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From the Detroit Metro area in the lavish little cubbyhole office of my mobile home comes 100% pure amateur quality movies that will Dazzle you with unknown and unheard of Biblical information on everything paranormal and supernatural! No talking head monologs but not a history channel documentary either I think you will enjoy these videos. You Tube found some inappropriate and banned some. i may soon be removed from their server for the controversy. So here they are in their entirety until censorship hits the inter net too. Enjoy them while you can.

Although I cannot compete with the level of professionalism of Hollywood, my videos reflect the barebones shoestring budget of an amature trying to do the best with what I have. These are not just talking head documentaries they are fast moving with many graphics and film clips. My narration is not the best as I have a speech impediment that causes me to talk fast (so you can rewind and replay)and I am still working on background music levels which some have complained about. All in all it is worth watching them and learning. I hope you enjoy as well as become equipped for what is to come soon. Click here to go to the navigation page.



In this 20 part series you will see a hidden history that fulfills Bible prophecy and sets up the final battle of Armageddon.

In this series you will see how the normal political problems and unrest of today will collide with a supernatural set up for a phony second coming that includes the entire UFO/Alien agenda. This event will be a one size fits all completing all the planets expectations for all religions, including the occult and secular unbelievers. This event set up by the three frogs spirits will direct the entire world toward the global goal of One Government, One Religion and One monetary system. Here is the story.

Part 1      

Animal Deaths and Cosmic Changes


Approaching the New Year most people have given a sigh of relief that the BP oil spill was finally over and hopefully we dodged a bullet from an ecological disaster if you were to believe the press.

Then for a New Years surprise, we had dead birds falling from the skies in Arkansas with the next day dead fish washing up shore on a river nearby. Some had quoted Hosea 4 as being a related scripture of judgment in reference to this event.

As I searched into this more I was amazed that this was a global experience.

Birds and fish all over the world were washing up on shore and dropping from the skies. All along the east coast, South Americas east coast and even England. I remembered the gulf spill and thought that this may have something to do with these dead fish. I came across some material about the cortex used to get rid of the oil. It seems this is a synthetic biological bacteria that was created to eat hydro-carbon molecules. Since all life is carbon based it has run a muck engulfing any and all life forms in the ocean. They have even given it the name Synthia since it is acting like a sentient being. If this was a proper connection, how could that be related to the birds.

In Arkansas at the very moment these birds dropped from the sky local radar picked up a mile wide anomaly on the radar. An object or hole appeared. This reminded me of the technology of HAARP so I searched in that direction. A global map of dead birds and fish revealed that many were dying off on the Asian and Australian coast as well. This area for that close proximity of time could not be related to the gulf spill. Another map showing all HAARP technologies stationed over the globe match exactly to the birds an fish killings. I knew from my college background that birds and fish navigate by their sensitivity to the magnetic fields around the earth setting their bearing on magnetic North. Could HAARP be used to change the magnetic flow causing weather patterns to change as accused by many?

Could that be what is effecting the birds and fish?

The next bit of news I heard about was that the magnetic true North on earth had shifted 40 miles east ward from it's original position. This caused the airport in Tallahassee Florida and other airports near and around the equator to recalibrate their navigational and radar equipment so plains could not land on the runways safely. They were dangerously off from the proper flight paths because of this magnetic alteration.

When I was finally convinced that this must be the smoking gun to answer these strange events, Cows, sheep, crabs and many other life forms are tuning up dead in mass. They are not creatures subject to any navigational relations to magnetic fields. In addition a fellow researcher , minister and friend King wells stated in Dante's round table discussion why is it that in all of these fish and animals, only certain species are killed off as if they were targeted. If this was a natural occurrence you would expect all creatures in the path to be effected? Good point King. So there had to be something more to this but what?

I came across the news flash that the sun had risen over Greenland two days before it was supposed to and that the moon was not looking right being two days ahead of phase and was looking all wrong like it had rotated in a different position. Then I came across a roundtable discussion of scientists who had admitted that the earths gravitation field was diminishing in it's power. They concluded that with the rapid shift of the magnetic North and change in it's power, a complete pole reversal was likely to happen soon. I also knew from college that most scientists believed we had one or more polar reversals in the past that created many earth changes and extinctions of life on earth. (My Biblical view, The flood and Babel) I also realized that if the Magnetic fields, or the moon or the earth changed in any way the bulging effect of the earth would also change being noticeable first around the equator just like what was being experienced.

While contemplating all of this, a colleague and recent friend of mine, Richard Grund shared his findings on his most recent deliverance team's experience on the east coast. A new and different form of manifestations were happening with an overwhelming confidence and boldness never experienced before by demonic forces He sensed that some things have changed in the spirit realm and that we must be prepared to adjust ourselves accordingly. He didn't know what exactly just an unsettling in his spirit that something has changed. In his ministry, he would more than likely be one of the first to notice these changes. I trust his assessment. UFO appearances have changed in the last decade that correspond with this new boldness. For decades they appeared only to a few in the wee hours of the night on lonely back roads. Recently over major cities, airport, air shows and national monuments like the recent Dome on the Rock sighting are becoming typical. Things are ramping up toward something.

By now I am feeling like a dog chasing his own tail. Have I exhausted you in this search so far? I hope so. To top it off I found some information on the internet about project Blue-beam and it's ability to produce mass holographic images using the many types of telescopes and communication satellites orbiting the earth. This video series also included the chem trails as seeding the atmosphere to enable these global illusions in the sky like three suns rising over the horizon as viewed by some recently or setting and risings of the sun at odd times. Even fake moons and helicopters. Part of Blue-beams claims by conspiracy theorists are that it can also be used to implant thoughts into peoples minds.

Well now that is really a combination to make anyone wonder what or who to believe. The final addition was the admission by Astro Physicist Michio Kaku on Fox news. He warned that scientists have made a mistake. The sun has an 11½ year cycle of solar flairs. The next one is to happen in 2012 and there is a hole in the Magnetosphere. (A hole! Can anyone say HAARP?) They confessed that we need to come up with a way to shield our satellites because they miss-calculated the seriousness of the next solar flair by 20 times. In other words the next one will knock out all of our satellites with absolute assurance He claims.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here? For every claim of natural events cause and effect, there are man made opposites to explain away or reveal other nefarious actions. So how much is man made activity, how much is natural forces governed by the Lord? When all else fails to explain or give discernment in these matters we can, by faith receive the clear wisdom and answers from God's Word the Bible. We can get God's perspective which goes beyond man made perception. In this four part video series you can get the Biblical picture. .


Part 1  


More videos to come.

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