Time Travel

The Black Sun

In this book the author explores the Nazi connection to Montauk, (suspected location of time travel research) the occult, and UFO technologies. There are a bizarre series of connections and synchronicities in the story, with as many questions raised as answers provided.  The title "Black Sun" refers to an occult sect and the beliefs related to it, including the idea of inner Earth civilizations. This book will be enjoyable for all those exploring the Montauk saga with an open mind but will come short for skeptics. The author  offers no documentation and this is where he has opened himself up to attacks by skeptics. The failure to produce any sources, he lacks necessary support to many wild claims that happen to be true. Overlapping research by others I believe has confirmed many of the wild claims in this book but it does not stand on it's own  to defend itself. In spite  of this it is a compelling thought provoking book.


 Montauk Files

This book takes us from esoteric theories of mind control to the actual practice, in the United States of America, where  experiments were conducted that defy comprehension. Wells refers to MK-Ultra and the LSD experiments as well as kidnapped and missing children utilized in experiments under the guise of "top secret national security."  He is careful to say that our government, per se, is not responsible, but rogue elements within it that do not seem to be accountable to anyone. While mixing in the The Philadelphia experiment known as Project Rainbow  with The Montauk  base and rumors of time travel experiments with ex-Nazi paperclip scientists, probably become too much for skeptics to handle. The works of Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich and John Von Newman are woven into this web of mystery. Again Peter Moon's lack of documentation leaves a lot to be desired for skeptics. None of his books actually prove anything. However , like a seed planted, the real intent may be to spark an interest and intrigue for others to search further for the truth themselves. It may be one way a person in the know, lives longer without being added to a long list of those who suddenly commit suicide or have an accident. Thanks for the seed Mr. Moon

 Time Travel in Einstein's Universe

Dr. J Richard Gott is a professor of astrophysics at Princeton University where he has received the President's award for Distinguished Teaching. He has written for Time, Scientific American, New Scientist and American Scientist. He lives in Princeton New Jersey. Gott explores numerous theatrical and literary concepts before moving on to current bona fide theories, pointing out the difficulties of each method.  Einstein's theory of relativity, upon which all of the presented theories depend, is described in impressively clear language. For those who say, Time Travel is scientifically impossible! You need to read this book by a real scientists who knows what he is talking about and can tell you in a way any novice can understand.

 Visitors from Time

A 30-year veteran of UFO research uses numerous examples of close encounters to establish the hypothesis that UFOs use a technology so advanced that they can literally warp the structure of space-time. The most thoroughly documented book available concerning UFOs and time travel. Contains easy-to-understand explanations of the Doppler effect and other scientific concepts. Extensive notes, bibliography, and index.