Remnant Meeting 

  July 7th, Roswell 2007

Who will stand in the gap?



Going back to Roswell

I had to close my museum/store in September of 2006, I left Roswell in April of 2007. I did so, not out of discouragement but out of obedience as instructed by the Lord. These actions however, aroused more questions than answers not only for myself but for my supporters, colleagues and friends.

In my leaving, I knew I had to make one last attempt to reach the Christians in Roswell. They had to be told how big and important Roswell had become to Satan's plan in deceiving the whole world away from a personal accountable God and establishing Aliens as our creators and providers.

The rest of what I did and (most of it out of my own pocket and a few faithful supporters) was done without any expectations but rather also out of obedience to the Lord. I felt I had a moral duty and obligation to give the best effort I could to warn the Christians in Roswell of their complacency and un-involvement and provoke them to take a stand for the Lord against the lies being promoted within their community.


ROSWELL NM is a  breeding ground reaching into the entire earth for New Age Nazi Lies! This was in part, the message declared on 7/7/07  Saturday July 7th, 2007 A Prophetic declaration was made to Roswell

A room was secured at the Sally Port Best Western Motel for the meeting. It was a small conference room which seated about 45 people. The room was filled with local Christian residents. This was promising , however, not one was an elder or Pastor.

An entire half page in the Roswell Daily Record announced the meeting the day before on Friday.

A week prior, a letter had been sent to every Pastor in every Church in Roswell announcing this important meeting with a flyer to be put up for their congregation members to view.

These same flyers were passed out to people on the streets and posted in  some of the area stores downtown.


I even attempted to get the interest from the Roswell Daily Record and KBIM TV News in Roswell. While the newspaper was happy to receive my money for a paid add, neither medias felt this meeting had any significance worth covering or announcing in their paper or on their TV News.


Below is the flyer which also appeared as a half page add in the Roswell Daily Record. Below it, is the letter I sent out to every Pastor in Roswell with a Church.-






Dear Pastor,

For 11 years Roswell has been the focus of attention by the entire world for UFOs and Aliens.
While many citizens of Roswell view this as innocent commercialism and a passing fad, others
are embarrassed and leave town during the annual festival. Hardly anyone takes this seriously.
Most residents in Roswell and the entire nation are not aware that there is an agenda and
message being proclaimed in the midst of all the hype from the UFO community. Roswell has
become the Mecca and hub for this information and the revelations from the so called “Aliens”
which are proclaimed to the entire world.
This should be a serious concern to every Bible believing Christian as much of this message is
a direct affront to the God of the Bible. It would almost be laughable except far too many people
in positions of influence within our society are believing these lies. Academics even have a
technical term called “Panspermia”. This is the term describing the belief that Aliens, not God,
are our true creators. This idea claims that aliens enhanced our DNA with early primates and
accelerated evolution. This is their definition of “intelligent design” They claim that these
“Aliens” have played the role of angels in our past and are now ready to introduce our world into
a “New Age” of enlightenment and a larger community of aliens and other worlds. They also tell
us that the “clouds of heaven” mentioned in the Bible are actually the UFO’s we see today. Their
hope for us is that mankind is on the eve of a new world order and identity. This new order
leaves the God of the Bible behind as ignorant superstitious beliefs by those afraid to make this
In reality, this is the very spirit of antichrist. On every level from fluff and stuff to quantum physics, our
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is made to look like anything but the truth.

My name is Rev. Jim Wilhelmsen. I have been an ordained minister for over 30 years. I am a
part of the alumni of Central Bible College and was ordained in 1980 by the independent
Assemblies of God. I consider myself non-denominational and share the common doctrines and
beliefs of mainstream evangelical Christianity. I appeared on the 700 Club in 1980 for my
pioneering efforts to establish the first Christian Motorcycle ministry in Detroit. I have since
studied the New Age and UFO / Alien phenomena for the last ten years, living in Roswell for the
last four years. I had a storefront ministry called the “Alternate Realities Museum”. This
ministry was effective in standing in the gap to the lies coming from the UFO community and
their museum. I have been called back to Detroit but my desire and the Lord’s heart is to help
establish and equip, fellow believers in Roswell to stand in the Gap to these lies in any way they
can. Enclosed is a flyer for a meeting I am going to have July 7th. I invite you or anyone in your
leadership as well as interested members to attend with discerning hearts to check things out for
yourself. History has been and is being made in Roswell, is there a remnant that will stand in the
Gap for the Lord of Heaven and Earth? Please consider attending this important meeting. Thank
You for your time and consideration in this matter
Sincerely, In His Service, Rev Jim Wilhelmsen


The Results

With the Lord's direction , this was the best I was able to do and I had much help from others to bring this meeting together.  My friend and colleague, Dave Ruffino came to speak at the Remnant call meeting. He brought with    him members of his local church's music ministry. They  were the icing on the cake as they led  us into the presence of the Lord before the speaking with song and worship.    

  Another friend and local resident of Roswell, John Donahue, video taped the entire Remnant Call meeting and will be making a DVD for distribution. Mike and Jackie Slack and Debbie, (my wife) passed out information packets and seated the  attendees.

 Joe Jordan came with a  guest he had made a deal with to attend some of the Christian speakers that were speaking at the UFO festival. Instead, and even perhaps mistakenly, he and his wife came to my talk.  This guest was James Carrion M.A. who is the national President of MUFON. (Mutual UFO Network). It was quite an opportunity to have this rather important and influential person within the UFO community here to hear  things from the Lord about the UFO/Alien topic. I changed my introduction for his sake because I wanted to make sure he understood that I was not demonizing the entire UFO community for the many  anti Biblical perspectives being introduced  from within their ranks. Mr. Carrion may have heard things that were upsetting to his own paradigm but he stayed and at least exposed himself to ideas and perspectives I am sure he never heard before. Because most of my talk was backed and supported by scripture, I also believe that much of it will begin to make sense to him as God confirms His Word in his life and what he already knows to be true. Please pray for this to happen in his life as I believe it was no accident that he was there to hear my talk.

 A follow up meeting for those who attended this meeting was planned to be at Mike and Jackie's house. This was never realized as no one used the follow up contact information to inquire about a meeting. So was the lack of  response a failure on my part? Was God not in this at all? Did I do anything wrong or could I have done things better? Most people who do not understand what it means to have a personal relationship with the Lord would shake their heads and say that this was a complete bust. I must confess these were the first questions I asked the Lord about because I was willing to take personal responsibility for what did and did not happen. I have to say that perhaps things could have been better organized and improvements in retrospect are always 100 % clear. I do not think however that anything done or not done would have made much difference for now. The problem is one of spiritual warfare. More intense fasting and prayer by myself and request for others to help pray, is the only thing that should have been added with more intensity. This is hindsight now but a lesson to apply in the future. Doors of opportunity were opened by the Lord in the way of finances and arrangements that were beyond my personal abilities, this I am sure of. We did the best we could with what we had and left no opportunity unaddressed. But I realized and surmised the situation pretty accurately although I kept them to myself  until after things were over.

My Hope in the midst of the illusion of failure.

I say the illusion of failure because that is just what it is, an illusion. I am following Jesus and in doing this there is no failure. Sometimes His ways do not look very logical or practical. When Elijah was challenging the prophets of Baal, each set up an alter to be burned by the real God as proof of who's God was the real one. God told Elijah do drench the alter with water. This was doing the total opposite of what logic would dictate, but God had his own plan to receive even more glory as Elijah obeyed and did the very opposite which looked funny to everyone else. As Moses received a calling from the Lord to deliver his people from Egypt, he first went back to his birthplace and into total obscurity working the land and tending herds. The very opposite of what logic would dictate. But God had a time and place for things to happen that man cannot see or understand. In each case what looked like failure or illogical was only part of a bigger plan as both were very successful in accomplishing what the Lord wanted. This is only part of what the Lord reminded me of at this time to encourage me that I had not failed.

The Lord also reminded me that Roswell represents a center focal point for Satan to spread his lies, and these lies have so far gone unchallenged with any local support or personal involvement from the local churches in Roswell. This is one of Satan's best kept secrets. So why would I or anyone else think I could just waltz right into his domain and change things without a fight. You better believe that everything the enemy has to throw  against myself or anyone else making an attempt to reveal the truth would meet fierce resistance. This is a war and this meeting is only one of many battles that have been or will be fought. I am not going to give up on Roswell, the local churches, others who have tried to make a change in Roswell or the vision the Lord has given me. It is not over and we will be back again and again until there is victory to what the Lord wants to accomplished.

The two years I had my store/museum in Roswell, was a dream come true. It was spiritually fruitful to the lost and a confidence builder for myself. The many things I believe the Lord had told me about UFO's and Aliens, was put on the front lines in Roswell. I saw nothing but fruit in the form of changed lives and new hope for those who came into my place. The Lord had given me scriptural answers for every aspect and element of this whole topic. All of them exposing the lies and bringing the individual back to a faith in the scriptures and a hope in the God of the Bible! I was the biggest threat to the whole New Age movement and the best counter challenge to their lies on a one on one basis. In little tiny Roswell all of this was being accomplished on a global level as people come from all over the world to Roswell .

So if this was so productive and led of God why did it end? These were questions I had asked myself prayerfully more than once. Even many of my friends have pondered this question. When I came back to Michigan, the popular thought and impression was that I returned in defeat. Most of my friends figured this would happen as they never believed what I was dong was a leading from the Lord in the first place. My return only supported their doubts and proved that they were right. I did not try to defend myself but remained confident that I did and am still following his lead. I lost nothing but the image of success which is just illusive like a shadow having no form or substance.

My history of ministry would indicate that I am a pioneer of sorts. I have filled in gaps where no one has ever gone before and created a ministry to fill the void. . In the early 70's it was working with outlaw motorcycle clubs. Creating a ministry as a motorcycle club with a scriptural based church  structure was no easy thing to do. Trial and error and the leading of the Lord produced a very effective means and vehicle of ministry that produced many changed lives and new members into the Kingdom of heaven. While I took a leading role in getting things established others have taken it to the next levels. Some for the good and some not, but in Christ, I helped lay the foundation of Christian evangelism in this cultural realm just before the whole thing went mainstream.

Now in the same manner I was willing to leave everything behind in Michigan and move to Roswell to I thought, make a big change.  I actually came to learn and lay a foundation to what will effectively stand in the gap of the New Age lies and bring people to Christ. I have learned well and accomplished the prototype ministry that works to bring people hope and a relationship with God. This is not and never has been a one man show. It was never meant for me to single handedly make any permanent changes in Roswell, America or the world. It has to be a joint effort by others. It has always been the responsibility of local residents to take charge of their communities. In the spiritual sense, the local churches are responsible for their own communities, the people and conditions within their own communities.  It is God's heart and desire for others to take what I have discovered as effective ministry and get personally involved as residents and members of churches in their own community, to make any lasting changes in Roswell. In a sense, God is holding them responsible for what exists and what needs to change in Roswell. He will not have an outsider come in to do it for them. While it is scriptural for an outsider to establish and lay a foundation, it is also equally scriptural that the local residents take over and maintain their communities. This is partly why things came to and end at least for a season. God is waiting for Roswell Christians to wake up and take responsibility for their own community.

So What is Next?

As I have already stated, through this whole ordeal, the Lord has reassured me that all that has happened or not happened is in His control and not the results of being a failure or doing anything wrong. Timing and other things are factors that are being worked out as part of God's plan. I have been slow in updating my web site because I was waiting for certain answers and really did not know how to post all of this without sounding whiney or bitter. In this time my own feelings and emotions  have been sorted out to His will and with clarity I can now update what is going on and what will be happening in the future with this ministry.  I can tell you that I am excited!

Shortly after the July festival was over and I was back home, I received a word from the Lord during Sunday services. The topic of the sermon that day was What it meant to be a Son of God. For several months I had been grieving at the loss of the store in Roswell. I was happy to be back with my kids and grandkids but it was bittersweet. Knowing that there was only half a job done in Roswell with no one explaining the lies and also directing people toward Christ, was my greatest concern and depression. The Lord then said he was pleased with my attitude, in that my depression and grief was not for myself and the embarrassing situation I found myself in, but rather for Him and the concern of the gospel being preached in light of the UFO/Alien stuff in Roswell. He then added that I was not finished with Roswell yet.

   The Lord told me to begin to make all of the sculptures I had planned to make for the museum in Roswell.  I wondered why? I no longer had the museum in Roswell and Detroit certainly was not any place to set up a similar ministry. I mean if you can't make it in Roswell then where on earth could you. He continued to tell me I was going back to Roswell. I  almost immediately thought,  " Oh my God I can't go through this again!" He then assured me that I was not moving away from Michigan as I did before, rather I was adding a residence or presence in Roswell! Now as I began to ponder how this was going to happen as I had no income that could or would ever produce those kind of funds to make that a reality, the Lord said he would open up the windows of heaven upon me greater than I ever imagined. I still do not know how that is going to come to pass but be assured, it will come to pass because the Lord said so. He told me this would come down just like he provided for me to move to Roswell and then move back again... one step at a time. As I obey each step he requires until finished, another door opens to direct and provide for his will and my path. Now this is really exciting fore me because this is way out of my personal ability to accomplish. Nevertheless, I am going to start making the sculptures as I had planned. I will let Him fill in the rest of the details.

In time, The Alternate Realities Museum might just be back standing in the gap to the big UFO/Alien lies. This time however it will not be a one man operation but staffed and supported by many others called into this area of ministry!