Creationism, The Flood, Anomalous Archeology

Biblical Creationism

This is not a science book, it is a Biblical commentary. As such it is thorough and comprehensive, and  Morris clearly has extensive Biblical knowledge and not inconsiderable Christian wisdom.






Darwin's Mistake

Translated from its original German text, Dr. Zillmer puts forth a host of undisputable evidence (much of which was only found in recent decades) that completely destroys everything Lyell and Darwin's theories are built on. The author demonstrates a solid knowledge of paleontology, geology, world history, religion and chemistry. He uses logic to systematically demolish every one of Darwin's theories and puts forth his own ideas (which he backs up by science and history). In his book, he gives undeniable evidence of a literal, worldwide flood and other major catastrophes.


 Fingerprints of the Gods

Connecting puzzling clues scattered throughout the world, Hancock discovers compelling evidence of a technologically and culturally advanced civilization that was destroyed and obliterated from human memory. Four 8-page photo inserts. I do not agree with many of Hancock's premise and conclusions but this does not take away from some excellent raw data and research.


 Forbidden Archeology

Both of the Authors are members of the Krishna Bhaktivendanta Institute "that studies the relationship between modern science and the world view expressed in the Vedic literature,"  In spite of this slant the authors  do present a good overview of the scientific community's tendency to discredit anomalously old findings and avoids crying "conspiracy" or "cover-up," instead exploring the psychological reasons for ignoring evidence that does not fit into the contemporary view of evolution. You should  go back to the original citations in order to get a "true," "uncolored" view of what information was actually presented in the primary sources. In spite of this their is a good collection of debatable evidence that the "experts" do not accept. The main discussion and debate is over age, however many anomalous artifacts are brought out to explain that we have a different past than what is commonly accepted by today's "experts". Still worth reading but some of the data is slanted and not objective in it's presentation.

 The Genesis Record

Henry Morris is a gifted writer, researcher, and scientist and all of these God-given attributes come out beautifully in his classic commentary on Genesis. He has received  negative comments on Amazon by those who do not believe that Genesis is a literal historical record of  beginnings. Others critics have a problem not only with the Bible but the concept of creation, so the negative attacks are to be expected . Personally, I use this book as a reference book and value it as an important part of my personal library.


 Pyramid Decoded

This is a fascinating book which details very specific weight, volume, mass, perimeter, and interior measurements of the great pyramid in relation to the earth, solar system, stars, and events in time Jeremiah 32:20 states that God "...hast set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt, even unto this day."
The author brings together these amazing facts with Biblical insight that suggests that the structure has encoded prophecy within and is the sign mentioned by the prophet Jeremiah


 Scientific Creation

This book provides a compelling argument that the entire fossil record is a result of the great flood of Noah's time. If so, it undermines the evolutionists' arguments that the fossil record reflects the process of evolution across great ages of the earth's history. The book also argues quite well for a literal six-day creation period. It is quite readable and comprehensive.