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The Latest News for Echoes of Enoch:

As you might have noticed the site was down being on and off for several weeks. This was due to a hacking. At the same time a new low in verbal accusations were made by the Web Masters of the W.A.R.N. web site and the drama was carried over to Face Book equal to any high school drama ever experienced with typical adolescent behavior. For more details on the progressive events without accusations or conclusions. Coming Soon, there will be a link here showing the timeline of events as they happened.

Some Changes

  • Public Activity

    The Lord told me to step down from most all public activity that I was involved with. I no longer do any radio shows or speaking engagements. There are many different reasons that this had to happen and I am still discovering what all of them are. It should go without saying as part of spiritual warfare that I immediately had more offers to speak and be a part of some high profile things that could of enhanced and promoted my ministry but I had to turn them all down. I even questioned the Lord when my site was down if he wanted it kept that way too. Regardless of what I felt or wanted to do I had to know what the Lord wanted me to do. My obligation was to just obey and comply even if I do not have the full understanding as to why.

     I found myself in this kind of place before when the Lord told me to leave Roswell in the midst of a very fruitful ministry with my store located across the street from the International UFO museum. In part it was for my own safety and for my family. I obeyed and moved back to Michigan where all of our family lives. I was spared from a heart attack and both my wife and I were there for our kids when they needed us the most going through some hard times. I am sure the same will hold true this time also

  • Field Trip

    I had a recent trip into the Arizona desert and probably found some things that may be part of the reason for me to fade away in the background for a while. Coming Soon I will add a link here explaining how and why we made the trip and what is left of our evidence that we even made the trip and the possible results of it.


  • Another Reason: Bugs that crawl out from the rocks.

    As I obediently removed myself from some of the activity I was involved in it included my partnership with David Ruffino of Delusion Resistance. I broke away from our partnership only out obedience and not because of any problems between us as there are none. we had no disagreements and remain the best of friends. I no longer do the radio show Opposing the Matrix with Dave and we closed the chat room on Pal Talk for a time. I also quit the public work with our PAAPSI organization. I still help victims but only on a private means. I still help Dave but he has the lead within the organization for now. In this, others who have been bent on tearing down our ministries thinking we had a parting of ways tried to exploit this for their own evil purpose and continued on with a new barrage of false accusations. Also coming soon are the details addressing their false accusations with out mentioning the rats personally. Their actions and false words say it all and reveal themselves for who and what they are. This also may be why I had to take a step back as then the snakes came out and acted like the snakes that they are. It is funny that we, (Dave and I ) have been accused of trying to destroy their ministries yet you will not find one article or video that has ever came against any individual's character or motivations. I may disagree with doctrine and address that part but never the accuse the person's character or motivation.