Aliens and Fallen Angels

Aliens and Fallen Angels     

  I am familiar with Steve's work and I consider him a colleague and fellow servant of Jesus Christ.  His books are Biblical based and brings  information from many different sources.




 Devils and Demons and the return of the Nephilim

An interesting perspective. This book describes the Genesis 6 events from a Hebrew viewpoint .

Worth reading to get a complete picture of  Genesis 6




Genetic Armageddion

Another popular book by Stephen Quayle and another one I have not yet read.Check out my links page to find Steve's web site and you will get an idea what this book is about. This one prophetically points to modern technology of cloning and where it may take us based on where it took us once before.



 Giants of Gen 6

Yet another of Steve Quayle's book and one I actually read. A very good read and one which leaves no stone unturned on the subject of giants. This is a must for anything related to giants and a good association with the Genesis 6 events.






 Omega Conspiracy

This is a must read if you can actually find a copy. It will probably be expensive as it is out of print. IDE Thomas is a pioneer, putting together one of the best and one of the first books written on the Genesis 6 fallen angels. Bringing together many sources with excellent documentation he presents a  scriptural,  logical and still controversial presentation of the fallen angels of Genesis 6. IDE Thomas did his work in the early 80's and was a premier ground breaker. I have spoken to him on the phone. A Pastor from Scotland with over 50 years experience in Christian Ministry, he has much wisdom to impart to others. He holds a PhD in Theology. He is in his 80;s  and does not plan to reprint any future editions. If you can find an affordable copy it is well worth the expense for the information contained within.


Alien Encounters

 Another must read and pioneering effort. Chuck Missler is one of very few Christian Ministers who has maintained a high profile in Christian Ministry while actively proclaiming the Genises 6 Fallen Angel paradigm and today's "Aliens". This is one of the most complete books on the past and present activity of the Nephilim. No one seriously investigating this topic should pass this one up.



 The Nephilim and the Pyramid

Patrick Heron is from Ireland and will be the first to tell you that. He is an interesting speaker and I met him in Roswell in 2004 at the Ancient of Days Conference. With a  great sense of humor, Patrick is also a serious researcher and minister of the Gospil of Jesus Christ.  His book has some very interesting ideas about the true identity of the Giza Pyramid of which I fully agree with. I may not agree with some of the eschatology but the book has much good information and provocative thoughts that make it well worth the addition to any personal library..



 Alien Discussions

 In 1991, the Abduction Study Conference was held at M.I.T. in Cambridge, Maryland. This book notes the proceedings of that conference. This was a who's who of the UFO community and other Professionals. This  included many  researchers, counselors with doctors and others in the mental and physical health professions who, in some way  became involved with this phenomena. This is probably one of the best objective and honest examinations of the Alien Abduction  problem on an academic level. 300 of the best documented cases which included multiple witnesses and cognitive memories were scrutinized in every aspect. This is a rather costly book but well worth the treasure of information contained within. A must have for the serious researcher.