the prince and power of the air. In the Greek the words for cast down in the Earth, literally means, on dry land amongst men. Prior to the Genesis flood, he had access to space. The anomalies on Mars may someday verify that fact. Jesus told us "Now the prince of this world is cast out." John 12:31

Flight of the Technology of Flight:       

It has been reported and documented that over 2,000 SS officers disappeared; over 200 of the latest Model 21 submarines were not in their pens when the Allies overran the area. They were never found. This model had a snorkel that enabled them to stay underwater undetected for long distances while charging batteries and replenishing the air supply. It was possible that a cross Atlantic trip to the South Pole could be made unnoticed. Admiral Donetz commented to submarine students at the German Naval academy if the war takes a turn for the worse, a safe location was already prepared for relocation." Did he have Neu-Schwabenland in mind when he said that? At the end of World War II, over 200,00 German citizens were unaccounted for. This figure already accounted for internment deaths, POWs and MIAs. The Germans were articulate in record keeping. The entire German Reichstag Bank disappeared! Guinness Book of World Records states this as being the largest unsolved bank heist in history. It sounds more like an evacuation of an entire Government to me. Retreat to fight another day or maybe you wonít have to fight by using a different tactic.

A flight to the South Pole!

It sounds too fantastic to be true. The United States didnít think so. Operation High jump was set into motion on February of 1947. Headed by our only expert on the Antarctic, Admiral Byrd. Outfitted with 13 ships, including an aircraft carrier and 4,000 military ground troops, they went to the Antarctic. Outfitted for 8 months, the public was told that this was a scientific expedition to "test" military equipment in extreme cold conditions. They made a two-point landing converging on the area known to be "Neu-Schwabenland." In a matter of weeks they returned with the loss of equipment. The administration in censured Admiral Byrd to silence about the whole matter. In a matter of a couple of months the largest "flap" sightings of UFOís are experienced. At the same time the United States was concerned that many of the experiments and technological wonders that the Germans had been working on might fall into Russian hands. Operation Lusty and Paperclip were adopted to procure the Nazi scientists, projects, and records into the United States. In 1947 these prized spoils of war were stationed at White Sands, New Mexico and Roswell, New Mexico. Up until this point the United States Military, Intelligence and Administration were concerned about an unknown technology and escaped Naziís in the Antarctic. In the summer of 1947 in Roswell, suddenly we had a new Horror to content with!

An Unholy Alliance

The alleged crash of a UFO suddenly takes our Military leaderís minds off of Nazis and directed to another problem! Are the Nazis allied with Aliens? But are they Aliens or the Fallen angels mentioned in the Bible? A possible confirmation to this escape and alliance can be found further in the Book of Amos. He describes the fugitives running from Godís wrath by digging into hell and ascending into heaven. Traditionally, it has been said that this text is only figuratively speaking about extremes in heights and depths that are impossible for man to actually achieve. However, the possibility exists that it is a literal prophecy of a future event. The details of sending the serpent to bite at them remove the figurative language, making it very literal.

"Though they dig into hell, from there my hand shall take them; though they climb up to heaven, from there I will bring them down; ... though they hide from My sight at the bottom of the sea, from there I will command the serpent, and it shall bite them; Amos 9:2-3 2 (New King James Version)

Notice that if taken literally, these fugitive people are headed in two directions. They dig into hell, and hide themselves at the bottom of the sea. Which means the abyss or a subterranean domain. They also ascend into heaven. It does not say they try or make an attempt. They do it! Even then God is in control and will eventually bring them down. A point made is the fact that they accomplish both tasks for a time. No other time in the history of mankind could anyone fulfill or even desire to fulfill this prophecy except the Nazis. Ascending into heaven is more than a space program, as we have already come to understand. It is the ability to travel inter-dimensionally through time from the eternal to the linear. This text could be the Biblical evidence of the Nazi escape into an inner earth via the Antarctic. Notice that God sends the serpent to bite at them. In Hebrew, the word for bite also means to pay interest on a loan. If this verse were describing a literal snake, biting would be the only meaning to make sense. However, if the serpent is something more than a snake, as you will see in the chapter about Grays, this paying interest on a loan makes a lot of sense. It may suggest that the Nazis are being used or allowed by God to play a part in an alliance with the serpent. This paying interest is the willingness of the Grays (fallen Angels) to apply their own agenda and technologies to the Nazis for their own ends. Past translators could never have understood this text of scripture until events begin to line up with the original selected wording. This is a pretty accurate description of what happened right after WWII. Laughed at rumors and wild sounding claims may have a Biblical reference to their realties in this text of scripture.

A Different Strategy

In this Nazi and Gray alliance, several things begin to happen. The Grays need to cross back over into human form as flesh and bone not blood. This crossing over cannot be as they did before the flood in a mere mortal form subject to a physical death. This time they need to imitate the immortal human form promised to God's children. To "rise above the stars" as stated by Lucifer in Isaiah 14:13. In a sense, this is a Satanic resurrection of the disembodied spirits from before the flood. It is also the transformation of the rest of the fallen angels (Grays) to a similar higher form as the promised resurrected human body. A genetic program of cloning, splicing and hybridization begins. These are just what the "Aliens" claim to be doing. It is also what the Nazis were working on during their reign of power. This is what Grays need in this alliance. Their promise to man is the interfacing of Biological and Mechanical systems to developed and produce a nut and bolt, man made UFO. This process is the mechanization of the living biological system of an angelic order from the eternal dimension - a lying sign and wonder! As this same integrated technology is refined, it is being applied to resurrect and hide the fugitive angelic and disembodied rebels. While this research and development is taking place, in a "fortress of defense" hidden and secret within the Antarctic, an undermining of the very powers that defeated the Nazis is staged to convert and win them over from within. The Gray's become new Nazi allies in the minds of the United States military and intelligence officials after the staged crash in Roswell. This causes a willingness to negotiate and compromise their previous position as the total victors of World War II. The Nazi solders become the "Aliens" in spacecraft seen by contactees of the 50's. The Theosophical beliefs of the Nazis are also the warnings and beliefs of the "Aliens" and the entire New Age Movement. The new tactic is to convert the enemy from within by visitations and warnings from "Aliens". In this sense the three Allied powers that claimed victory over the Nazis are actually "plucked up by the roots". By staging crashes, contacts and warnings from "Aliens," their own belief systems are shaken and changed. Over the decades, the political agenda of Theosophy, lost in battle, becomes the successful religious conversion of their former enemy called the New Age! Without firing a shot the enemy becomes an ally to the agenda and a NEW WORLD ORDER begins!

"I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things." Dan 7:8

Lying Signs and Wonders!

Satanís plan is to rise above the heights of the clouds.

"I will ascend above the heights (fame) of the clouds;" Isaiah 14:14

In the Hebrew the word for heights can also mean fame or glory. These clouds are the Biblical representation of the presence of God and what Jesus ascended into heaven in. As we have seen in scripture, this cloud is a living order of angel used as an inter-dimensional vehicle. To rise above the clouds of heaven, Satan replaces it with a nuts and bolt mechanical imitation and offers it to mankind ...or at least one man, the Antichrist.

This offer provides almost god-like qualities; to be all-present, all-knowing and all-powerful. Or as God had proclaimed at Babel:

"Now nothing will be restrained from them that they imagined to do." Genesis 11:6

It is one of two promises offered to Eve in the Garden:

"Your eyes will be opened and you shall be like God." Genesis 3:5

A promise that was made based on choosing the tree or portal into the knowledge of good and evil. This is also a power given by God himself for a time to the Antichrist!

"And he shall speak great words against the most High, ...and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time." Daniel 7:25p

This power will be associated with the Second Coming of the Antichrist!

"Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, "II Thessalonians 2:9

As I have already stated the signs and wonders in the Greek suggests, a sudden startling appearance in the sky bearing an ethical message contrary to the God of the Bible. The very events that are happening to us as a people today!

"...because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had (hopeful expectation) pleasure in unrighteousness." (an alternate way)

II Thessalonians 2:10-12

The man made UFO is a lying sign and a wonder prophesied in the Bible. It is an act of rebellion against a God who states:

"Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God" (Heaven)

The UFO not only breaks Godís natural law, it is used as a catalysts to deceive the world away from God and his promises to a great Lie!.

The other promise is that: "you shall surly not die." Gen3:4

Cloning is the other false promise and hope. It is also a breaker of Godís natural laws.

"For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Rom 6:23

In this sense you are no different than Adam and Eve. Before you stand two very different belief systems, one in rebellion to God, one conforming to His way. So here you are in the garden standing before two trees, the tree of life or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil... which will you choose. The choice has eternal consequences!

For much more detail visit the Virtual Museum of Alternate Realities, Man - Made UFOs section. VMMMUFOS



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