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Museum after the fashion of the real one I had in Roswell NM, including many graphics, artwork and photos you can be informed and entertained at the same time. Please come and take the tour I think you will enjoy yourself as well as get some answers you never knew were possible. This promises to be one of the most scripturally backed and supported sites on the whole subject of UFOs and Aliens. The information is layered so that everything has a logical continuity to it.

The Virtual Museum of Alternate Realities


   0.   Museum of Alternate Realities


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   1.   Where we are now


   2.   Welcome to the Real Garden of Eden


   3.   Pallel Dimensions and the Fall of Mankind


   4.   The First Prophecy and Genesis 6


   5.   Tower of Babel



   6.   Mystery of Iniquity


   7.   Who are the messengers?


   8.   UFOs What are they?


   9.   History of Man Made UFOs


  10. Time Travel in the Bible



  11. Roswell 1947


  12. Why Roswell?


0. Museum of Alternate Realities  

I named the store Alternate Realities because it had a "new age" flavor to it. I wanted to reach the people who were searching and being told to look outside of the box for something different or new. I was not trying to be deceptive because I believe the Bible offers the ultimate alternate realities and the opportunity for a new life. The name promised exactly what you would find inside. My plan for the store included much more than just a bookstore. I wanted this to be a hands on entertaining experience  as well as being informed. The plan included three phases to accomplish this objective.

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1. Where are we Now

Before we can even address life in outer space, Aliens and UFOs we have to have a basic understanding about where we are and how we got there. The Bible tells us that we are in a very unique state of quarantine and separate from everything else in the cosmos. This is pivotal in understanding all other related topics, so please bear with me. First we have to go back to the well known Bible story, In the Garden of Eden.

This story when looked upon deeper than the surface child like imagery translators have conveyed, will tell us a reality backed by 21st century technology and logic. So let's continue on and take a look at the real Garden of Eden.

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(Please Watch Your Choice)

The Hebrew word for Serpent in the Bible is "Nachash". It means a snake from it's hiss. The root word has an emphasis more on the actions and character of the snake but not literally a snake. One who prognosticates, an enchanter. It can also mean to illuminate or shine. The Rabbis going all the way back to ancient times believed this to refer to an upright shining creature. It never meant a literal snake.

In spite of this, today's image is that of a Mr. Ed talking snake.

Five other Bible references indicate and line up with the NACHASH as being none other than the little Gray  "Alien!" This is probably the actual creature that stood in the Garden    

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3. Parallel Dimensions and the Fall of Mankind 


As you have seen, the elements that make up the Garden of Eden story can be telling us much more than the traditional story presented like a fairy tale. In the same way, the results from this redefined story also gives us more to consider. While it is true that this fall separated the spiritual relationship between man from God, this separation also manifested itself on the physical plane as well. This is what we are going to understand next.

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4. Genesis 3 and 6 the First Prophecy in the Bible.

The first prophecy in the Bible is common knowledge for many evangelical Christians.

"And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel."                            Gen 3:15 (NIV)
In context God is speaking to Satan,  prophetically proclaiming the results of what he did in the Garden of Eden.  Satan would strike at the heel of the woman's offspring. This was in reference to the virgin born Jesus as coming from the human bloodline. The term strike at his heel means to set back or trip up. This was the death and resurrection of Jesus . This act was not an elimination or final death but a set back to go foreword. In the power of the resurrection, as you

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5. The Tower Of Babel    

In the time of the next great act of rebellion against God, about 560 years after the flood another event happened: The Tower of Babel. Even with such a long period of time, people were still living to a ripe old age of about 600 years. The Babel event would have been only one generation from the remembrance of the pre-flood era. Babel was not about trying to climb up to pull God down from heaven. It was not a space program as Zecharia Sitchin claims. It was about preserving what was remembered of the secrets of heaven, including how to travel it. The internal evidence of this is in some of the key words in this text.                                                         

 "This they begin to do."

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6. Mystery of Iniquity [ The 5 I Will's. ]    
A bad guy with a plan:
Lucifer, Satan, the Devil the very names conjure up the many mid-evil images in the minds of most people. Unfortunately in today's "enlightened" society far too many people laugh and consider a literal personal being as foolish superstitions of uneducated people. When I come across such attitudes I sometimes wish I could let these people sit in on a "deliverance". In my 30 years in ministry I have on occasion been a part of exorcisms. It is just a part of ministry. It is in these moments of confronting spiritual entities that all intellectual theories, doctrine and philosophies of doubt are thrown right out the window.
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7. Who are the Messengers?    
   In order to understand Aliens and their agenda we have to see what the Bible has to say about fallen angels. Contained within the scriptures is a description of their fall, judgment and punishment. The Bible tells us of their eventual release and resurrection to fulfill prophecy of God's ultimate purpose and their total destruction.  
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8. UFOs What Are They?    

   We have also understood that UFO technology is part of the "secrets of heaven" that the fallen angels "scattered amongst men" as told by Enoch. We already know from the Babylon section, that these secrets were encrypted into memorials throughout the world. This was a contingency plan as God's judgment fell upon the builders of the tower of Babylon.

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9. History of Man Made UFOs    
This section will explain the recent rediscovery of an ancient technology forbidden to mankind by God. Occult means secret knowledge. This knowledge is not magic or incantations but rather technology. The technology in itself is not evil, God created it and the physics to go along with it. However, in the hands of fallen man in a fallen dimension, it would be like giving a loaded gun to a child to play with. The only possible result and outcome would be abuse and harm.  
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10.  Time Travel in the Bible    

No other subject can arouse such controversy and speculation than the concept of traveling time. It has been the theme of some of the greatest science fiction novels ever written but can the topic ever cross over to a serious consideration? Historical rumors could indicate that it already has. Even mankind's very nature is that whatever we can imagine today, eventually  becomes tomorrows reality. The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun. (Ecc 1:9).

 "That which has been is what will be, that which is done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which it may be said, "See, this is new"? It has already been in ancient times before us."     Eccl 1:9-10

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11.  Roswell 1947    
Yet in spite of these difficulties there does remain enough evidence that something out of the ordinary
happened near Roswell in 1947. In this account, I have stuck to details and the very basic elements that have
survived most of the controversy and included some details that are debatable for your awareness. My personal
thanks goes to the aid of Dr .Stanton Freedman himself who offers the best evidence to this whole event.
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12. Why Roswell    
What happened in 1947 was quickly covered up and on the most part ignored by society until the early 80's. When Jessie Marcel contacted Physicist and UFO researcher Stanton Freidman the real story was revived from obscurity. Stanton Friedman began an intense investigation in Roswell digging up many witnesses and circumstantial evidence that could draw a conclusion that something out of the ordinary did happen in Roswell and the government had covered it up. Within the UFO community other investigators added to this witness. For a while it was a place known only to people actively involved in the study and research of this phenomena.   
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