Man Made UFOs

Hitlers Flying Saucers

At the end of WWII allies captured circular and triangular craft in the developmental stages by various groups within the Third Reich. Henery Stevens, in a vary logical and practical manner, traces the paper trail to the people and projects involved. American projects Lusty, Sunrise and Paperclip were the American intelligence programs quickly initiated to procure the people, projects and craft. With good documentation, Henry Stevens does a good job of presenting a case for Nazi UFOs


Man-Made UFOs

This is the book where you get almost the whole story of man-made UFOs. David starts with the Nazi UFOs, and continues on with the possible escape of a last bastion of Nazis to an underground complex in the Antarctic. He continues on with gleaned technology captured and developed by the allies. What may first appear as outlandish claims, David provides good documentation supported with historical facts that make a compelling argument. A must for serious researchers of man-made UFOs


Omega Files

This book is packed with information regarding Nazi UFOs and the escape to secret bases after the war. The connection is made with Operation Highjump and early contactees who saw Nordic type Aliens. It also delves into Operation paperclip and the literal takeover of America by allowing a fifth column of Nazi scientists and Intelligence officers into our country. It reveals how international corporations  have provided resources to continue on their agenda.  This one book is just loaded with connected dots of information to make a very logical and believable story. The only weak point to this information packed book is the lack of documentation. I have done my homework and believe most of this content is true, however it would be much more creditable with documentation. Regardless though it is still an excellent book that connects many seemingly unrelated dots. I believe further research will confirm what the author did not bother to do.

 Reich of the Black Sun

Joseph addresses the Nazi Atomic Bomb program and continues on with the circular craft and alternate energy sources in the same manner as Henry Stevens. Good documentation and historical paper trails provides a very believable argument. He also includes the post war gleaning by the allies. This is well worth including in your library of man-made UFOs and advanced technology.



 Space Aliens from the Pentagon

William has the technical background  to explain the operation of man made UFOs on an engineering level. This book delves into the history and technology of man-made UFOs starting with Nikola Tesla, the Nazis, American and Russian programs. William is another who connects many dots from many different sources. He exposes the Military cover ups and Corporate supporting of technological secrets. William Lyne writes with a cynical nature and as a non believer he probably has a right to that way, with what he has discovered. This book provides much needed information for those who want to connect the dots.