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Help for Paranormal Problems

I realize that this can be a very uncomfortable subject for many. You do not have to feel embarrassed or shamed if you are experiencing an unwanted supernatural or paranormal problem. The typical opening line I hear from people is, "Now your going to think I am crazy when I tell you this but..."

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Deliverance Unwanted, unsolicited Paranormal activity.
Ghost Haunting Alien Abductions
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Let me assure you that in 45 years of working in Christian Ministry and not shy about addressing the supernatural,  I am no longer shocked or surprised by too much. I will not claim to have heard it all but certainly a good amount. More important for you, is the fact that I have also experienced many of these phenomena first hand. You will not be talking to someone that has to be convinced about your experiences first, I know these things are real. There is a wide variety of paranormal problems that have reached an epidemic level like a  plague. So you are not as alone as you might think.  We are living in very precarious times that were predicted in the Bible.

Alien Abxuction Crisis Center Of America and all Terran Territories "Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons,"
                                                        1 Tim 4:1     (NKJ)
The Greek word for deceiving here means a deception by seduction. When you think of a seduction we think of a smooth talking person who sways another to their will and desire by telling them what they want to hear with no regard for the truth. With the embellishment and twisting of the truth a person is lead by desire to do what they would normally not think of doing on their own. This is what is happening today in our society on a global scale. How we have succumb to this so easily, is another failure that was also predicted. This failure is one placed upon the church.
 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, of.    
           II Th 2:3.." (KJV)

"That day" is the day of the Lord or the second coming of Jesus Christ. The idea here is that this day will not come until there is a large departure from believing the truth. Falling away "apostasia" means to stand apart or away. In this case it is a standing away from the truth. The connotation of this word means that these are people who have never accepted the truth and gather together to a wrong belief system. They are seduced into it. They have either rejected the truth or never new it and believed this wrong way because they had no foundation. This idea is supported in another text of scripture.
"And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."
                                                             II Th 2:11-12 (KJV)

"Pleasure in unrighteousness" is a bit misleading here. The Greek words are actually better rendered as, "a hopeful expectation in a wrong way. The "truth", in this text means manifested truth, a reference to Jesus as the Truth.  In this it becomes clear that the truth is rejected by either rejecting it outright or simply not ever knowing it. Why this is happening is because of this falling away, which includes a large portion of people who claim they have the truth. This truth was misrepresented to them by others who stood away from the truth but claim to know the truth.

 A good example of this is the fact that most people in my generation, the baby boomers, will claim they came from a "Christian" background. They can site there membership of a major Christian denomination and even work they performed. But when asked what it means to become a Christian, they site  infant baptism, good works or other wrong ways. Most think being "Born Again" has something to do with reincarnation. It also means that these people with their so called Christian background are clueless about the most basic elements of the Christian faith. Their background had taught about a false Jesus and not the truth. In this they have been taught about a powerless distant God who does little in the lives of people today. Because of this, a new belief system has come on the scene that offers powerful experiences of a spiritual realm which people have lacked with their false knowledge of God. The sad truth is that the majority of so called Christian Churches today do not teach or preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Biblical truths that produce a powerful relationship and life for the individual. The generation X and younger people have lived an entire life without being exposed to a Bible believing Church and on the most part have been raised on this new system of belief called the New Age. The New Age is all inclusive, and flexible to accepting everything except the non inclusive Jesus of the Bible. They encourage every occult practice forbidden in the Bible. It is the fastest growing movement in the world today. Occult practices and beliefs have permeated every aspect of our society. Principles are taught in the cartoons our kids watch, they are experienced in the role playing computer games our teens live by. Movies and books like Harry Potter, Goosebumps and many others teach occult practices. Innocent looking games like the Ouija board have unleashed unwanted entities into homes that have caused much suffering. Psychics, Tarot Cards, Channeling, and Astrology are but a few practices that are widely accepted in today's world and yet strongly forbidden in the Bible. As many of us innocently or ignorantly experiment and entertain these practices, we enter a whole new unprotected realm of beings bent on our destruction.

I say all of this because I want you to know that we as a society have all become victims of the times we live in. There has been a very slow digression taking decades to get where we are today so the finger of blame cannot be so specific. We are like the lobster in the slow boiling pot of water. You may find yourself a victim because of simply not knowing the dangers of things you might have entertained or pursued. You can play with fire and get burned even thought that was not your intent. You can not understand or know anything about gravity but if you jump off a cliff you will learn about it the hard way. We, in the times we are living in as a people today are diving off spiritual cliffs daily and suffering the results. There are many spiritual laws we are breaking everyday without even knowing it and suffering the results without ever making these spiritual connections. This is a large part of our ministry in helping people become aware of these laws causing a turn around in your life. Whatever you are gong through, and for whatever reason, there are answers and there is a hope for a way out. We offer you this help.


Paranormal problems can manifest on all three levels. They can be mental and emotional, they can be spiritual and they can even be very physical. Understanding this, I classify most experiences in these three general categories..


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Deliverance Ministry

What is commonly called Demonic Possession is the most common form of mental and emotional attack. I do not like that term because the actual Biblical fact is, there is no such thing as possession. The whole experience is more of a Demonic Trespassing than it is a possession. Possession indicates ownership.

That is part of the big lie.

They cannot own you. They can however, trespass meaning they are dwelling where they have no business being. This is the situation whereby evil disembodied spirits can actually attach themselves into your soul or mind. They are like a parasite that magnifies emotions and behavior to the point of being out of control.. This is not just a mid-evil uneducated way of explaining something that is psychological. I do believe not all bad or habitual behavior is demonic. That is where prayerful counseling and discernment will assist in determining the difference. Christians are not invulnerable to this either kind of attack. In the thirty years that I have been involved in providing deliverance fore this I have never worked with a non-Christian unless they were open to receiving Christ first. I know that may go against some peoples theology but that is a reality and Biblical truth. You will also find this same belief common to any and all Ministers who are involved in a deliverance type ministry. Free counseling is available to help you understand and bring peace and control back into your life. If necessary a deliverance can be set up for you.


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Unwanted, unsolicited Paranormal activity.

This includes many different experiences and some of them cross over into the other two categories. People who have experienced involuntary visions, dreams, entity communication, various psychic experiences as well as out of body experiences is one form. They differ only in the fact that it is uncontrollable and unwanted by the individual. In most cases victims of these experiences believe that they never sought out this kind of activity however  there was some kind of door open . In some cases these are only the symptomatic results of bigger concerns. Also included in this group are various entity visitations that are more dreamlike and not necessarily physical manifestations. Counseling can help you discern and understand  good experiences  and accept or understand and discern the bads ones and eliminate them from your life.


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Ghost Haunting

These are events that manifest themselves very much on the physical plain. Sometimes even physical attacks with wounds result. These are either put upon a person or place as assignments or territorial places. The lack of a clear understanding of what the Bible says about ghosts has even left many Christians uncertain about the whole topic. If you will check my essay on Ghosts you will not get "my take" on them you will see every scripture in reference on them and get the Bible's take on them. It is quite a bit different than the proclaimed lies being promoted by all of the media and the New Ager's. These visitations also include the incubus and the succubus which are not just legend but another manifested form of demonic activity that includes sex. "House cleanings", deliverance and termination of visitations can be provided for you at no cost.


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Alien Abductions

Just like a ghost haunting, the Alien abduction phenomena can be very real and physical. The entities involved are not as many Christians assume, demons. Demons are disembodied spirits. These so called "Aliens" are fallen angels who are just as physical as you or I but just in a different form. Some abductors may also be human agents working with the fallen angels. Because of this fact, the abduction experience is more on a physical level as well as mental and spiritual. Just like demonic trespassing, Christians can also be plagued by this problem. Experience and according to the scriptures in the Bible, genetics plays a big part of who gets abducted. Spiritual doors may still be left open for the invitation to this experience but their selection is based more on an agenda based on certain genetic traits that are desired. Women, Twins, families with twins, Caucasians with a Northern European Nordic descent are abducted more often but not exclusive compared to others. Most of the actual experiences are disguised and masked as dreams. We will not offer you a means of tolerating and coping with this problem, we offer you total termination. In spite of what many doomsayers from the UFO community may tell you, it is possible for total termination.


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Freedom from any of these experiences can be had for you.

All services are free and there is no cost to you whatsoever. I am limited in travel by whatever my state of finances are at the time. If I cannot come in person to you, we have a nation-wide network of Pastoral help through the AACCOA. Click on the banner above to go to our site.


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You can contact me by E-Mail @ or if it is an emergency call  1=(586) 991-6389 (I monitor all calls and do not answer unknown or blocked caller ID's) Unless it is an emergency, please do not call after 9:00pm est or before 6:00am est. Thank You


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