Hollow Earth


Legends, myths and tales of a hollow earth are as universal as  the flood story. If you are open to hear of these as possible truth you may find this book interesting.  Some of the theories and belief systems here are what the Nazi's believed by earlier writers and explorers such as Bullwer-Lytton, Ossendowski. Maclellan describs these and more in detail.




Arktos: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism and Nazi Survival_ by Joscelyn Godwin is an interesting book about occult and pseudoscientific theories on polar shifts, the succession of ages, the Aryan race, the "hollow earth" theory, Nazi underground bases, lost cities, UFOs, mystical powers, theosophy, sex magick and a host of other obscure topics. The book begins with a discussion of the theory of polar shift, its relation to astrological, occult and Hindu calculations concerning the ages the earth has gone through. This is perhaps one of the best books to understand the Nazi mindset that drove them to find the opening of a hollow earth and other fringe pseudoscientific explorations and studies.

The Hollow Earthhis is considered the classic

This is considered the classic book on the Hollow Earth. Dr Raymond Bernard A.B. M.A. Phd presents many historical, myths and legends along with anomalous findings to present a case for a Hollow Earth. He includes the idea that this is the true origin of UFO's. This is the pioneer book that first brought these different things together into one story. Of course the premise and many of the conclusions are not what I would agree with but the research and data are undeniable.


 Hollow Planets

Hollow Planets is a great survey of old & new science theories & evidence for a hollow earth with inner sun. Jan presents a "new seismology" (spherical earthquake dynamic patterns) with graphics of inner earth shells. He explains how mass doesn't create gravity fields in & around earth. Jan explores how moons & planets may also be hollow. He uses logic, with science evidence, speculation & intuition in articulate an array of inner earth potentials.


 Hollow Earth

This is a skeptics view of everything Hollow. He brings into view every theory, study and belief about a hollow earth, The historical progression is worth the read if you can take the fun poked at the various beliefs. It is always healthy to view all sides and this one at least presents most of the ideas but in the end the only thing hollow are the conclusions. But for all of the cynical humor, it is still a good read for all of the data presented. I of course take this much more serious than the author.



 Underground Bases


There are more underground government bases than you think, and more involved than just planning for a world war. Government documents and corporate records have been studied by the author and provide the foundations for his exploration of these underground tunnels and bases, with black and white photos and diagrams included in an unusual, startling expose.




This booklet by Jim Wilhelmsen, puts much of the Hollow Earth research  by others into a Biblical perspective. Does the Bible actually describe a hollow earth?   Jim presents compelling  scriptural evidence from the Bible telling us that the earth is not only hollow but there are entities that dwell in this region too!. Linking UFOs sightings, abductions, legends and myths with prophetic scripture, there is much more evidence that the origin of Aliens and UFOs are from this inner region. Price 3.00 + postage. To purchase: click here