2012... Who Will Survive!

Last week it was The Fourth Kind, this week the movie 2012. As I said before, I watch many of these movies to help become better informed in ministry. My calling deals with the many questions people have about the supernatural, paranormal, prophetic and current events in light of the Bible.   I went to this movie with more of a feeling of being on assignment to view what many of my readers will be asking me about in the movie. In that sense, it was important not to assume answers based on others observations but actually go and be informed first hand. I went with very little expectations for any entertainment value and had my watcher eyes open and ready instead, to weed through any miss information and indoctrination the movie might be declaring subtle or boldly.

What I got was just a movie! There was a continual theme of the predictions about the 2012 event but no detailed hard sell to the public type of thing going on. A few scientific theories mentioned that provided the technical reasons for pole shifts and Solar activity with the line up of the planets to the center of the galaxy and in that,  I have just about detailed the extent of the movies scientific technical and historical/prophetic aspects in the movie. The rest of the movie was just simply a Movie. It was the ultimate disaster movie providing the viewer with just about every type of disaster you could think of wrapped up into one movie. The special effects were like non other. Some scenes were reminiscent of the 9-11 videos  watching people falling to their deaths and rightly so, a bit unsettling to watch. But this was just a movie. It had an interesting plot with well developed characters (for a disaster movie) and left you on the edge of your seat throughout the two and a half hour length of the movie. There was another day at the end so it was not without hope. If there was any social redeeming value to the movie, it was in the importance of relationships and keeping them free from divisions of hurt unforgiveness and things left unsaid or undone.

All in all, this movie was a great action packed Saturday matinee movie not to be taken seriously. And truly this time it was just a movie. While 2012 is playing on the hype of the 2012 exploitations  this movie has the least amount of  indoctrination and the obvious goal of the movie was not to inform or provoke any hidden agenda other than to entertain you which it does quite well. It does create an emotional response that may play on the fear of some people and that may be a good thing if you are provoked to find out some eternal truths to all of this. But confusion reigns and you will have to prayerfully find your way through many deceptions and confusion

        So WHY THE 2012 HYPE?

This Mayan prophetic revelation was first introduced in 1987. I was first aware of the 2012 Mayan prophecies back in 1996 when I began my own research into the Paranormal and Unknown. There was not much information other than the basic fact that some said it was the end of an age or cycle with the hope of a new beginning and others thought it was the end of the current rule of humanity.

As the years progressed, more and more of the Biblical prophecies in a generalized manner, were becoming apparent to many. It was in this setting that alternate prophetic information began to be widely publicized. Everything from Nostradamus to the Mayan calendar were included to provide a multifaceted cultural and religious view of the same prophetic events. What seemed interesting and encouraging in promoting the idea of the times we are living in became much less so when you see the results of almost a decade and a half of this mixture.

And that is the problem. All of this multi cultural information about end times and the end of the world has made everyone familiar with the topic as a multicultural topic giving all perspectives an equal footing and creating a mixed bag of prophetic cosmic mush to sort through. Even many Christians are unclear about common Biblical prophetic signs and warnings. The confusion comes with the specific details and application into our modern world today. Biblical Prophecy will be progressive in understanding which means that many specific details have not yet been revealed by the Holy Spirit. However we have a good enough generalized framework to stand on safe ground against these new alternate revelations that are smoke.

My friend and colleague Lynne Marzullie has stated that, all of this hype over 2012  has done nothing but create a huge diversion from the Biblical prophetic truths concerning these "last days" so that the real prophetic warnings will not be understood for what they really are. I fully agree with his assessment. It may even have a more devious plot to the bigger picture.

While creating this confusion and clouding the knowledge of the Biblical warnings, there may be another act being impressed upon the unsuspecting world. These alternative prophecies and their perspectives may be pointing to an alternate fulfillment of a Satanic counterpart to the Biblical end time scenario. If I am right about this, it means that all of these alternative views actually meld into a preparation to accept a counterfeit of end time events. This counterfeit will eventually lead to the acceptance of the Anti-Christ and his kingdom. This concept I believe was first revealed to me during a time of fasting and prayer in 1996. Satan had a counterfeit same but opposite for everything God has or will do that will go toward his own end in a very specific plan. Therefore these alternate views are a same but opposite for Satan's own end time delusion, a counterpart of the Biblical end time scenario.

I believe many of our pre-conceived ideas and little fold out charts created by the "Christina Prophetic experts" are wrong. There is good Biblical backed reasons that many specific events may happen quite different than what are the common expectations many Christians have been taught that in some cases are age old traditions of men with very weak support from the scriptures. Many of these Christian assumptions have been passed down for almost a hundred years that were in their time, only guesses by their initiators. Through the decades, they have been transformed into doctrine with added details and specifics that again are only speculations added on top of the original speculation. We do have a general framework that should be our safety and foundation. Beyond that basic framework however, we should remain flexible and consider a variety of possible specific details without making it a "sound doctrine"  How can you make a future prophetic event doctrine when it has not yet happened? That is just plain foolish. That is the same mistake Israel made in reference to the coming of the Messiah. They had an inflexible model that allowed them to not recognize Jesus when he came upon the scene. With the same inflexible end time model, we could make the same mistake.

 In saying all of that I am not endorsing any of the alternate prophetic perspectives by any means. There seems to be enough confusion as to what I believe. I have been condemned as a false teacher , a bad apple on other well meaning Christian sites that hold dearly to traditional prophetic teachings and warn the public of others that do not adhere to sound doctrine. How outragious is that.