Battle: Los Angeles


I was pleasantly surprised watching this movie. This was in one sense a typical Saturday evening matinee shoot em up combat move that you might want to leave most ladies home as this was defiantly a Guy flick. Unless your female friends or wives liked watching the old series Combat you should not subject them to this movie any more than they should subject you to the Sisterhood ya ya traveling pants of the green fried tomatoes of Mama Mia chick flick genera.


The action starts after the first 10 minuets of background information about the main character a Marine Staff Sergeant and doesn't let up until the very end. This was a movie working on several levels. On one level earth is suddenly faced with a massive colonization and extermination attempt by unknown aliens. Rapid deployment of our military forces engage this unknown enemy with unknown technology that is superior but not resistant to our own weapons. Observe, adapt, attack and overcome the typical Marine MOD was the whole theme of the movie.


On a more personal level, I have to warn all veterans especially combat veterans and anyone who has ever been in a life and death situation who has had to depend on others as a group for survival, this movie is going to be quite an emotional walk through memory lane for you.

As the movie takes you through much emotion and drama of some of the characters, there was one point in the movie I found myself unable to keep back the sobs from my own memories. I fortunately this time, (I have been known to get this way before) was not alone, a guy beside me and behind me were also in the same state of wiping back tears and trying to subdue the sobbing. Yes it was that impacting. I knew and they knew we all shared the same experience at one time as veterans from past wars.


This movie like 2012 had no indoctrination, no philosophy attached to it as far as the alien agenda goes. It was just a very emotional story about the camaraderie necessary to overcome overwhelming odds against an enemy threatening your very existence.

What made this movie more emotional to me was the fact that at the most important challenging time in history men and women overcame their personal fears and problems and came together to work as a unit to accomplish victory.


In contrast to what is currently going on in my life, we all sense that something big prophetically is just around the corner, Something that just like this movie we are going to have to come together as a unified group in order to overcome. Instead at this most critical time there is a faction hell bent on dividing the already few amount of watchmen God has appointed in these last days as the last best hope for the future. My prayers are that we may hope to act like the characters in this movie and reconcile our differences by seeing the real threat and meet it head on together. This is a timely movie one that Guys, if you have been in that situation before, you might want to pick a dimly lit back corner location to watch the movie and bring at least one Kleenex with you.

Best guy flick of the year so far for me. Thumbs up on this one. A great movie to remember the importance of unity in the time of great danger.