M.U.F.O.N. Convention 2006

After the poor turnout at this years Roswell UFO Festival, there was little funds to think about going to the MUFON convention in Denver. MUFON contacted me by e-mail that they had a table reserved for me. They wanted to know if I was coming this year. I was surprised that there was even a space still available. I told them I didn't know for sure as I did not want to miss the chance so I told them I would get back in a few days to let them know. At the time I wasn't sure I would have enough money to make it or not. The next day a few donations came in that was extra and above what I usually receive. I prayed about it and suddenly felt it was important that I make it to the convention. I decided that the real test was getting a day off from work to make it. I switched a day with another driver and the time was set. In just three days the time off  from work, the table money and the gas money  had been provided. Mike and I were going to sleep in my Van the two days of the event. A reader of my site heard about that from a mutual friend and the next thing I know reservations for both Mike and I were made at the convention hotel. This was going to be Mike's first show so he was pretty excited about it. I was excited because the road was made clear and straight for us to go. To me this meant that this was a divine appointment just waiting to happen.

Before we even got to Denver we had a Blast from the Past experience. We met Dave from the Booze Fighters M/C. Now for those of you who are not motorcycle buffs, this was the name of a motorcycle group from the 50's movie The Wild Ones featuring Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin. I knew there was a real booze fighters club from that time period because the move was made after them Hollywood blown out of proportion style. So here we were at the gas station just outside of Colorado Springs with the real thing. Just a fun side note to what was to come.









   When we arrived we put our stuff in the room and began setting up when we were given a choice of several prime spots. When I go to these shows I am a diehard. I am the first to be at my table in the mourning and the last to leave at night. This was Friday late in the evening when I was just starting to cover up our table for the night. A young man and his mother about my age came up to the table and began asking questions. In the course of our chatting it was revealed that they both were enthusiasts on the subject of UFO and Aliens. They were  curious about the idea of Aliens possibly being our creators and came to get more information. They were also disillusioned Catholics who sensed there was more but not certain just what it was. Fortunately , out of all the tables that were closed , the only open one provided a Biblical View. This they took as a sign from God to listen and learn what we had to say. They were both very intelligent and perceptive people who like sponges soaked up everything Mike and I had to share with them. The young man asked if he could come by and hang out with us the next day. We said absolutely you can be our guest for the day and stay with us behind our table.

  That night the Lord told me that Marcos (the young man) was ready and tomorrow was his day of visitation. He also told me that his Mother was also ready to receive the gospel. Marcos was there first thing in the mourning at about 7:30am. Like overripe fruit he was ready and jumped at the chance to receive Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord. In less than ten minuets I prayed with him to accept Jesus as his Savior and Lord. He stayed with us until we were ready to close at around 9:00pm that evening. He was brilliant in the way he picked up and understood things. We had a great time together and he got what might have been for many,  an information overload, but to him it was just a good spiritual feast. His mother could not come with him so I told him how to pray with her in the same way I did with him . We sent Marcos a Bible with a starter kit to help him in discipleship with his new relationship with the Lord. This  alone made the journey to Denver worth while.  There was so much more worth mentioning, so we will if you continue below the pictures.


Jim engrossed in conversation with a visitor                                                                              Happy Birthday Marcos!


                                                       " Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:

                                              old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new."
                                                                                                                     2 Cor 5:17 (KJV)

A young woman next door to our table on our left was a member of the Golden Dawn and a self described atheist. She sold occult icons and ritualistic materials for Wicca's and other occult groups. A brilliant mind and quick on her toes, she fired many questions to Mike and I. Her intentions were obvious, she was challenging us to see if we could give answers to some very hard questions. She had in her arsenal, questions that stumped the best and with great confidence fired away. I think we shook much of her foundation as there was not one question we could not provide a sound Biblical response to. She was  impressed that we also understood much of her own background and were not ignorant as to where she was coming from. The last day of the conference there was a change in her whole demeanor. Her questions were no longer an intellectual duel, but rather a serious inquiry about our faith in God. We rocked her whole world and she even told us so. I told her it was no chance that we were next to each other this week end and someday this will all make sense to her as God reaching out to her even in her unbelief..  Sorry we didn't get a picture of her.

On the other side of us was Ted Phillips. He would be best described as an Indiana Jones type. He is well known in the UFO community going all the way back to the days when he worked with Dr. J Allen Hynek . Among many other things, he is a cave explorer who is in search of the cave of the half moon. This was something that the Nazis were interested in finding. Ted has a diary of a resistance fighter who found the cave during the war who has long since passed away. Ted was able to find the cave but the most important section is caved in. It is also in the Czech  Republic which is not the safest place in the world. The last time he was there Russians were the main concern. When the funds are available he will be going back to find the cave and with experts remove the rock debris. What is so compelling to this cave. The cave of the half moon is so called because imbedded in the rock is a man made artifact  which is circular but only half of it is exposed as a half moon. This object is shiny black and not like anything in our modern day. It is described as a possible piece of ancient technology. In a Biblical perspective, this could be some kind of surviving object from the pre-flood world of Genesis 6. Ted was moved as I offered to pray for him and his expedition. We prayed that he would be protected in the hostile area, that he would find what needed to be found and remain  safe while exposing the cave. We hope that he will be successful in finding what might be an earth shaking finding. Here is a site describing what he is doing. He promised to keep in touch as we continue to keep him in prayer.


There were many people we had a chance to talk to. Most were very open to hear our perspective and many seeds were planted.

We had a chance to meet Jessie Marcel Jr. When he was a 12 year old boy living in Roswell, his father was the security officer that brought some of the debrae home where he actually handled it. I told him of my findings in the Bible about the Roswell Crash and he was very interested. He said this is something my wife would want to know about. later they both came to my table where I gave them a card to my site.

I met Linda Moulton Howe and hoped to give her a card with my web-site on it. While I have the greatest respect for her on her research on cattle mutilations, she is so indoctrinated into Theosophy she is evangelistic about it. "Secret Doctrine" is her Bible and everything "New Age" is her religion. Man what I wouldn't give to spend some alone time in a broke elevator with her. I would love to tell her all about the part of Theosophy she probably never heard about. It would take a situation like that for her to listen. There seems to be no room for her to even consider anything from the Bible.









Jim And Jessie Marcel                                                                   Linda Moulton-Howe




                                  Mike and I thought of presenting ourselves as :

                                       "The Other Grays from Roswell" Roswell"                                                   


We made enough to cover our gas costs home and a few good meals too.  I gave several books away (mine) where I felt led with no regrets. On our way home we turned off the main highway for gas at Las Vegas, New Mexico. Just before entering the town for gas there was a scene that just did not make any sense. Here is what we had to pass through in order to get gas. Now unless some major events happened that I wasn't aware of, I think we were about 600 miles from the Mexican boarder being in Northern New Mexico. So what is up with this????

 It turned out that a Hollywood film company was making a movie featuring Tommy :Lee Jones  in their city and this was just a movie prop. It sure had us going for awhile. We were not the only ones to stop at the booth waiting for someone to come.

We thanked the Lord that he was able to use us to share him with others in this very interesting trip. :)