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"Lift up your eyes and see what this is that goes forth...and this is their resemblance throughout the earth...Here is a metallic disk lifted up...This is Wickedness"   Zechariah 5:5-8p 


 You are not here by chance, call it divine appointment or synchronicity, you are here for an important opportunity to hear some truths about UFOs and the "Alien Agenda". This perspective includes every aspect of the paranormal and supernatural.  I hope you will make the most of this fateful moment and begin a journey to understand a true Biblical perspective .

 Echoes of Enoch web site is one of the oldest on going sites with a message that is fast becoming a new awakening within the church and our society today. This site is based on three decades of experience in Christian ministry and a life long interest and study of UFOs. (for me, almost half a century!) This website contains ten years of intensive study as a researcher for M.U.F.O.N. and is vast in content. We offer first hand experience having spanned these decades with  personal involvement and research covering the US continent . I promise you this site can provide answers to questions and explanations of Bible stories misunderstood for centuries or completely unknown until now.

 The premise is, that the Bible is God's Word to mankind and that everything man will ever be confronted with is already explained in it. While this site contains the intellectual results of study, it also includes (by my claim) inspired revelation. This will not cost you anything except time. All I ask of you, is to set aside preconceived ideas and with an open mind and heart, consider some of the claims offered here. You are no more or less of a person by accepting or rejecting this information. However, by exposing yourself to this perspective you may be equipped with information that might someday mean the difference between life or death.

 Like an echo from the past, the ministry and warning once given to the Prophet Enoch prior to the great flood reflects the same given to me in our day, hence... Echoes of Enoch


Wait! there is more!

Our Commitment to You

Beyond the intellectual study and research of Information that  provides awareness to the public on these strange topics, Echoes of Enoch Ministry in alliance with others who are like minded and qualified,  have actively engaged the enemy to provide you and anyone else personal help against unwanted paranormal experiences.

While you may not believe all of the content here in our studies (and you don't have to) all of the information here will point to the fact that there is a all powerful God who is in total control and desires to help you personally because he loves you.

Do you think you have had an "alien abduction" experience or any other type of unwanted visitations and/ or harassments? Orbs, ghosts, shadow people, black eyed kids, sleep paralysis, constant humming noises or clicks in the night distracting you from healthy sleep or anything unwanted and not believed by others? You have a chance here with friends that can help.  With 38 years of active ministry and 15 of them dealing  with all things supernatural and paranormal we have never turned anyone or any case away no matter how strange it sounds, we can help you!

We admit this help does not come from highly trained PhD's with a medical background but in the same respect we are not a bunch of well meaning novices void of any serious background either. I (JIm Wilhelmsen) have had at least the basic courses from Central Bible College in Pastoral Counseling and also some related classes from Schoolcraft Community College. Working in the city of Detroit with the gangs and drug community, I have experienced many supernatural workings using the gifts of God's Holy Spirit to see many delivered and restored to productive members of society. It is applying the same gospel, the same weapons of warfare against such personal attacks and addictions that are created by the same spiritual enemy in any and all forms that you can be delivered and set free.

I am personally a victim who has been set free and can help you also. My colleagues and I make this offer to you at no cost as servants of the Lord who have been "called" to this kind of ministry for you. You can call me directly by first e-mailing me @ Awitness41@aol.com and we can set an appointment via phone or Skype. For further information David Ruffino and i have established a network of others able to help and assist you. Click on the Banner to visit our site.

For further reading on the topic of Alien Abduction these two books are the best written so far by two authors who are very well equipped and experienced in the Alien Abduction phenomena from a Biblical perspective.









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 A 21st Century Revelation of the Cross of Jesus Christ


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