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About Us

Jim Wilhelmsen is the Author of "Beyond Science Fiction"

Co-founder of PAAPSI an organization dealing with helping victims of unwanted paranormal activity.

Jim also is a talk show radio co-host with David Ruffino on Blog talk radio Opposing the Matrix.

Jim is also the creator of 109 videos made by myself on You Tube under the name of Alternaterealities7

Jim Wilhelmsen

Jim is an Alumni of Central Bible College and was ordained by the independent Assemblies of God in 1980.  Jim pioneered one of the first Christian Motorcycle Ministries which appeared on the 700 Club. Jim has held a lifetime interest in UFOs since he was a child in the 50’s. Jim gave his first sermon on Genesis 6, linking it to an end time deception with UFOs and Aliens in 1978. In 1996 Jim was called into a full-time ministry presenting this Biblical perspective. Pastor Wilhelmsen began to help victims of the Alien Abduction phenomena. Traveling across America warning and investigating first hand led him to move to Roswell NM, where he had a bookstore/Museum.  Currently Jim lives in Michigan where he now speaks and investigates internationally on this topic and continues to provide termination of the Abduction Experience.


Special Thanks To:

  • My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, without your guidence none of this would have ever been.

Statement of Faith:

• We believe in the Triune nature of only one God who is manifested in three personal dimensions; The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

• We believe in the Inerrant, Infallible, Complete, Verbal inspiration of the Bible , and it's supreme and final authority, in faith and life.

 • We believe in the total depravity of man i.e. the complete sinfulness of man as a result of a fall from grace.

• We believe in the Deity of Christ: Christ as God incarnate in the flesh, fully God and fully man; begotten of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary.

• We believe in the substitution death of Christ to provide the only means of salvation, by faith alone, through faith alone.

• We believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ, his ascension into heaven, and his future return.

• We believe in the indwelling Holy Spirit and the gifts that are given to men

• We believe in the literal physical return of Jesus Christ to this world at the end of times, to claim. a thousand year rule ending with a promised new heaven and earth and a judgment for rejecters of God's grace and provision in Christ .

• We believe in a literal person Lucifer now called Satan who is a fallen angel which leads a rebellion and wages war against God and mankind.

• We believe in two literal seeds mentioned in Genesis 3

• We believe in the great commission to preach the gospel to every creature.

Definition and History

What is an Echoes of Enoch?In Genesis 6th Chapter, we are told that the "sons of god" (fallen angels) interbreed with the human race. Their objective was to undermine the first prophecy in the Bible as recorded in Genesis 3. This prophecy stated that from the seed of a woman would come one who would crush the head of the serpent. This was the foretelling of Jesus, the son of God and God the Son, who would become incarnate through the human linage to redeem mankind. (Gen 3:15) By contaminating the human bloodline they tried to prevent God's redemptive plan... They were only eight people away from success.
Enoch and Noah were the only two men of God to stand in truth against these “son’s of god” and their offspring the "mighty men of renown".
Very little is mentioned in the Bible about Enoch. However, The Apostle Jude quotes Enoch from the Ethiopic text called Enoch 1. While not included as a part of the Bible, this book should be considered for it's historical content much as Antiquities of the Jews by Josephus is included in many Pastoral libraries. In this book, we are told that Enoch was shown the “secrets of heaven”. This was the physics and mechanics behind the things of God. Equipped with these revelations, Enoch carried out a twofold prophetic mission. He was to announce a judgment upon these “son’s of god”, their offspring and all who followed them. He was to expose their lies and harmful agenda with the hope of compelling mankind back to their loving creator. The end result of this ministry was salvation for the eight who listened, and judgment in the form of The Great Flood for the rest.
Jesus warned that just as it was in the days of Noah, it would be the same prior to his return. More than just the suddenness of his return, these same events would reoccur - including the return of these “son’s of god” who would again deceive the World in a slightly different way.
Today we have massive UFO sightings and rumors of "Alien" abductions that include genetic tampering. They have proclaimed a contrary (to the Bible) message of warnings and a hope of a “New Age” for mankind. This New Age message is gaining worldwide acceptance and popularity. These events have now brought us full circle to the days just before the Great Flood!
Like an echo from the ancient past, the ministry of Enoch is once again called into this twofold action to warn and prepare.
1. To warn of the agenda and dangers of the New Age UFO/Alien deception and it’s many occult practices. To reach out with God’s love to those who are involved and seduced into this world-view. To provide a sound Biblical understanding and explanation to every aspect of the New Age UFO/Alien deception. To also provide if needed, (by the Power of the Holy Spirit,) deliverance and spiritual cleansing as the result of unleashing demonic activity into a place or life of the individual in need.
2. To prepare God’s people with the mechanics and physics of their faith. To be solidly grounded and able to give an answer for the hope that is within. To inspire, encourage and instruct God’s people how to use resources to determine answers for themselves from the Living Word of God. In this is the strength to stand in victory for what is becoming the most challenging time to live in since the flood!
“...but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” Dan 11:32
Understanding this, our mission statement is simply to warn and prepare.


A brief History of Echoes of Enoch Ministry.

 A personal commitment

This ministry was founded and formed as a result of a great amount of personal study on my part and revelation received from God on his part. I believe these findings and revelations are ones I am held accountable to God for and personally responsible to act upon in some way. Without haste or presumption I have tried to be led in any direction that would present intself, for me to warn and prepare people for what was, is and may come.

I gave my first sermon on Genesis 6 with relation to UFOs and Aliens as early as the fall of 1978. I had a vague understanding of events and preached a pretty good basic sermon. I knew this was part of an end time deception, and not good news for mankind I felt this was important to understand but nothing to get involved with then. I was a young Pastor pioneering one of the nations first evangelical Christian Motorcycle ministries. This kept me very busy and little time for anything else. I did sense however, that someday, maybe in my life time, if UFO sightings included claims of some kind of mixing of human and so called aliens producing a hybrid being, then it would be time to take a deeper look into this. It meant that the events of Genesis 6 were coming to a full circle making this a more personal intrusion into our daily lives. In that time it would require more study and personal involvement. For me, that revelation would take place almost twenty years later.

It Started with a Dream

In 1996, I was home from work with a broken ankle and got a phone call from a friend who wanted me to watch as he called, "a freak show on TV". I hadn't watched much TV in years and she was anticipating the shock value of this experience. I turned on a TV program called Jerry Springer and the topic was Alien Abductions. Nothing I thought could be as weird as this. I was shocked that in spite of the laughing and ridicule being made, this was what I had been waiting for. Then that small still voice spoke to me and said it was time to stand in the gap to this deception. That very night I had a vivid dream that changed the rest of my life forever.
I abruptly woke up at 4:00am. (I was soon to realize that this was going to be a pattern to hear from the Lord ) I quickly wrote down the dream before I forgot it. . It was one of those intense dreams where you still feel the emotions, sights, and even smells, as if you were really there. I have had intense dreams before, but they were about normal personal things that I knew the Lord was speaking to me about. This however was a little bit out of the ordinary.

The dream:

“I was in some kind of underground complex. My entrance was behind some wall of electrical equipment. I could hear echoed voices speaking in this well lit cavern-like place, coming somewhere in front of the equipment, I headed toward the voices to see what was going on. I could smell an intense smell of ozone, as if there was a lot of electrical activity going on. When I turned the corner behind the wall, there it stood. The center of attention within this area was an object that looked like a UFO. But something was very wrong. It kept changing almost as if it was a Hologram that somebody kept changing the channel back and forth. The first image I saw looked like something alive. It was sort of pink with blue pulsating veins running through it. The overall shape was like a manta ray or the SR71. When it changed it became a metallic nut and bolt type flying saucer like something right out of the 50's Sci-fi movies. When this image was metallic, I saw an opening and went inside. At first sight everything was a fuzzy white and you could see no walls or floors. Close in front of me I could sense a wall. On the wall I saw writing that looked like Hebrew. As I stood there watching, I heard a woman’s voice saying, “For over 50 years this mystery has gone unsolved. Technicians and the best minds in the country have tried to figure out the writing on the wall and the mystery of the craft. But know one seems to know for sure. Without even thinking I blurted out, The writing on the wall it is Hebrew! The only answer is going to come from the Bible! You have to know what the Bible says. All the answers for everything we will ever be faced with are in it!” Then I woke up and wrote it down. Phew! Was that a weird one!

Daniel and other prophets experienced very similar events.

Dan 2:19 “Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven”. (KJV)

Experience demands discernment by the Word of God

This began my search and research of the scriptures for answers. This process has continued right up to this day. I have had other dreams and visions since that first one. They have served as clues and pointers to help in approaching the scriptures from a different perspective sometimes in conflict with what I was taught in Bible College. Part of my Christian discipleship stresses that anything we encounter natural or supernatural must be referenced with scripture and compatible to the written Word of God. With all diligence, obedience and faithfulness I have done my best to find these answers to this mystery and in this way be an obedient servant of the Lord.


Branching out

  About four months after this first dream, I found myself in a unique position as I had a large amount of money saved up and had time to research fulltime with no pressure. In the next three years I was able to add traveling across the country . As I progressed, I knew my life was never gong to be the same. I began to turn my notes into booklets. I worked sometimes as much as eighteen hours straight getting them ready. I opened up my first small web-site in 1999, and published 16 different booklets, a ministry was born. I began going to every UFO convention I could afford to attend. I would set up a table with my booklets and share my findings with the interested public. The emphasis had always been one of warning and to prepare. The preparation of course was to know your creator in a personal way.

In 2003, with clarity of spirit and mind, the Lord gave me a helpmate Debbie. She has been by my side and totally supportive of everything I have done and do. I warned her about my calling life before we got married so she was not too surprised when I came back from speaking at the first Biblical UFO convention in Roswell NM in July 2003, that we were moving there. For the next four years we both worked and lived in Roswell. It was a big step of faith as she had left a seven year high paying job that would not be there again. In that time we were able to interview many first hand witnesses and with all of the various events there, met many of the investigators and authors involved in the UFO community. I also finished and published my first book in 2004 while in Roswell.

Echoes of Enoch broke into many different areas while in Roswell. We opened up a Bookstore/museum right across the street from the International UFO Museum. We had our own live talk radio program broadcast in the store and I was writing for an on line e-zine for Raiders News Service. We were experiencing divine appointments and changed lives on a daily basis.

From our Roswell location we were able to attend many UFO conventions and distribute life saving literature to people from all over the world. I had a truck driving job while in Roswell that had a seven hour layover. I had this job for about a year . In that time I wrote three other books and when I can afford it, they will be published.

Speaking at the next 2004 Ancient of Days Convention and invited as a guest for the round table discussion in 2005, many friendships were formed with others in the field. In 2005 an alliance with Joe Jordan and Dave Ruffino and myself created the Alien Abduction Crises Centers of America. The three of us provide the only Biblical based counseling for victims of the abduction experience. Establishing friendships with others like Dr. Mike Heiser and Dave Flynn has enhanced the ministry of Echoes of Enoch to a new level as both provide a treasure of insight and information.

In 2006 a couple from Benicia California felt the call to Roswell. Mike and Jackie Slack moved lock stock and barrel to Roswell to help me out with the ministry. They had been readers from the web site for a couple of years and we corresponded regularly. They manned the store when I was working and we were able to keep the place open even longer than the UFO museums hours. They were fast learners and soon took over running the store on their own.

A Redirect

In 2006, Roswell experienced one of the worst tourist seasons with a low turn out. The joint effort of several groups that put on the annual UFO festival broke off into disorganized factions that produced the worst almost embarrassing annual festival yet. Everyone was hit hard including my store. (I wonder if that was so bad as it meant less people were coming here to get deceived.) One by one, all doors were closing for us. My wife and I questioned the Lord what we should do next. We never got any support from any of the local churches even the one I attended stayed "neutral". This only hastened the inevitable. Then the company I worked for closed. I had to close the store by September of that year. Echoes of Enoch was reduced to the website and the association of AACCOA.

My wife and I felt an importance of family and realized that we were getting direction for a big change in our lives. Long story short, (the long version is in one of the books I wrote) we were going back to Michigan and family had much to do with the move. I was assured this was not a move of failure but of His desire. Out of obedience we started packing. Unemployed in an older mobile home, what was the chance we were going anywhere soon. Well that was in February of 2007 and in April 24th we were back in Michigan. In less than a month we had a home paid for, I got a new job paying good money and medical benefits, something I hadn't had in almost twenty years.

We still had an unfinished job in Roswell so before we left we bought tickets back for the 2007 UFO festival. Echoes of Enoch however, was going to put on our own meeting. We had to make one last attempt to reach out to the believers in Roswell. They needed to have a chance to see how important this false message proclaimed from Roswell was having on the whole world. Like the old saying goes Evil will prosper when good people do nothing. Roswell has many good people who for several reasons, do not want to see or seize the opportunities that are in their community. Most of the meeting we called, " The Remnant Meeting", was paid and provided for even before we even left. We even bought a half page add that ran on the Friday before the events were to start. It was a small event not earth changing but I was satisfied that it accomplished what the Lord wanted. We did the best we could with what we had.

After patiently abiding in a rather routine life for six months, we started to see the importance of being back with family. My youngest son and his wife lost their first child before birth. This would have been their first and I was thankful we were there for them. My daughter is a mother of two active boys, a three and one year old. She is on a fast lane overworked and active as a Pastor's wife. I came back just as she was needing the only family she had that could provide any stable support for her... her daddy.

Also, my medical insurance kicked in and I had what I thought was a repertory problem, a tightness in my chest. So I went to the Doctors. I was admitted through emergency and given open heart surgery with a five artery by pass. Four arteries were 98% blocked and another one was 90%. I was a massive heart attack just waiting to happen. I had been praying for almost two years for help with these pains not knowing what they were and without insurance I was not going to ever find out either. Had I stayed in Roswell, I would have died there of a heart attack this year. The Lord was looking out for me even when I wasn't.

My wife Debbie also had a lump in her throat that was getting painful. The unspoken fear of Cancer was making us both tense with anticipation. In Roswell, without insurance I would have spent my entire assets to keep her safe and it would have been a ruin to the ministry. Instead God had His own plan. After my operation, Debbie is now getting the necessary medical aid she needs. In this case it is the removal of a goiter and her thyroid gland. Thank God it was not cancer but still life threatening if not addressed in a prudent amount of time. Again, God was working all things to his glory and goodness.

In all of this the Echoes of Enoch ministry has maintained a good presence and has helped people from all over the globe. I have had time to restructure and even Virtualized this wonderful museum/store experience on my web site. Our four years in Roswell was a learning experience better than any degree from a college could ever provide. Much of the information posted here on this site has now been put to the test on the front lines of evangelism. I have seen the many fruitful results of changed lives. I now have the confidence that most of this information is right from the creators mouth and true. It has given life, hope and faith to many who had intellectually, lost it. Hard core indoctrinated "new Agers" had their very foundations knocked out from under them by the truths revealed in the Bible. No where else on earth could I have had the opportunity to experience this except in Roswell. It was an effort worth the price with rewards that are eternal. I am excited to say there is much more to come!

New Horizons!

While in church one Sunday, just before my hospital stay, I heard the Lord speak to my heart. He said for me to begin to build all of the metal sculptures that I had intended to make for the store I had in Roswell. "Why?" was my first reaction, "if I couldn't make it in Roswell I am sure not going to do anything here in Michigan". "You are going back to Roswell, you are not finished there yet". "Oh no! I can't do that again!", was my lack of faith based comment. "You are not leaving Michigan, I am adding your presence in Roswell". I do not know exactly how that all translates out to be, but it will begin by taking one obedient step at a time. That is how I first moved to Roswell and how I got moved back to Michigan, it is also how this next step will come into view also. Mike and Jackie are there in Roswell waiting for their next step. There are others in Roswell that can be of a big help also. Timing is all in God's hand, and patient waiting is in ours. I am excited to see how this all plays out. To make things all the more exciting, there is another city with a target sighted in by the Lord and maybe the next place to prayerfully consider, Sedona, Arizona. I feel about this place, the same way I did about Roswell before I moved there. Yep, Sedona, Arizona you have been targeted to be visited by the loveand power of God and I can't wait!

Please note: If you are reading this and cannot understand the concept of, " a having a personal conversation with God ", I feel sorry for you but I understand your doubt and skepticism. Before I became "born again" by the Spirit of God I thought everyone who heard some "inner voice" was a nut case. Now, I know it is the difference between religion and relationship. I have to tell you, I hate religion but it is truly a wonderful life, to have a personal relationship with my God. This kind of relationship and the clarity of his voice did not just happen instantly. This has been a development of 34 years in a relationship which includes commitment, holiness and love. I cannot prove my sanity or offer you any proof as being someone "normal". What I can do is share who I am as a person, the experiences I have had that led me to take on this kind of commitment and mission. The history of accomplishments and failures can only speak that I am an ordinary person who has been used in extraordinary ways to accomplish His Will.

Just as the Blues Brothers once said, I quote for myself and anyone who considers themselves a part of this ministry. ministry, "We are on a Mission from God"

The "Short Story" of How I got to this Point

   Preventive Maintenance

I consider myself an open minded but guarded person when confronted with anything new or unconventional. I cannot offer any degrees bearing a title before or after my name. I am not a well-known figure of reputation. In spite of this, I have something important to say, as strange sounding as it is. Realizing how I would respond, in your shoes, I feel compelled to explain events about myself leading to this ministry. What may appear like a defensive position on my part is more of an act of “preventive maintenance”. Anticipating this valid skepticism, an explanation is the only logical thing I can offer.

Stargazing in “62"

On a clear, clean crisp April night in Michigan, I was an eleven year old boy gazing at the stars with my first telescope. It was 1962; our president had promised we would be on the moon before the end of this decade. U.F.O. sightings were becoming an everyday occurrence. Project Bluebook was in the news and Hollywood bombarded us with science fiction that stirred the imagination.

Embedded in our young minds at that time was the ever-present threat of nuclear war. In school we practiced “duck and cover” air raid drills. At home on T.V. we saw commercials for fallout shelters, and the Cuban missile crisis climaxed the tense cold-war atmosphere of these times.

Tonight was a particularly clear night, you could see the Milky Way with it’s millions of stars. Each star a sun, how many having planets? How many would have intelligent life? How many could be more advanced? Do any know about us? Would they be peaceful and willing to help us out down here? Or would they be like the Hollywood monsters come only to conquer and destroy? And what about God?

So many an inquisitive boy somewhat aware of the world around me, I think I was typical of the mind set of the baby-boomer generation. This generation by the very nature of the climate we grew up in would yearn for answers and solutions to threats coming upon our world. It was as if an entire generation was a newly plowed field ready for planting...ready for something different or new.

Leave it to Beaver kid of the 50's

I was never a “religious” person. I was raised with no real specific beliefs. My parents who were a Ward and June Cleaver typical 50's family; lived and believed in God, country and Mom’s apple pie. Occasionally, they would make my brother and I attend Sunday school at a local Baptist church. I at least heard some basics without being indoctrinated into anything specific. They chose Baptist because their parents had been Baptist. Again, I believe this casual approach to God is typical of my generation in this country. My dad was a little league Football and baseball coach and he encouraged me to play, like it or not. I was a mediocre player but I did enjoy it, even if I was forced to play. I was more of a geeky nerd before the term ever became popular. I could spend hours reading books on science chasing bugs, collecting rocks and looking at my microscope and telescope. In my neighborhood that kind of behavior only got you teased and beat up.

From Beaver to "Biker".

I learned to play the bass guitar and played in a small garage band in the mid sixties. I was also changing my attitude. The country setting became popular and many business and professionals were moving in. At first this seemed great because I found I had more in common with these new kids . However because I was from the "bad side of town" I was forbidden to play with some of my new friends by their parents. A few more incidents like that when I was at the age of dating and anger took over. I had a lot of anger and frustration built up from the rejection and sudden changes. A friend bought a motorcycle and let me ride it and that was it. I had to have one. I bought an old Harley. Next I discovered drugs and everything went downhill. I was kicked out of school as an incorrigible and I joined a motorcycle club. A few shoot out with guns and I realized I was not "hardcore" enough for that lifestyle. The love of motorcycles stuck with me but the club membership departed real quick.

Uncle Sam to the Rescue t In 1969, it was the thick of the Viet Nam war. People like me were the perfect target for the draft board and I was not immune to it. My anger, attitude and drug habit was about to come to a big change. While in the US Army, I had an encounter with death that made me realize that life was precious and not guaranteed. This was a wake up call that I needed. I knew I was spared by God whoever he was and I must have some reason for still being around. A bit thick headed, it was going to take another 4 years of searching in all of the wrong places to discover the truth. A sergeant major from my company helped me get an early out with a promise to use my benefits to get a college degree. I kept the promise with the addition of quitting any and all drugs. I left the service almost a new man. I enrolled in college and got my degree in 1973.

Intrigued by UFO’s

I had always been intrigued by U.F.O.’s and must of read everything written until the early 70's. There became an apparent occult connection and my interest waned as I did not believe that was any road I wanted to pursue. At this time I was concentrating on college and my business as an independent artist. (Metal sculptor) Newly married with one child, life was just too busy to chase after such elusive phenomena.

Tricked by a “Christian Book”

In 1974, I picked up a book at a local K-Mart. I was eager to read any new mystical books and had just read Von Danikien’s Chariots of the God’s. This book was, The Late Great Planet Earth, by Hal Lindsay. When I discovered that I had bought some “religious” book, I threw it in the corner of my room and let it sit for about six months. In that time I was working at a shop as a fabricator. There was a janitor there, an old black man in his late 60's. He was very different because he was always humming gospel songs to himself while he worked. He was always smiling and always had a good word for everyone. Even thought his complexion was an extra special dark one he had a shine about him that made his very presence make the whole room feel different. I noticed every Friday he would be off by himself not eating and he sat alone reading a Bible. I asked him why he did that and he began to share his faith with me. He was a preacher, he told me and every Friday he fasted and read his Bible instead of eating food. I asked him other questions and was amazed at his answers. Here was a man from the deep south with a third grade education that could speak with such wisdom far beyond his own natural abilities, he just had to know something that I didn't. This got me interested enough to pick up that sneaky Christian book I bought at K-Mart and start to read it. Although I no longer hold to much of the Eschatology (study of end-time events) in this book, I will be forever thankful to the author and the inspiration of God’s Spirit in presenting the Gospel contained within the book. My response in a simple prayer introduced me to my Creator and began for me a personal relationship with him. Much different than a mere religion or change of ideas and philosophy, this was a literal experience with God in a supernatural relationship. I learned in that moment what Chester Williams knew and it wasn't a thing it was a person...Jesus Christ. Now I knew too.

Whirlwind tour of weirdness.

Because I had no prior experience with organized church, I began a whirlwind tour, prayerfully searching for where I should go. I started to imitate Rev Chester's example and fasted every Friday praying and reading my Bible. I never realized how powerful this discipline was in my life until a few years later. However my lack of foundation or follow up by any legitimate Christian group caused my search to fall into a wrong crowd. This got me into an encounter with a cult group. This experience was very disheartening but short lived with little harm done. It became a good lesson. Don’t trust anyone. Search the scriptures for myself and verify everything according to them.

In 1975, I was befriended by a man who has since authored several books on cults. I will leave him anonymous because he might prefer to distance himself from ideas that are so unconventional. He taught me how to use reference books to study the Bible in the original languages. I did some research for him on one of his books and fell in love with the whole research process.

But what about these UFOs?

As a new Christian, I had a difficult time integrating my new faith with some of the knowledge I had about UFOs. For me this was a pressing issue. I really needed to have some answers by scripture. The apparent silence and lack of understanding by the church did not help. I had to dig for answers myself. In 1976, I received three scriptures; Genesis 6:1-13, Daniel 11:36-38 and Revelations 11:9. I knew by this that something happened before the flood that somehow was related to UFOs and would possibly happen again in the “end-times.” The source was negative and not a good thing to follow. I was satisfied for the time and set it aside sensing that someday I would have to study further and write about it.

Some experience that counted

In 1979 I enrolled into an extension of Central Bible College in Detroit. (Assembles of God). At this time I was already in ministry full time. I attended as a "non-matriculated student. This meant I could pay half the price for the same education as others without receiving any credit or grades. Too bad because I aced all of my classes but it was the only way I could afford to go for the year and a half I was able to stay. My ministry took off so big that I had to pay full time attention to it and left school. I greatly appreciate the time I spent there and the good academic education balanced out my OJT experience. I had an inner city ministry working with gang’s. from the past experience I had with biking and the brief member of a club, I was led to start one of the nation’s first evangelical Christian Motorcycle clubs, The King's Kids. (The ministry appeared on the 700 club in 1980.) In this type of “street” ministry, I had experienced Old Testament style supernatural workings that could only be attributed as miracles from God. I have had my life spared more than once from the hands of angry bikers sworn to get rid of me. I have seen lives that were shattered and hopeless transform into joyful productive ones that now flowed over to the next generation. In some instances, my enemy became a brother. For me, a personal God had been proven time and time again by the experiences and “coincidences” that have resulted from prayer and exercising the power of His Spirit in life’s situations. There is so much more to share that I wrote a Biography which is Titled, "From Harley Choppers to Aliens and Saucers: What a long strange life it has been." To read an excerpt from this click here This book is less about me and more about ministry and changed lives as the fruitful end result. God has always used the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary through him. In the near future, Gods people, are going to have to rediscover miracles and a supernatural faith to endure in victory the things soon to come. Decisions and making the right choice will need to be based on God's love Love and not reactionary ones motivated by fear, revenge or other emotional responses to surrounding events. What I experienced in this ministry prepared me for the next step in a ministry misunderstood, rejected by most and even feared by some .I should of known after a Christian Bike Ministry that it would not be ordinary or conventional.

This is my background and the preparation I experienced for the next thing God had for me... UFOs, Aliens and a Global Conspiracy to dupe mankind.

Baa Baa Black Sheep

I have compared my calling and ministry to that of Enoch's because that is how the Lord revealed and compared it to me. In that way I would better understand this kind of ministry and prepare for things to come. Perhaps the comparison is less about me being compared to Enoch and more about the success ratio he experienced and what I have faced for the last decade in doing this. Eight people out of a moderate estimation of 7 billion people believed what Enoch had to say in the days before the flood. Not too impressive by anyone's standards, that is for sure. My calling and ministry has been greatly miss-understood in much the same manner and even outright rejected by some. When I see the numbers Enoch dealt with, it does help me not to become too discouraged. Here is an example of what I mean. This was an e-mail from a Mark from Roswell who claimed he met me once but left only his first name. He was obviously upset that I subtly bashed and judged the people of Roswell. .

...I mean come on now, YOU, the prophet ENOCH? Not only is that absurd but it shows ignorance, delusion, and a very over exaggerated sense of self worth...

Ouch! That is not exactly what I tried to convey anywhere on my web-site, in my book or anywhere I have gone to speak and share my faith. I thought it should be necessary to give a full explanation of just who I do think I am. So here I go.

. This next little piece is one which goes right into my very heart and mind. In this I hope you will know my motivations and purpose for everything written here. I hope it may also assure you that I am not some megalomaniac with visions of grandeur. I do not desire to have a Cool-aid party, or band together people for a new or superior church of enlightened ones at price of everything you own. Almost all of the information in my book is posted for free on my site so I am not exactly in this for the money. I will not and do not compromise the Gospel in any way and anyone who knows me, knows that I am not shy in sharing my faith or refuting lies about my faith anywhere, anytime. This kind of behavior does not get you in with the media or any part of the general public. So I am certainly not looking for fame either.

Knowing Yourself

In thirty four years of being a Christian I am convinced that the hardest thing to do and yet the most important thing to do is getting yourself out of the way to let God have his way in all situations. The more the Apostle Paul followed Jesus, the more he realized his own weaknesses and natural wicked condition. Most of the time we can end up being our own worst enemy. As Paul put it,

" For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwells no good thing: Rom 7:18 (KJV)

Yet in spite of this condition he also realized the only way out in all situations was to set himself aside and accept the grace of God to work through him. He called this process a mystery that worked in us which was, " Christ in you, the hope of glory." Colossians 1 :27 The end result of this right thinking process was a confidence that ,

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Change is always necessary because it is a lifelong process as long as we are in the fleshly earth suit. We will never arrive at some total spiritual place of perfection. But God is graceful and will do it for us if we simply agree with him. That is what is meant in Romans 8:28. where "all things will work together for the good." This is not automatic. The fine printed conditions are this, "IF we love God and IF we are the called according to His purpose." We have to be His by being "Born Again" but we also have to agree with God. We agree we need to change, and that we cannot do it on our own. Willing to be willing is a simple dynamic but yet so hard to just do it!
In this manner change is not even left up to our own strength. It is Christ in us (the Holy Spirit) that will cause us to change by obtaining wisdom. Wisdom, simply said , is applied knowledge. First you have to have and know a base of knowledge, for us that is the Holy Bible. We become exposed to the words and intellectually comprehend them. ( So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God Rom 10:17) And then we memorize and remember them . (Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.) Ps 119:11 Next, God will create opportunities to experience and apply it to our lives. If we are simply in an honest place with God and willing to be willing to let him make the change we are agreeing with him, then He will. Our part is to watch and pray, be doers and not just hearers and wait for opportunities to respond. The change comes naturally and many times easily. In our own strength we only become frustrated and angry or prideful and obnoxious.

Being my own worst enemy, it is important then to know myself. It is a lifelong process but the more obedient we apply this, the more we experience the results of this kind of guidance which can produce miracles. The more we experience and repeat this pattern, the more faith we have to expect an unlimited hope for greater opportunities. This is also the way his voice becomes clearer to us. If we are willing to hear the hard things about ourselves and deal with it toward change and conformity to His will, the easier it is to hear the other things like revelations about His word or future events. I have found that you cannot have one without the other. That is why the scripture says, "

" For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost".
2 Pet 1:21 (KJV) \Now in this process, there is no way for a person to brag or be prideful, because he actually had little to do with the end results in his own power. The most he did was to exercise his own free will to step aside and let God direct or redirect his thoughts words and deeds. I would like to think that this is how I approach everything in my life... sooner or later.

If I compare myself to a Biblical hero, it is not out of vanity or any sense of greatness, I compare myself in hope. Unique to the Bible is the fact that the characters God choose or used are not unapproachable super humans. All of the stories in the Bible remove the superficial facade we like to place on people that we call "heroes" and removes them from any pedestal. We see their failures as well as their imperfections. The truth is, all Biblical characters except Jesus, God in the Flesh, are just like you and I. This should give us all hope, hope in the fact that in spite of our short comings, we can all be used just like anyone that was used, as recorded in the Bible and to the same capacity they were used also. with no limitations. The scriptures declare that God does not see any of us any different than those in the Bible. That should be quite an inviting open door to all of us to step through.

" For there is no respect of persons with God."
Rom 2:11

Jokingly I have often quoted this next text as the proof of my calling .

1 Cor 1:26-31
26 Brothers, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth.
27 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.
28 He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things-- and the things that are not-- to nullify the things that are,
29 so that no one may boast before him.
30 It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God-- that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption.
31 Therefore, as it is written: "Let him who boasts boast in the Lord." (NIV)

While I do not see myself as some Old Testament Prophet, I do believe I have a ministry with a sense of destiny. That could and should be said by any believer. In a New Testament sense, a prophetic ministry is nothing like that of the Old Testament one. Today we are all called in the broadest sense of the term to be as a Witness. This is what the Lord told me as I questioned him about my latest calling. If you think about it, a witness is called upon only to tell the truth to what he has heard and seen. He does not defend it or impose it or debate it, he just tells it to whom ever has asked him. The rest is up to the Lord to verify and confirm what has been said. This is exactly what the Lord has told me to do. My best qualification then is that I am no one special and yet I can be called to accomplish great things through and by Him.

I believe some pretty strange and fearful things are happening right now in our world, and yet my life does not reflect any anxious behavior. I live a life filled with some pretty normal things. I am a bit eccentric but nothing too out of the ordinary. I love playing darts and get together with my brother once a week to play. I love riding my motorcycle and enjoy rides out in the sticks with my wife. I still go rock hunting and every time we take a trip my wife complains about the rocks I tuck away in the car somewhere. I love to go to flea markets with my daughter and garage sales with my wife. My youngest son and I love to go fishing and cannot get near water without a pole. My oldest son and I like to get off alone and have long philosophical discussions where we end up curing the ills of the world. I love going to my grand kids soccer games and my granddaughters recitals. In the winter I hate the cold I stay in and watch Lions football, Sci-Fi or read and write. I refuse to be afraid. I have confidence that what I found out I cannot change. I know I have a God who loves me and will provide for me and above all, is in total control. I spend much of my time trying to convey this in any way that opens up to me to do. Although I cannot change the big picture, I can help some along the way and have fun in this life while doing it. Balance and moderation is a good safety net and a good place to live. Sometimes the Lord will rock things to an extreme but not for too long. I hope this has explained the way I approach life in general and ministry.

In His Service, Jim Wilhelmsen --Awitness 41