Who are the Alien Messengers?

   In order to understand Aliens and their agenda we have to see what the Bible has to say about fallen angels. Contained within the scriptures is a description of their fall, judgment and punishment. The Bible tells us of their eventual release and resurrection to fulfill prophecy of God's ultimate purpose and their total destruction.

   It is vital that you see Aliens and fallen angels as one in the same. There is much evidence within the Bible that can clearly establish this fact. If you have not been to the Gray/Nachash section, you need to read this first so please go here. If you have already read the rest of the prior trail  you are ready to continue on. 

   Alien abductions, genetic experiments and cattle mutilations are a part of a self redemption process and only one element of a large plan. We can be assured of their plans and intensions by what the Bible has to say about the fallen angels of Genesis 6 and their offspring who were made into disembodied spirits but will return into the physical realm along with another wave of fallen angels that were cast to this linear dimension 2,000 years ago. There are also human allies who are in direct league with Satan and  are also contributing to their agenda and pretending to be "Aliens".

  In this section we will learn from the UFO community what has been recorded about the Aliens, what they say about themselves, what they say they are doing with abductions and what they say their goals are for mankind and themselves.

. We will see an invasion plan that includes elements of infiltration and intervention playing the role of  good alien/bad alien leading to an outright Invasion. Man is left in the middle with two paths and only one decision. In this sense we are put into the same predicament Adam and Eve were in.

Choose Wisely

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