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Frequently Asked Questions

The most often asked question posed to me by most Christians and non-Christians alike is this, (sorry I cannot give a simple answer but a good question deserves a good answer)

Q. Do you think there is life on other planets?

A. As I look out among the stars at night, I must admit that I have a hard time thinking that we are the only life in the entire cosmos. At the same time, with the knowledge I have of the scriptures, I also realize that mankind is a very unique creation with a unique promise that some of us will have a position as family to abide with God in Heaven, forever. In that knowledge, I could have the faith to believe that somewhere, and at some time, there had to be a beginning. Could we be that beginning? Instead of letting it go at that however, It is important to take this question out of personal beliefs or speculation and look for internal evidence within the scriptures.

To begin a search we would have to consider, just what is heaven as defined by the scriptures. Also in this we should see if there is any mention or alluding to any kind of celestial mechanics. We should also consider, does the Bible mention any other life forms existing somewhere beside our earth. These questions, if addressed in the Bible in any way should be considered as evidence to seriously consider before a quick answer is given based on assumptions.

Most fundamental and evangelical Christian scholars agree that the Bible speaks of a triple decker heaven. The Hebrew word for heaven has three meanings for the same word "Shamayim". The contextual use is the only manner of distinguishing the difference which in itself creates some difficulty. One meaning refers to the atmosphere around the earth, the other refers to the physical material heavens including planets and galaxies, and the third heaven, is described as God's abode. Many Christians see this as a spiritual plain of existence. With nothing else confirmed or quoted with scripture, I find that most Christians have this never never land child-like image of some ethereal non material dimension as "heaven". Again, we should consider if the scriptures, can provide any further description about heaven and perhaps get a clearer picture about what will be for some of us , our future home.

If you will read the Parallel Dimension writing on this site, you will see that the Bible defines God's abode as another dimension outside of linear time. Linear time, where we exist now, is part of the fall and in a sense our quarantine and barrier. It is vital to understand this before we can even consider other life anywhere else. Our fallen state is bound by a progression of time. This is not the norm and makes us cut off in a sense from the rest of reality or, everything else whatever that might be. I truly believe what is defined is a parallel dimension. In that section, I show you all of the scriptures to confirm this idea.

In the broadest sense, the Bible describes the heavenly host as the population of the third heaven. The heavenly host are literally residents living somewhere outside of this earth. These are referred to as angelic beings of a variety of orders and some sentient non-human types. A seraphim is one type of angel. Seraphim the Hebrew root sarap means burning or fiery one. In Sanskrit it means reptile. This could be alluding to the type of a non human beings nature. Jesus in Luke 10:19, describes having power over serpents and scorpions. In context, the only object being described here were angelic host of the fallen nature as part of the rebel alliance. The word nachash does not mean a snake but lines up with what the UFO community calls the Grays. Scorpions have no know root source and is open for meaning. It could allude to an insectoid type being. This you will find is the other popular non human type of "alien". It may be more than a coincidence that in Job, two constellations are mentioned, the Pleiades and Orion. The context is interesting in contrast to the claims of so called Aliens as being from one or the other. In the sections on Grays, Hybrids Nordics, the flood and cattle mutilations, a complete description with many scriptures define some of these types of beings. \


Before I incur the wrath of every Bible believing Christian let me back up here a bit. This is where understanding the parallel dimension reality becomes important. The Bible is about our earth and linear experience. It alludes to things about heaven, God's abode, and mentions a few things about "outer space". The entire involvement of these beings and their inter-reaction with earth from ANY and ALL heavens are mentioned prophetically right up to the end. In all of this, there is no mention of any neutral beings with an undecided or undetermined future. In other words it is black and white. What ever beings are in either of the other two heavens, God's abode or outer space, are either part of God's kingdom and know it and profess it in conformity to the Bible, or, they are part of a rebel alliance against God and His creation and will tell us anything but the truth. There is NOTHING in between. That is one thing the Bible is quite clear on. I believe this clear understanding is made to us in the scriptures for our own safety. God knew that the end time delusion would include "Aliens" with a new deal for mankind. We can know better if we believe the Bible.


That still leaves us with angelic beings that live somewhere else other than our planet earth. By pure definition alone, that makes them foreigners to our earth or "Aliens" It really comes down to semantics. Contrary to popular beliefs, Angelic beings are called ministering spirits but no where does the Bible teach that they are little blobs of vapor or dis-embodied spirits. Humans are sometimes called souls but that does not mean that we are restricted to just that dimension. The same can be said of angels being called spirits. Jesus told Thomas to put his hands on his nail scarred wounds and see that he was not spirit but flesh and bone. He was in a resurrected body that was very physical and yet could pass right through a wall. The spirits he was speaking about here, were the disembodied spirit life forms of the offspring of the fallen angels and human women that were destroyed in the flood. They became what we call demons today and are a completely different creature than angels, good or fallen. Demons are without a physical nature as part of their judgment. You can get all the details and scriptures in the flood essay.

Angels however, are just as physical as you or I. They sat and ate food with Lot and his family, they engage each other in battle (Rev 11,12) They can detain each other as in the case of the prince of Persia and Michael as he helped the angel who attempted to respond to Daniel's prayer (Dan 10:13). This highly suggests the physical nature of Angelic beings. Manna given to the Israelites as they wandered in the wilderness, was called angel's food. From this can we surmise that they must have a digestive system? Paul concludes the physical nature of two different orders in 1 Corinthians 15:40-55 He describes terrestrial bodies and celestial bodies.

Dare to think this through, If angels are highly intelligent sentient beings with a physical nature, would they not also have to live somewhere? Is it possible that they have a culture and some kind of social order we would call a society. Would this not also include a physical place to live like planets?

. Someday many part truths and outright lies will be offered to answer many current mysteries. These will be throw in all of mankind's faces. The anomalies on Mars, hidden chambers between the paws of the Sphinx, an Alien disclosure to the public are but a few that may come all at one time. It will beg for answers deeper than our child - like imagery too many Christians cling to.

What is more logical , to keep unfounded unscriptural images alive as a hope, or do we dare look at what the scriptures may have to offer as intelligent answers that refute the coming lies that will try to explain away our faith. Call them whatever you want angels or Aliens the fact remains, they are one in the same. They are either part of God's Kingdom and speak in conformity to the written Word of God or, they are part of a rebel alliance and speak everything but the truth. So do I think there is life elsewhere? Yes but within the parameters as defined by the Word of God and not the imaginations of men on either side of the fence as Popular Christian beliefs or the UFO communities beliefs.

"But even if we or an angel (Alien!) from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned!" Gal 1:8 (NIV)

Q. Do you really believe people are being abducted by "Aliens"

A. Again I would prefer to call them Fallen Angels, but yes I am convinced that this is a real problem happening to real people. My colleague Joe Jordan does not believe this is physically happening but rather happening only on a mental level of deception. I however, have found way to many scriptures that would indicate that this is happening on every level including a physical one. The main purpose of abductions is a physical one that involves the tampering of genetics and creating a hybrid similar to what happened prior to the flood only this time clinical and outside of a relationship . Joe and I are able to work together because the solution to the problem on any level is the same. If you read my section on this site on abductions and cattle mutilations you will get the full story with support from the scriptures. Click Here for my personal testimony of my own experience.

Q. You Christians all seem to be so negative toward the idea of Aliens. Why do you think they are all bad. Isn't that being prejudice and judgmental on your part?

A. To be true to my faith as a follower of Christ I have to believe in the Bible and what is recorded as what Jesus said. He made some pretty non-inclusive statements. He said he was "the way, truth and life that no one came to the father but by him". He said that if any came any other way the same was a thief and a robber. Only Christ paid the ultimate price and does not want to share that with others that had nothing to do with his plan to redeem mankind. We are warned several times about encounters with non humans and to be cautious.

"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. " 2 Cor 11:14-15 (KJV)

"But even if we or an angel (Alien!) from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned!" Gal 1:8 (NIV)

" Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. I Jn 2:22 (NKJ)

Even if you are an ardent skeptic that does not believe in any form of aliens or angels, if you look at every thing recorded or written and implied about Aliens and their messages, they are consistent about one thing. I call that the Jesus factor, They all get it wrong.
Perhaps you are open to the idea of Aliens or Angels, I have to ask you, what do we find in any and all encounters with "Aliens". In my entire life at 56 years, I have never once heard anything quoted by any so called Alien, that proclaimed anything consistent to the Word of God. In all cases, they always get the Jesus factor wrong. In every case by any type of Alien they proclaim a form of Theosophy which is diametrically opposed to anything in the Bible. So if I am negative, I am because of their statements about another Jesus and another gospel. I do not judge them, their own words have done that for them. I simply remain true to my faith and my Lord Jesus the Christ and absolutely do not accept anything of Theosophy.. which is the spirit of antichrist.

Q. Do you believe UFOs are real.

A. Yes I believe there are man made nut and bolt vehicles we would identify as UFOs. There is a paper trail and history that goes back to Nazi Germany. Through their occult beliefs they obtained a technology that was too little too late for their war effort. Some of this technology was gleaned by the allies as the spoils of war at the wars end. In the late 40s and 50s "contactees claimed to be visited by "Nordics" called such because they were tall blond hair, blue eyed German speaking "Aliens". Their craft was identical to captured Nazi documents. In sections here on this site you will read about the history but also see the prophetic scripture that confirms and reveals a plan of deception using man made UFO's. See the Tower of Babel and Nazi UFOs, and the Clouds of heaven. In the virtual Museum visit the man made UFO section, Time Travel area and Essential Theology sections.

What I do not believe, is the lie that Biblical figures in the Bible encountered UFOs and their Alien occupants as angels. This is a direct deceitful lie from the enemy of God and mankind, Satan. You can get details on that in the 5- I wills section, The clouds of heaven and the Global Conspiracy of the big lie.

Q. What do you think happened in Roswell in 1947?

A. The biggest fairy tail about Roswell, is weather balloons and Mougal Spy balloons. I moved to Roswell and lived there from 2003-2007. In that time I had the chance to meet just about everybody involved in the UFO community. I also met Glen Dennis, Jessie Marcel Jr and got a chance to know the late Walter Haut. I recorded over a dozen other eye witnesses who were children and teenagers at the time who remember the incident. In my section on Roswell you will get the conventional history as well as an unknown history leading to 1947. I have an updated essay with Zechariah 5 as a prophetic fulfilled occult plan which alludes to the Roswell crash. In the Virtual museum you can go to three different Roswell sections for the complete story in pictures. Yes it was real, yes it was conspired and yes it was effective in undermining this nation and in turn the entire world. This was a key to the bottomless pit being opened mentioned in Revelation 9 :1 It was a piece of technology offered like the dangling carrot put before the hungry rabbit to make it go where they wanted it to. It was also a theological ruin to all that our nations leaders thought they knew up until that point in history. It became the foundation for a false religious system to be introduced and indoctrinate the rest of the nation and the whole world. That is why Roswell is what it is today the UFO Mecca for the whole world.

Q. Do you really believe the Bible is God's Word without errors?

A. Yes, but I would be rather foolish if I tried to prove it to anyone. After all that could be said and done, there remains a certain element of faith involved however, it is not blind faith. For the skeptic consider this, If there was a God who is all powerful, and if he provided a series of important writings inspired through various people to be compiled into a book as claimed, then he would certainly be able to protect the content of those writings and preserve it for all time. On that assumption then, there should be some evidence of this accomp0lishment, and yes there is.

Around 3o years ago a young man finishing a college thesis, set out to prove Christianity and the Bible as a lie based on historical and Archeological evidence. Without objectivity he found just the opposite. He found that there was more evidence that the 66 books written called the Bible, has more fragmented, partial and whole copies closest to the assumed original writing dates than anything else ever penned by man. There is such an overwhelming amount of evidence that these books are in a class of their own far exceeding any others in all of history. The only difference is that disputes against the Bible continue in spite of such overwhelming evidence. For me this reveals the reality of spiritual warfare. The controversy would not and does not exist for many other pieces of literature but then other sources are not claiming to be the word of God. Did you know that Bible means The Book? Needless to say this man, Josh McDowell, became not only a Christian himself but a Minister. He wrote these findings in a book called Evidence that demands a Verdict. He has had a powerful ministry to youth since.

Another factor to consider is Jewish Tradition. The Jews who maintained the Old Testament books had a unique cultural and religious practice strictly adhered to by the scribes who copied the scriptures down through the centuries. They had to memorize every word and record every detail without a mistake. If they made any mistake, the entire compilation up to that point was destroyed and he would have to start over. The consistency is truly amazing. This kind of reliability was used as a standard for determining what books were to be used in the New Testament. It was the content of the Old Testament and proof of authorship that was used to determine what books became the New Testament. New Age Nazi lies have brainwashed my generation into believing that political agendas and selfish personal motivations keep certain books out of the Bible. This is an unfounded lie and just not true to recorded history church or secular. Books excluded were done so because they contained concepts and ideas that conflicted with the content of the highly esteemed consistent Laws, decrees and concepts of the Old Testament books.

The last thing to consider is a personal one that in no way can be proven to anyone except the individual who responds by faith to learn, believe and obey what is in the Bible. In the 34 years I have studied, believed and applied the scriptures in my life, I have reaped the rewards of obedience. My confidence and faith grows deeper and unyielding to these truths. I have developed a love relationship with my Lord that becomes far better than anything this world has to offer. The only thing I can do on this personal level is share my life experiences as a testimony to what faith in God and his Word can do. In the section Who we are, I have an excerpt from a biography I wrote. In this section I tell the life saving experiences I lived while being the Pastor of one of the first Evangelical Christian Motorcycle Clubs.