At the Movies with Jim

This is a new posting and I will make an effort to play catch up on many previous movies. If there are any you would like to have reviewed in light of the Bible, please drop me a line with your request and I will make an effort to provide you with a review.





The Fourth Kind

The most common question about this movie is, What it a real docudrama?

Find the answer here




2. 2012: The Movie

2012 the ultimate disaster movie but was there more?

Find out here.





3. SkyLine

The movie that gets everybody with the seed planted of an alien "Rapture". Includes the scene making that very statement.



In Portuguese here.



4. Battle L.A.

A movie that has no "Alien agenda" indoctrination to it at all.

This was an action packed movie that every combat veteran will relate to. If this movie had any kind of message to it, it was forgiveness and unity to survive. See here why I would say such a thing.







Is there a movie you have questions about? Drop me a line.