Extra Biblical Aids

The Book of Enoch

This is one of two preferred translations by R. H. Charles from the Ethiopic Text with a complete analysis and notes. Considered indispensable to students of both the Old and New Testaments . With uncertain authorship the book was not considered canonical literature. Jude quotes from this version known as the Ethiopic version or Enoch 1. We can therefore be confident of the historical narratives of this book as truth. Contained withi, is a detailed description of the world just prior to the Great Flood. A must for understanding what is being replayed by these same fallen angels today as they now present themselves as "Aliens"


The Book of Enoch

The Richard Laurence translation  is the other popular version accepted by most Christian scholars. In         I Enoch ,. Enoch is taken up into Heaven, travels through the Heavens, is told secrets of the coming judgment and the messianic age, sees the workings of Heaven, and pronounces judgments upon the wicked angels and sinful man. This is a version without commentaries, however there is a cross reference to scriptures from the bible throughout.




 The Book of Jasher

Jasher is referred to in Joshua and second Samuel. Its Name in Hebrew literally means "the upright" or "book of record",  The most important value of this book is the large quantity of additional detail it gives to various accounts in the Old Testament This book contains a more detailed account of the awful circumstances prior to the flood, and of the conduct of Noah toward the terrified multitude who had assembled about the ark, when the fatal moment had arrived, and their doom was irrevocably fixed. Also, more of the history is given in the account of Nimrod; in which is strikingly depicted the arbitrary and violent character and conduct of his government. The book of Jasher is fascinating and worth reading with historical details that can be considered and added to what we know, but not accepted as cannon or inspired by God so don't live by every word. This copy by Artisan Publishers in one not in conflict to any scripture and probably the one mentioned in scripture.

 The Book of Jubilees

This is a first century commentary on portions of Genesis and Exodus. It gives an extensive account of the fall of the angels and the dire consequences of their sins with the daughters of men. Time is counted in jubilees. The historical record is a historical compliment to what is recorded in the Bible and heavily related to the Ethiopic text of Enoch 1. An interesting read for the history but not Canonical literature.