THE FOURTH KIND                    H Have we been Blair Witched Again?

I make a habit to see most movies that are related to the whole UFO/Alien deception. For me this is just part of my ministry. The Fourth Kind is just such a movie and I felt it was important to see it opening day to discover what is being presented to the public.

The Fourth Kind is a movie based on Alien Abduction.  It is presented as a docu-drama based on alleged events that took place in Nome Alaska back in 2000.

Most of the movie is shown with a split screen. On one side you have the actors and actresses playing out the docu-drama, on the other side are alleged video and audio taped counseling sessions recorded by a Dr. Abigail Tyler. Also included as video evidence were the actual recordings from  police cars involved at on site events. Are they real recordings? Does the story have any merit as evidence to this phenomena or has Hollywood pulled another spoof on the public? As a spoof I mean a ploy that just like the Blair Witch project ( I never saw the movie) was put upon a trusting unsuspecting public.

 In the Blair Which Project, the movie was released as being the actual recorded events by students but they want you decide what is real. After the movie had played itself out in the original running, it was then declared a hoax. Was the hoax just a marketing ploy to create a larger audience. Probably so. But, could the powers that be,  through this ploy be testing the publics gullibility?  We do not know this nor can anyone so far offer any conclusive evidence for this assumption but it certainly is a question that should be considered.

This was not the first time this kind of trick has been played on the public. Back in the 80's a made for TV show featured an alleged home made movie by a family that one night, experienced little gray alien visitors that abducted some of the family members.   This was proclaimed as evidence that made no claims of authenticity but left that decision up to the public to decide.  This was the same statement made in the Fourth Kind.  At the end of the TV presentation, I looked carefully at the credits running by the screen. I noticed there were names of the actors playing the role as the "Aliens"! It was a Hollywood hoax! Others also caught the credit review and some brief controversy followed but it really did not matter to them, the show was a hit for the moment and they accomplished what they wanted, a large audience.

While watching The Fourth Kind there was a glimmer of hope that maybe this was real. Now why, you might ask would I hope something so horrible as what was being presented was real? First off I know that the abduction experience is real. I have dealt with this for over a decade. This movie presented more evidence without drawing any conclusions themselves that was filled with demonic deception. One good example was a hypnotic session where other voices spoke out of the individual and claimed in ancient Sumerian that they were speaking to God. Many other allusions were also included without comment or conclusions. It made for a great case for all of us who are trying to make this connection of demonic fallen angels not space aliens. Therein was why I had hope, if real this could be a smoking gun for many of us. That hope however was short lived.

I became so emotionally taken by this presentation that after the movie was over I stood up, introduced my self to the entire audience and told them I had a free booklet on the subject from a Biblical perspective if anyone was interested I would wait in the lobby and give them a copy. Most would not even make eye contact with me and others tried to keep from breaking out in laughter a few did. One of the attendants, a young man asked me for a booklet. I gave another one to a willing couple in passing. As I was ready to leave, another young couple eager to have some information came up to me and asked me for a booklet. True or not, in the boldness I exercised becoming a fool for the gospels' sake, several people were going to read vital information about the truth of abductions and more important they would learn who to go to for their own salvation.

This gave me an idea that I used to do in the past when I started one of the first Christian Motorcycle ministries back in the 70's. The strategic passing out of information at related bike events to those who could relate. In those days, this was what created a ministry that stills exists today 30 years later.

 I am going to organize through the PAAPSI organization a movement to pass out tracts and my booklets specifically addressing the paranormal topics the movies are presenting to the public. While the emotions are still stirred, the best time to reach the people open to receive information is when they are leaving the movie. Since most movies in large cities are in multiplex malls, it is hard to be on public property like a sidewalk in front of the theater like it is in small towns. In a manner that is legal we can try whatever may work. It is worth the effort and attempt. The Word says about the times we are living in that people will be deceived by flatteries but...
"but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits." Dan 11:32
We could and should exploit all of these situations for the gospels' sake.

I must admit I came with a few booklets because I was already inspired by a small church fellowship in Terra Haute Indiana to do something more than just go and watch the movie. The pastor of this small ministry was himself an abduction victim as a child. He wrote me after the Coast to Coast interview and was excited to hear a fellow minister that had Biblical proof for what he experienced. The first thing he asked me was did I have any tracts made on the subjects.  As a matter of fact I did. I had  made up 15 tracts over ten years ago and never did much with them as I never had any support to do anything with them. They were also very expensive to mass produce. Ten years later and there are thousands that understand this kind of ministry and I believe now is the time to turn up the heat on the enemy and begin an aggressive evangelistic campaign for the truth. I sent him the files to make their own and posted them as a free download on my site. The church in Terre Haute made up several hundred and passed them out in front of their local theater as the first movie let out. I know there will be some great reports in the future by these efforts.

 My hope for the movie presenting a real case was short lived as my emotions calmed down and  logic began to replace the moment.

First, in all of the cases I ever had and many others known by other researchers,  investigators, and counselors, I have never heard or seen anything as radical or lethal as the events presented in The Fourth Kind. That is not to say that the experience could not have a sudden acceleration but it is not consistent with past cases.

Two, if this is in fact is a true event that included deaths and many police officials as witnesses as well as townspeople, why has no one in the UFO community Secular or Christian ever heard anything in nine years. There are always leaks and observant researchers with connections will hear at least rumors. Nothing anymore is a total secret. But to my well informed knowledge, I never heard anything before the Hollywood release. HMMM

 The third final point was made when I shared my viewing thoughts with a colleague of mine Lynn Marzullie on a radio program, "Set the Captives Free". The programs two hosts Mario and Lynne D. are themselves victims of abduction. Lynne Marzullie is the author of several books on the UFO/Alien deception and has been doing this kind of ministry a few years longer than I have. The show was more of a panel discussion by four people who are personally involved with this phenomena.

As an experienced investigator, Lynne M already researched any information he could find on the main person in the movie Dr. Abigail Tyler. He could find no information on her as a student, Doctor or even an actual resident of Nome. The only information on her was a site that was only posted several months ago. She probably does not exist. There are many easy ways to find information on someone today by rather easy public information ranging from real-estate, drivers license, alumni from schools and such. When all of these fail to produce anyone, one has to wonder if the person is real, such is the case for Dr Abigail Tyler.

In it all, I think we have been Blair Witched again. But even in this, we can and should exploit the moment for the Lord....Jim Out