Alien Abduction

Alien implants

Compelling case evidence from a Doctor who has removed foreign objects from patients that have claimed to have experienced lost time and or the alien abduction experience. 





Secret Life Abductions

One of the leading Abduction counselors within the UFO Community . Many real cases that are presented with the speculation of sinister forces being at work. Dr. Jacobs is one who has a high degree of integrity and respect in this community. Co authored by the late John E. Mack who also held a position as a man of integrity  and quality research. Good source for recorded abductions. I do not agree with many of the conclusions as "Aliens" but this does not take away from the great amount of sound research and information.



This book discusses and presents information suggesting direct government involvement with ":alien abductions" and / or perhaps a government program of follow up abductions to discover why abductees are chosen and what is being done to them. Interesting implications with a paper trail leading to such mind control programs funded by our own government.