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Beyond Science Fiction !

The Most Definitive Scripture Based Book on UFOs and Aliens Written So Far!

 These are the elements discussed as One Big Story

Time Travel, Parallel Dimensions, UFOs, Aliens, Alien Abduction, Cloning, Atlantis, A Hollow Earth, A Global Conspiracy, Nazi UFOs, WWII, America in Prophecy, Theosophy and the NEW AGE, A Coming Invasion with a Happy Ending!

New Cover!
New Cover! Beyond Science Fiction! Sometimes the truth is...

Traditional Bible Stories with Child Like Imagery are Reexamined from the Original Languages and Reedefined from a 21st Century Perspective. This Creates Stories with a Logic and Physics that make them all too REAL!

The Garden of Eden, Noah's Flood, The Tower of Babel,

Ezekiel's Wheels, The Clouds of Heaven and the "End Times"

This book is the result of ten years of intensive study and personal involvement with the UFO Alien Phenomena by myself, Jim Wilhelmsen. I have been involved in Christian Ministry as an ordained minister for over thirty years. I am a ten year member of  the Mutual UFO Network (M.U.F.O.N.) as a religious researcher.

I am also Co-founder of  the Paranormal and Alien Abduction Problem Solvers International (P.A.A.P.S.I.). This is a networking organization providing free Biblical counseling and termination of the abduction experience.

This is a combined effort by many experienced in this type of ministry and subject, including Dave Ruffino of Delusion Resistance Lynne Marzulli, Ce4 research and others trained in the area of abduction and deliverance ministry across the globe. I also owned and ran a ministry outreach book store / museum in Roswell New Mexico where I lived for four years providing the Biblical truths about the UFO/Alien agenda.


New! Same book different cover, better price. Thanks to LA Marzulli, he connected me with a printer that could make my book affordable enough for me to get them in bulk. Thank You Dr. Don Rodgers, the creator of my new cover  who donated his talent and finances to provide me with the "seed order" of books that I can now offer to you for 15.00 a copy. (postage was more than I thought ) You can make your payment through Paypal or  send me a check payable to: Echoes of Enoch Ministry  at:

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by Jim Wilhelmsen

     Beyond Science Fiction began in January of 1996. I had a rather intense dream from the Lord that directed my attention toward understanding a Biblical perspective on UFOs and Aliens. This was not a new idea for me as I held a life long fascination about UFOs. In the late 50's and early 60's I must have read just about every book on the subject. In the seventies UFOs became mixed with metaphysics and the occult and my interest waned. I did not believe in spiritual matters of any kind as I considered myself a "science minded nut and bolt type of a person." 

   Then in 1974 I became a Christian by asking Jesus into my heart. I realized then that there was a spiritual  dimension to life  and wondered how  certain realities concerning UFOs and Aliens fit into my newly founded Christian Faith. Three years later and I was ordained as a minister. Founding one of the first evangelical Christian motorcycle clubs in America, I was very busy being involved in this pioneering venture. I really had no time to pursue much of anything else. However I did ask  the Lord about the subject  and received a few scriptures including Genesis 6. I knew by these scriptures that this was a very negative form of deception but at the same time very real. I was content with the very limited understanding I received and even gave my first sermon on Genesis 6 in relation to UFOs and Aliens back in 1978.  I knew however, that there may come a time in the future when I would have to take an intensive study and personal involvement. This would be recognized if or when there were claims of human and non human cohabitations as in Genesis 6. With the main theme today of "Alien Abductions"  being the clinical merging or splicing of human and "Alien" genes, this indicates that the time has come upon me to take the next step. I came to this realization by  watching a TV program about abductions the night before I received the first dream in 1996. I spent most of 1996 fasting and praying and studying as much as ten to fifteen hours a day. I was laid off from a very high paying job and had plenty of money saved up to delve full time into an intensive research. I joined M.U.F.O.N. (Mutual UFO Network) as a religious researcher. For the next seven years this book was an ongoing project. With many personal accounts , interviews and many books and tapes read and reviewed I was ready to conclude my findings. In 2004 after moving to Roswell New Mexico I published the first edition.

My Bibliography includes every source and book used with quotes given right down to the page numbers

The premise for this book is that the Bible in it's original language is the infallible inspired Word of God. That being the case, I also believe that everything man could conceive and anything that will ever challenge our faith is already address in this book called the Bible. By going back to the original languages, much is written in a manner that could never be fully brought out by the more specific definitions until the science and technology caught up to unlock the full potential meaning of these words. In this sense our knowledge of the true intent and purpose of some words would never be known until we needed to know them. We are in the time when we need to now know everything we can. God told this very thing to the prophet Daniel 

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many   shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. "                                                              Dan 12:4


Table of Contents
                                        SECTION ONE FLYING SAUCERS
Chapter One What are the Clouds of Heaven?
Pt 1. Biblical Clouds -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg12
Pt 2 How Do They Fly? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg13
Pt 3 Where Do They Travel? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg14
Pt4 Does This Take Away From God’s Supremacy? --------------------------------------------------------------pg16

Chapter Two Lying Signs and Wonders
Pt1 A Specific Plan to Replace and Imitate --------------------------------------------------------------------------pg18
Pt2 An Object and Philosophy------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg18
Pt3 Technology not Magic ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg19

Chapter Three Man Made UFO’s
Pt1 The Great Flood -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg21
Pt2 The Tower of Babel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg24
Pt3 Time Travel in the Bible! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg28
Pt4 Recent History Fulfills Prophecies---------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg32
Pt5 Reality of Nazi UFO’s ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg36
Pt6 Fleeing 3rd Reich Antarctic Base 211-----------------------------------------------------------------------------pg41

Chapter Four Why Roswell?
Pt1 The Crash Story ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg44
Pt2 A History You Were Never told ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg45
Pt3 Striking Terror into your enemy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg47

Chapter Five WWII in the Bible
Pt1 Wars and Rumors of Wars ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg49
Pt 2 Daniels Four Beast Empires The Nations of WWII -----------------------------------------------------------pg50

Chapter Six The Horse and His Rider
Pt1 Was/Is Hitler the Antichrist ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg55
Pt2 Antichrist in Two Appearances; Same but Opposite of Christ? ----------------------------------------------pg55
Pt3 The spirit of Antichrist ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg58

Chapter Seven America in Bible Prophecy
Pt1 A Transfer of God’s Kingdom ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg61
Pt2 The Lions Whelp A Tribe Nation ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg63
Pt3 All about Dan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg64
Pt4 Dan and the United States -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg65
Pt5 The Garden Land Jacob’s Seed -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg65
Pt6 Mystery Babylon The Transformation ---------------------------------------------------------------------------pg67

Chapter Eight Operation Paperclip and The Gehln Organization: The selling out of the United States
Pt1 Dulles Brothers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg70
Pt2 The Gelhn Organization --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg71
Pt3 PaperClip and Lusty ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg71
Pt4 What is Next for America? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg73

Chapter Nine The Global Conspiracy of The Big Lie!
Pt1 Conspiracies for the Paranoid or Biblical Fact ------------------------------------------------------------------pg75
pt2 Dawning of the New Age The gathering away From Christ ---------------------------------------------------pg79
Pt3 Theosophy’s Next Holocaust --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg85
pt4 The Extrapolation of the Gospel of Christ: A possible Scenario-----------------------------------------------pg87
Pt5 New Age/Alien Agenda= The Nazi Goals? ----------------------------------------------------------------------pg90
UFO Conclusion ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg91

                                    SECTION TWO THE ALIENS

Chapter Ten The Grays Aliens or The Biblical Nachash?
Pt1 Gray Guys Everywhere --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg93
Pt2 A General Description ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg94
Pt3 What They Say ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg94
Pt4 What Investigators Divided About Grays ------------------------------------------------------------------------ pg95
Pt5 What The Bible Says About the Grays ---------------------------------------------------------------------------pg96

Chapter Eleven Fallen Angels Of Genesis 6 and the Great Flood
Pt1 The Old World -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg98
Pt2 A Strong Delusion Past ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg99
Pt3 Angels that Sinned: Crossing Over the Line --------------------------------------------------------------------pg102
Pt4 Judgment for The Son’s of God and Their Offspring ---------------------------------------------------------pg104
Pt5 Fallen Angels and Disembodied spirits ---------------------------------------------------------------------------pg105
pt6 Final Comments -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg105

Chapter Twelve A Satanic Resurrection: The Real Army of Darkness
Pt1 A Reprieve for the Angels That Sinned; a Supernatural Intervention ---------------------------------------pg106
Pt2 Resurrection Begins with a Subterranean Encounter ----------------------------------------------------------pg107
Pt3 Genetic Mixing in the Last Beast Empire -----------------------------------------------------------------------pg108

Chapter Thirteen Angels Cast out of Heaven: More Fugitives on the Run
Pt1 Other Fallen Angels -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg109
Pt2 Fugitives Looking for Redemption ------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg109
Pt3 Where Do Angels Live? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg110

Chapter Fourteen The Hybrid; A Bridge Between Two Entities: The Escape Route
Pt1 Transition Revealed -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg113
Pt2 Genetic Development Required. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg113
Pt3 Cattle Mutilations: A Mining for Resources --------------------------------------------------------------------pg114
Pt4 A Strange Harvest Indeed: Living Idols Under Construction -------------------------------------------------pg115

Chapter Fifteen All about Abductions.
Pt1 General Background -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg117
Pt2 Evidence and Witness Testimonies ------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg118
Pt3 What the Bible Says About Abductions -------------------------------------------------------------------------pg120
Pt4 Abductions assisted by the Antichrist ----------------------------------------------------------------------------pg122
Pt5 Your Defense Department at Work ------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg124
Pt6 Abductions are Physical and Spiritual ----------------------------------------------------------------------------pg125
Pt7 No Other Name A Testimony of a MUFON Investigator -----------------------------------------------------pg125
Pt8 Abduction Destinations are Subterranean --------------------------------------------------------------------------126

Chapter Sixteen The Hollow Earth
Pt1 Unclear Thinking ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg128
Pt2 Historical Evidence -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg129
Pt3 Occult Beliefs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg131
Pt4 19 Century Christian Perspective ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg131
Pt5 What Jesus Said About a Hollow Earth. -------------------------------------------------------------------------pg131
Pt6 The Bible Supports A Hollow Earth -----------------------------------------------------------------------------pg132
Pt7 Where is the Garden of Eden? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg133
pt8 Holes at the Poles? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg133
Pt9 Subterranean Human Life -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg134
Pt10 Conclusion ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg137

Chapter Seventeen The Nordics: The End of the Genetic Rainbow
Pt1 General Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg138
pt2 What they say about themselves ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg138
Pt3 What the UFO Community Believes -----------------------------------------------------------------------------pg138
Pt4 Early Encounters ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg139
Pt5 Recent Contacts -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg141
Pt6 A History of Intervention ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg142
Pt7 A Trademark Sign --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg142
Pt8 Future Nordic Intervention? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg145

Chapter Eighteen Invasion Earth!
Pt1 First Wave Clandestine Infiltration -------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg147
Pt2 The Amazing 39th Chapter of Job -------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg149
Pt3 The Second Wave Armageddon --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pg150
Pt4 God Wins ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg152
Conclusion to Aliens -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg153
Chapter Nineteen So What do I do?
Pt1So what is Left? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg154
Pt2 Its Your Choice -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg154
Pt3 A Balanced response -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg158
Pt4 A Future Prophecy? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg160
Bibliography --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg161
Appendix ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pg170



New! Same book different cover, better price.

Thanks to LA Marzulli, he connected me with a printer that could make my book affordable enough for me to get them in bulk. Thank You Dr. Don Rodgers, the creator of my new cover  who donated his talent and finances to provide me with the "seed order" of books that I can now offer to you for 15.00 a copy. (postage was more than I thought ) You can make your payment through Paypal or  send me a check payable to: Echoes of Enoch Ministry  at:

Out side of the continental US please add 6.00 for international postage.